BAE’s comments harsh on Naughton?


Some strange quotes have emerged this afternoon after Benoit Assou-Ekotto was quoted saying that Kyle Naughton is “not a real left-back”.

With Assou-Ekotto missing the vast majority of the season so far, Kyle Naughton has slotted in well at left-back when called upon. Although he is used to operating as a right-back BAE’s comments seem a bit strange. Even if Benny does not view Naughton as a “threat” to the place he has held down for the last eight years, should he be publically admitting so?

The 28-year-old came off the bench against Manchester United to supply the cross which led to Clint Dempsey’s equaliser.

Assou-Ekotto was quizzed by the press about Naughton and had this to say: “He’s not a real left-back and I don’t think he has the same left foot as me, so I’m not worried about that,”

“I’m not worried because obviously I can do stuff with my left foot that he can’t do.”

“To come back in the Premier League is quite hard because it’s high-tempo, but sometimes it’s easier to play against Manchester United than against a team in the bottom half,” he added.

“I think it was a good game to come back in. My cross was OK.”

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  1. Not harsh at all – accurate and actually Benny is being kind in that he doesn't point out that Naughton is pretty poor at RB too. It will make a huge difference having BAE 32 back. The man tells it how it is.

  2. Bit of competition won't hurt, i'm sure knowing Benny that this wasn't meant to be an insult but is simply him talking without thinking.

    Naughton has been class, has put in some great performances but has also put in some poor performances. The statistics over the games he has played have been great, so can't see a fault in having him as LB support in the future. Should be rotated a bit more with Kyle Walker, as I think Mr Walker has had some very intermittent form recently as well.

  3. After spending the entire season injured, he should be grateful he has been included in the 1st team squad more or less straight away. Naughton has done very well and looked steady if not spectacular at left back. You didn't see Parker coming back after injury and come out with such rubbish. That's the difference between a professional, respectful man and Assou-Ekotto.

  4. Kyle Naughton is a right footed, natural right back playing at left back so why would any good left footed left backs (i consider BAE to be a great left back) see him as a threat? I'd be far more worried if i was Kyle Walker!!!

  5. Probably with his broken grasp of English, and probably without hearing the question correctly, and the tone of his answer (and the press' love for misquoting honest players), chances are he's just stating facts – Naughton isn't a real left-back. He's a right-back playing out of position.

    He's performed admirably though, but Benny is right, he can do things with his left foot that Naughton can't. Simples.

    Only a matter of time before Naughton gets a chance at right-back though, surely.

  6. He's right in one way that he doesn't have the left foot BAE has but then BAE's right isn't too hot either. I think the lad has covered very well but I must admit it's great to see BAE back let's see 15 more great games from him!

  7. Not only is BAE being honest as usual, and realistic in his less than perfect English (slightly better than my French), but he says what he does without apparent malice. He also offers Kyle (Naughton) the chance to improve his left-footcrossing, and to become as useful on the left as he can be on the right. He should in any case be looked at as a potential alternative to Walker as the latter tries to recover his consistency.

  8. I am a fan of BAE behind Bale plus they can both swap around when required. He is better suited to the role even though Naughton has done well. I also echo the point that he may have been misquoted with his broken English.

    And that cross did prove a winning one at the weekend!

  9. I am a fan of BAE behind Bale plus they can both swap around when required. He is better suited to the role even though Naughton has done well. I also echo the point that he may have been misquoted with his broken English.

  10. Naughton has struggled at left back he’d be more worried if it was Danny rose playing there but he’s right naughton no chance no brainer

  11. Im a HUGE fan of benny.i dont think it was harsh

    I think maybe a combination of banter and the

    use of language,as matt says his use of enflish is tenuos.

    • Having Benny and Scott back is the equiv of spending £15mil in the transfer window. That's sorted the defence and midfield out and all that's needed to make us unbeatable is a big strong all round goal scoring striker like Edin Dzeko of Man City. It'll prob be another 6 weeks before we see Addibayor back in the team time he's rested, recouped, and recovered from the African Cup then I give him two games before he's out again with a strained whatever. Come on you Spurs, forth this year and second next.


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