AVB tells Modric to focus on Madrid


Andre Villas-Boas has told Luka Modric to keep out of Spurs’ business and says they won’t be selling Gareth Bale.

Modric made the move from Tottenham to Real Madrid during the summer and has been vocal in the press trying to encourage the Welsh winger to also make the move.

AVB was quick to address Modric’s comments at a press conference: “I think he should focus more on his club than ours,”

“He has to worry about (Real’s) game against Atletico Madrid and about getting in to the quarter-finals of the Champions League

“Obviously Modric is aware of Gareth’s performances because of his love for Tottenham and the fact that he is very connected with him and this football club, but it’s completely impossible (for Bale to leave).

“We have to protect our assets regarding our objectives. We have to qualify for the Champions League so in order for that to happen we need players that can make the difference. We are not looking to sell.”

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  1. Clearly a statement sanctioned by the Real Madrid hierarchy to unsettle Bale. This should constitute a reason to dissolve any agreement between Tottenham and Real Madrid. Modric is a rat-faced little shit, but it is quite clear that he wouldn't have made this statement publicly unless he was told to do so by either Mourinho or the chairman. What a bunch of scum

  2. Guys, it's typical of the scum in Madrid. Tapping up is the name of the game for them. The only club they are afraid to do this to is Barcelona.The World press love it and lap it up at any given oportunity and will print anything for a headline even if it's bullshit, they've done it time and time again and will continue to do so. I've read somewhere that Barcelona did the same with Cesc Fabregas but he was already a product of Barcelona and was always set on going home. Bale is a product of Wales which is part of the Britsh Isles and has no links with Spain except perhaps the occassional hliday.
    Remember, Bale isnt mercenary like people from Croatia and that war torn region.

    • Don't casually denigrate Croatia and 'that war torn region' because of something Modric may have or did say.

      The two really are not related. Would you like to apply your remarkable deduction of causality to say, Jimmy Savile being English?

      This xenophobia says more about you than Modric or 'that war torn region'. Moron.

  3. Yes both AVB and Jay is spot on to reply to that ungreatful ( once loved ) wretched little twit. To Modric and whoever behind the distraction to Balesy, please sweep your own garden, and Spurs are Happy to mind their own. You don't have to be with a big ( club ) to find HAPPINESS. Heard that Modric had to go for training-sessions from Mour's instructions, as he has yet to gel in, with Madrid's formation.

  4. Well said guys, that little ungrateful scum. Mr Levy has spoken, again and again., SPURS is NOT a selling club.. A ' big' club' doesn't guarantee Happiness. Bale has a new little diamond baby, his home is in England and with SPURS, where he can continue to terrorise and score goals, plus his assists., with our other road-runner Lennon, helped by Spurs winners such as Daws, Kaboul, Sandro, Walker,, Caulker, Dembelle. From this season, I have a vision, Spurs silverware IS coming.
    Come on ye SPURS.

  5. if bale does end up going to madrid i would wish him well he deserves to compete for the bala dor but i will personally break modrics legs fuck ugly ungrateful prick

  6. As you all know, i have been a bit of a critic of AVB since his appointment. However, on this point he is absolutely right. Modric should now keep his mouth shut, he was a good player for us, but let himself down badly with the fans in the way he acted and refused to play for the club. So shut up Luka, and try and talk your way into the Madrid team – where you cant yet get a place.

    Just one other point, i would like to reitterate that although i have been a big critic of AVB in my articles and did'nt think he would be the right man for the job, i would just like to say again that i really do Hope he proves me wrong – for the good of the team and the good of THFC.

    By CheekyCockney

    • The only way for him to prove you wrong is conditional in one aspect to the support he receives from the fans. He clearly has the backing of both Levy and the players. Now it is time for him to receive unanimous support from the fans. Psychological factors account for half of a club's success, I welcome you to argue against that.

      • Jay, in response you are of course right and i dont really have an argument against that. In fact you make an extremely relevant point. As i have said before it is all about 'opinions' and each of us are allowed an opinion. My argument against AVB at the moment is i feel he is tactically naive. But as i said, i really do hope for the sake of THFC that i am proved wrong. Whether people support AVB or not is for the individual to decide, but one thing for sure is that each and every one of us support our 'Club' 100%. By CheekyCockney

  7. would I apply Jimmy Saville to england? = OF COURSE. WE are a nation that gets itts daily dose of porn through the sun without having the bollocks to go buy it in a proper porn shop so yeh the sun is the biggest selling paper in the uk and yeh brits are addicted to sex fixes.

  8. alexis wolfe is the type of pseudo philosopher that thinks hes a step above ordinary football fans because he thinks hes using a preambulation of words and phrases that make him sound intellectuasl, stuff like war torn and xenophobia but what he is really doing is collecting jargon and circumloctory bollocks from newspapers then unconciously calling them his own so=
    wanker wolfe
    and bigger wanker Modric
    by the way croatia is not war torn , pussy torn yeh but not war torn.


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