Arsenal continue to be football’s laughing stock after latest gaffe


Arsenal continue to be a laughing stock after the latest edition of their official magazine spelled an offensive word.

Their new manager Unai Emery dons the front cover of the publication, but the designer has failed to spot that the former PSG and Sevilla manager’s head covers the letters ‘rse’ of ‘Arsenal’ to reveal the embarrassing blunder.

Their whole club is a joke, from the ‘fanbase’ who prefer to watch YouTube rather than create an atmosphere within their stadium.

Spurs fans and the general football fanbase have been quick to take to social media to mock the south Londoner’s for the gaffe and ironically the July issue is the last-ever edition which will be printed, what a way to go out in style!

There’s another headline which is also laughable at the top left of the front cover, apparently, Mertesacker is passing is DNA on to the young players!


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  1. Not surprising really, their name has arse in it as did their last manager. And they had a player with arsh in his name which is almost the German word for arse. So maybe they should call themselves Anal FC. Would suit them.

  2. Trophies that count you bitter little scum sucking spuds :-) :-)

    You won the league in black and white!!!!

    One of your best teams in decades and still you win naff all!!!!!!!!!!!

    Let’s all laugh at Tottenham!!!!

    • Lol….yeah laugh at the team above you….mind the gap dude . Cots….best team in London #onlyplaceinlondontowatchchampionsleaguefootball

  3. Arsenal fans are arseholes obsessed with ancient history and the team is like the substance excreted from the anal gland. Nothing new in this news, move on. The future is bright, the future is lilywhite.

  4. Story totally misses the point anyway. The magazine is closing down as everything’s online – this is the final print issue, the magazine team were having a laugh with the final copy.

  5. Bitter mugs who have nothing to talk about other the the Arsenal. About laughing stock you lot have been that for the last 20 years. Won the league on your shit ground twice you deluded mugs.

  6. “Their whole club is a joke, from the ‘fanbase’ who prefer to watch YouTube rather than create an atmosphere within their stadium.”

    Fun Fact:
    Since YouTube was launched Spurs have won one thing. The atmosphere is doing wonders for you!

  7. Hahaha. The Spuds haven’t won the title in 60 years. so are reduced to criticising the magazine of London’s most successful club. Sorry we’ve won so many trophies and make you feel inferior. But, it’s not our fault you have only managed two titles in 140 years. If your cock grew some balls you might do better.

  8. Shit club Shit fans Proper shit football team. We have endured many years of you lot. It’s now OUR time to take the fuckin piss and boy are we gonna enjoy it. COYS

    • And you’ve been saying that every season for the last decade too pmsl.

      Having left primary school in North London in 1966 I am old enough to remember seeing England win the World Cup. The record books show that the Spuds won a title some years before than but I can’t seem to remember that though!

  9. Sorry, the whole attitude of fans from both sides is kinda disgusting here. Yes, I’m a Spurs fan and acknowledge that Arsenal have been the better team for the last 20-30 years. It’s OK to admit that for a Spurs fan. However, over the last 3 seasons we have been the better team and “most” Arsenal fans would acknowledge that. Going forward, we would appear to have the better team. We’ll see.

    Why don’t we keep it civil folks?

  10. Woolwich is a tip.arsenal dont belong in north london. barnet are more north than you lot.why are all gooners ugly?

    • What do you expect?
      They’re totally obsessed with Spurs, like some pervy stalker who can’t leave us alone.
      They even invented a holiday for themselves, so they could celebrate finishing above us, like it was a trophy…

  11. Oh dear the” Middlesex swamp dwellers” are at it again.ffs concentrate on your own club & leave it to the TRUE LONDONERS to fly the capitals flag.know your history.tiny tots in voted in to be part of Greater London in 1965.get it?got the date?yes!

  12. COCKerel in the ARSEanal

    …so glad we haven’t got any arse players in the England team,…well to be fair arse ain’t got any hahaha

  13. Lovin being a Spurs fan these days. Can gooners say the same? Theyve even got to cheer on 5 spurs players during the world cup! Mugs!

  14. JSP2303 is obviously a simpleton. What is it about football that attracts such foul mouthed simpletons? I suppose he’s stopped taking his medication?

  15. Arsenal hate the fact that they are a spent force, Europa league stuff at the best, and have a shitty stadium.
    On the other hand Spurs are flying and on the up, Champions league, and have the best stadium in the premiership.
    Get over it you silly goons, and stop trying to play the trophy card, spurs have won more European trophies than you will ever win.

  16. Pointless exchange of insults. The point is the front cover gaffes are amusing. I follow Spurs but if our magazine was called The Cockeral and ‘eral’ was obscured by the managers head and one of our players was stated as passing his DNA on to the young players it would be just as funny. Lighten up!


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