AVB on the United penalty saga


Andre Villas-Boas refused to let the debate of Manchester United’s penalty debate overshadow our 1-1 draw.

Fergie has blasted the assistant referee for not awarding United a penalty after Steven Caulker challenged Wayne Rooney in the Spurs box but AVB reflected on the draw in a positive manner as we look to push on for Champions League football.

Clint Dempsey’s injury time equaliser gave us the very least we deserved from the match – any sensible football would agree with that.

“Obviously it is going to be debated and debated and I hope it doesn’t mar the game,” AVB told the press after the game.

“During the game we got most of the decisions against us. I prefer to look at this game on my view and United prefer to look at it on their view.

“We take our boost of confidence and the debate is going to be whether it was a penalty because that is controversy and it sells better, but we shouldn’t mar the game and the quality of the game played in these difficult conditions.

“Fortunately we got a point, I think it is credit for the game that we had. We were the best team and created the best chances.

“I think it was probably the worst United game in terms of opportunities, with them having only four. It is a pity we couldn’t win but I’m extremely happy with the draw obviously.”

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  1. typical united, trying to pinpoint "turning points" in the game. it wasn't even a penalty, you can see in the replay rooney jumps into the challenge. some people are even trying to blame de gea!? spurs dominated – simple as that.

  2. Old Red Nose seems to miss all the deliberate fouls his players make whenever we break , I think he wants to look more into the sportsmanship at his club but then that does not win you games!!! We had far more decisions go against us in the game and if that was Rooney as oppose to Dempsey who was in on goal you can guarantee he would have dived for the pen. Refs will always make mistakes but when the go in fav of manure its ok!

  3. Why can people not see through Sir Alex ! We battered them throughout the game and he has to resort to blaming the officials for the reason HE dropped 2 points !!! He made substitutions which resulted in us having more possession in midfield so consequently putting more pressure on his fragile defence. I agree also that Man U continually break down oposing attacks with cynical fouls and time wasting methods (kicking the ball away at every opposing free kick). How many players booked today!! Sir Al??? I rest my case!

  4. What penalty? Caulker reached the ball a fraction earlier, poked it away with his right foot, and Rooney's left clattered into his.

    This constant reiteration of the penalty thing is like the Emperor's New Clothes.

    Irrespective, United got most of the decisions in any case, Spurs still had most of the play and significantly more of the shots, and the only team that actually deserved to win were the one playing in white.

  5. How many times,do teams go to Ot,and Manu,get in many cases,ghost penalties in there favour.Suck it up Red nose,Now you know how other coaches and managers fill,when they go to Ot.And you invairibly get decisions in your favour.I have much respect for what Manu have achieved over the years,but that does not hide the fact,How many referee's,seem to fall under Old red nose's aggresive tatics.

  6. What the press and ole red nose conveniently ignored today were the two blatant pull back fouls by Kagawa. I believe that the 1st was just outside the box when he pulled back, I believe, Dembele. Both Foy and the linesman missed it, how I don't know. That would have been a great place for Bale to take a punt! Not long after (not sure who on) but it was inside the box on the same left side, again missed.A penalty missed for Spurs? The sooner that old mare Fergie is "put out to stud" the better place the EPL will be!

  7. Manure looked less that average yesterday, Spurs had all the best play and looked like they really wanted it.
    It was great to see that if they keep their heads up and play to the final whistle then they can match anyone.
    Hope red nose suffers and hope City take the title this year, but both be very aware that the Spurs are right behind you and waiting to go pass.


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