Arsenal fan Piers Morgan makes absurd claim against Tottenham’s World Cup stars

Image: SpursWeb

Piers Morgan has made the absurd claim that England would have made it to the World Cup final if no Tottenham Hotspur players were involved.

England bowed out of the competition at the semi-final stage yesterday evening following a 2-1 extra time defeat at the hands of Croatia.

Morgan, who is an Arsenal fan and was the editor of the Daily Mirror during the phone hacking scandal, hardly covering himself in glory is known for his stupid remarks after stating on Wednesday evening that Thursday’s news headline would be ‘Spurs lose us the World Cup’.

While he is obviously trying to get a rise out of Spurs fans, he should be more concerned about Arsenal. Notably paying mega money contracts for the likes of Mesut Ozil who was an absolute
flop in Germany’s World Cup campaign and is known for going absent in big matches.


Piers, we look forward to finishing above you in the Premier League for a third successive season.

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  1. Why are we worried what a bag of wind has to say. If he had a brain then maybe you should listen. He just likes the sound of his own voice, and interrupting people. An obnoxious and rude person. Leave him to suffer at the “Haemeroids”

  2. Let’s be honest here. You can be as salty as you want but it’s no surprise that the two teams in the semis with the most spurs players both fell short when it really mattered! #spurseditupagain #footballwasnevercominghome #weputthepressureon

  3. Lol. I can’t believe you made reference to Ozil in this post!

    He’s ALREADY a world cup winner and couldn’t care less, m8.

  4. Have ordered a truck load of toilet paper for the ex Arsenil players and fans who appear to be suffering from a serious case of verbal diarrhoea, and a big roll for that ass Morgan

  5. Hahahahahahahahahahah
    I remember the days when arsenal fans gloated but now the best they can do is look up at their superior neighbours and Troll them.

  6. Share a few pints with Tony Adams and try to find out why there are so few players from Arse Anal playing for England !

  7. He’s right, ali and Kane went missing only trippier put on a show. Southgate should have had the balls to sub both of them after 70 mins

    • He should have actually had the sense to play them in tandem as they do for Spurs instead of using a midfield/forward system that was appalling for the most part of the tournament.
      When we wre being battered after ht was the time to make a change but he let it go on until the end of 90 minutes and ou plan b was simply to be a long ball team, which was the problem actually.

  8. Ha ha ….But when Tottenham players won the panellists, they said that they are NOT Tottenham, they are wearing England shirt…COYS

  9. If Spurs can’t even win the caraboa cup or the FA cup what makes y’all think they can spear head England to win the World Cup?….if i were a Spurs fan i would wish this players can actually win a community shield other than bragging bout hw good they are coz if u ain’t winning u ain’t shit…let’s see who is better this coming season,spurs or gunners. #YagunnersYa

    • Remind me, how many Arsenal players featured in the England squad? And how many goals did they score? I just love the depths to which you are sinking. Never mind I’m sure you’ll enjoy the Europa League as much as we used to back in the day.

  10. Its a shame Croatia never made the Semi final easier for us, like having a man sent off near the start of the game, we would surely have won then, you would have to be a big bunch of complete & utter C*@TS not to win then.
    Dont think this has EVER happened in a semi final…….Oh hang on a moment, didnt this happen to some shite bags last season?? not sure, best to ask piers!!!!!!!!!! COYS!!!


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