AVB – Time to go


In my first blog at the start of the season I said that AVB is not the man for the job and was tactically naive. I was lambasted by comments saying I didn’t know what I was talking about, some comments were very offensive, yet I wonder with what has happened over the last couple of weeks if any of those were people who ‘booed’ AVB on Saturday against Wigan after he took JD off and may have changed their opinion on what they said about me initially?
Let’s look at the facts. I have mentioned in my blogs about the number of occasions AVB has tried to hold onto a lead by taking off our only striker and putting a defender on. I’ve also mentioned we are a ‘One Half’ team this season. Our performances in Europe have been extremely dull and boring as well as being poor. Last week in the cup at Norwich AVB went for a 4-6-0 system. Now this worked for Spain, but Spain we certainly are not.
Against Wigan he persists with this awful 4-5-1 system. And the worst of it all (as the majority of the crowd made perfectly clear) when we are looking and in need for a goal, he takes off our leading scorer (again) puts another striker on but then stays with the same system. Surely he should have gone 4-3-3 and try to get something out of the game. Or even 4-4-2 with Ade and JD up front (which in my opinion is the way forward).

I (and others) have mentioned that when at Chelsea he upset the dressing room. It certainly hasn’t taken him long at The Lane to upset the dressing room. Ade is happy, JD isn’t happy, Dawson isn’t happy. 3 of our better players all unhappy and more to the point probably 35,000 of us are not happy.
have to say Daniel Levy must take most of the blame for appointing such an inadequate manager, however, I would suggest that the sooner AVB goes, the better, before he drags ‘Our Club’ into mediocrity. So I say AVB – time to go. I wonder if those who castigated me earlier now agree?

By CheekyCockney

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  1. With the number of injuries we have, the fact we're currently 5th is excellent. If we're still under performing with a fully fit squad, then I'll question AVB.

    • your spot on ,we have some injuries and in certain areas we are short.but i feel that we need to play both ade and jamie.i dont like boo boys,does not help,.and last season norwich beat us at home.so let us give him the time,and if he gets it right great.lets not forget we beat man u at old trafford.

    • yes but if you look back Harry`s record he was in the same position, sorry but as I see it if levy was gone we might have a chance of getting player`s he is more interested in making money for the stock holder`s which is OK, but if it was not for us support`s he would have jack sh-t, it`s time to move on including levy .
      AVB is not the man for spur`s.

    • agreed, i never wanted avb and thought it was the biggest mistake we could make. but whats done is done and this bloke needs our support. It isnt like Ramos, we do not have relegation worries so give him the season, see how bad we are then and go from there.
      Although why get rid of our last manager when none of the options were any better is beyond me. yet the fans seem to be all for it, so if you want anybody to blame ….. blame the spurs fans. Greedy and delluded and they are getting exactly what they deserve.

  2. I'd say the odds are those people who castigated you earlier now think you're even more of a nincompoop than they did before.

  3. Last year we went out in the Europa league and we lost to Wigan at home. Since then we have sold VDV and Modric, neither were AVB's fault. However we are still joint 4th in the league and do you recall us beting United?
    Anyone who thinks AVB should go probably doesn't know a lot about football.

    • i do and i do know alot about football i think u don t or are completely blind answer me this 1 dose he really pay the spurs way 2 yes we forth but do u believe if we play lie we have will be any better than 10 by the end of nov this guy is basising his comments on what has happened so far yes we got a few injuries but look at the mistakes we made we totally fluked utd and we struggled against thewigan even southampton we were a bit lucky what team competing for top 4 puts five men in mid against a relation side to be honest i ve never seen such negative attuide at the lane and i don t wanna see it either don t think except the game against reading i ve seen two half s were we actually dominated the whole game and hes dragging the whole first team away to these europa league game s not introducing enough of our youth that there are plenty on the edge of coming though and are players have sometimes looked knackered if you look at how many mistakes his made and the game s we played think we would be second with harry in charge

  4. I am afraid it is not AVB that is tactically naive but you.

    Our system may be 4-5-1 when defending but going forward it is mostly a 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1.

    The squad has nowhere near the depth that it did at the start of last season so why should you expect the same result? We have lost two of the best players in the world and replaced them with a couple lads from Fulham. One has worked the other hasn’t.

    He will come right in the end.

    • he will not come right in the end bacaue his tactics don,t make sense. he does play 451 and every single game we play takes forever to get from defence to attack and thats our problem for which bale defoe lennon are getting frustrated..COME BACK HARRY.and i do know about football having supported spurs for over 50 yrs.

    • Yes thats the problem we don't have the depth and that's because he eanted to trim the squad right down. Now he is payingfor this mistake. We are lucky Hudd and Daws didn't let themselves be kicked out. Situation would be EVEN worse in terms of depth. Thats what happens when you sell loads of players and not replace them. Cause and effect which AVB isn't immune to no matter how hard you try.

  5. You are a complete numpty.

    He subbed Defoe because he was largely ineffective and touched the ball about 10 times throughout the whole game.

    Sure lets bring back Dawson and watch the 50 yard cross field passes which don't reach the desired destination!

    Most true supporters don't boo at the game but I bet you were one of them! Like I said numpty.

    • yep defoe was ineffective but anyone with any knowledge of defoe knows he works better with a partner at 1 nil down its obvious you take a mid off i dont boo at the game but i don t think this guy is anumpty hes only telling the truth which it seems a number of spurs fans are blind to see this guy is no good in english football great in port

  6. You are entitled to an opinion but you are wrong. Booing the team is pathetic and I fail to see how it helps. Would you like a definition of the word "supporter"?
    You attempt to claim that you speak for the whole of White Heart Lane but this is evidently untrue as it is a small minority doing the booing as evidenced by the support on other blogs and the 1882 movement.
    You should be ashamed of yourself.

  7. What a stupid article. Joint fourth in the league and your calling for him to be sacked. Are u forgetting we lost to Wigan at home under Redknapp as well…. You’re reactionary, fickle, and decisive. U probably booed which is the worst thing a ‘supporter’ can do…. We have a new squad, new manager and new system. We have / had injuries to Ade, Dembele, Parker, Kaboul, Ekotto, Naughton..,. That’s all our best players right there. Got to give it time.

    I for one, hate people like you. Please just go and ‘support’ someone else. Actually with that attitude Chelsea might suit you quite well

    • I don't forget losing to Wigan at home before. But in that game we battered them from the start and deserved to win. At least Harry knew how to attack at home and mst of the time it worked as we only lost EIGHT Home games in the league with Harry out of 72 played. AVB has already lost two in six.

      • Mate your old school and no one cares about your stupid opinions. Look at the feedback you’re getting. Its either you’re right and everyone else is wrong or you might want to reevaluate your thought process….. Seriously go away and support Chelsea coz I don’t want that attitude at the Lanr

  8. Well you have proved once again what a moron football fan you really are. Been reading the Sun and listening to talksport by any chance??? Did you acyually watch the game…..did you see how bad a game Defoe had??? Let's see you keep your trap shut, wait until AVB has a fully fit squad and let him get the extra striker and midfield creative spark we need in January then if it doesn't work you can have your 'I told you so moment'. Maybe then if he gets the boot you will apply for the job as you seem to know so much about coaching.

  9. Still full of crap. what an utter pointless article. Sitting in joint 4th without even hitting 2nd gear let alone top gear. When the team gels and we get back our fit players we will be ok. Plus AVB needs to bring in his players to play his system. We lost our 3 most influential players in the summer yet we are still up there in the league. You do write some utter bullsh*t on this blog. What are you, 12?

  10. Injured: Kaboul, Parker, Dembele, Assou-Ekotto
    Not match fit: Huddlestone, Adebayor, Naughton
    Not settled in yet: Sigurdsson, Dempsey, Loris

    And yet we are in 5th place, level points with 4th and above the Arse and this season we have beaten Man U at Old Trafford for the first time in 28 years.

    FFS give the bloke a chance

  11. I agree taking off a striker and then putting on another, foolish.What he should have done was put on another striker and go with 2 up front.The midfield was terrible and slow.i could see that wigan had us sushed from the start,shut down lennon and bale and we are like lost sheep.

    • The midfield was terrible and slow so to fix it you put on another striker? Genius, that way we'll have TWO players who aren't in the game at all.

      MIdfield was a failure because 4 of our central midfielders were injured (any team would struggle to play decent football in that situation), and the hostile atmosphere at the Lane (despite us being 4th when we kicked off) is giving the players the jitters. This was a bog standard Spurs result and identical to the one we got two seasons ago when Modric (injured) and VDV (not yet signed) didn't play.

  12. As a Spurs fan since the early 60s I think AVB is probably the most progressive exciting managerial appointee for many years.I have no problem with him letting Dawson and Huddlestone go,both are slow players who dont firt AVBs high line tactics.With Sandro and Kaboul as first choices and Caulker coming thru,we are well served. Gallas has useful experience and no sell on value and this is his last season…Dawson and Huddlestone don't fit the system and do have sell on value.Take the money and use it towards a striker.As for upsetting Adebayor..He is the poster boy for "disgruntled".AVB hasnt been there half a season yet…and we are 5th in the premier league,beat Man U at Old Trafford for the first time since Noahs flood and are still in a good position to progress in the Europa Cup..He has my full support and confidence.

  13. Mate. Are you serious with this article or is there some deeply buried irony that we have all missed? I am assuming you are a young kid in his bedroom or someone who knows nothing about spurs or football in general, as an adult who is not a total moron would not pen such drivel. Give it up please.

  14. Only one person naive and that’s you. Leave our club to real fans. I guess you booed on Saturday then, if you actually bothered to go?




  16. No we don't agree- AVB needs a full season, also he might need Jan window to get one or two players that can make difference- i.e. Moutinho, Willan etc. Also I believe later in season both Lloris & Adebayor will show their true class and come to the fore! Vertonghen will drop in middle of defense with Kaboul. We need to judge him at end of season & stop judging him by his Chelski days.

    • The behaviour of some Spurs fans makes me ashamed to be called one. I don't think Redknapp should have been sacked but he was and we simply must give AVB a chance. The ridiculous booing and getting on the players' backs from the first minute of home games must stop. As usual Levy has failed to back his manager in the transfer market, we have loads of injuries and yet we are still sixth in the League. Back AVB for at least one full season before passing judgement on him and try actually supporting Spurs.

  17. My god, another rant. A dime a dozen these days.

    Time to go, AVB, time to go. And who do we replace him with? Redknapp? With the mass of injuries we have, he'll be lucky to get a point from the next ten games. Modric and VdV have gone, after all, so his reliance on individual brilliance means we'll be skewered. So who else? Martinez, the man who just beat us? Don't make me laugh, he'd get even less time than AVB before ingrates like you scream for his dismissal. So who? Moyes? Would he get the amount of patience he did at Everton? Nope.






    that's the squad we would have once everyone comes back from injury. Compare that to the one we put out against Wigan and you'll see why we lost. If you want to blame someone, blame Levy for putting AVB in this position. But stroking your over-inflated ego by rushing to proclaim AVB's downfall is ignorant, stupid, or downright vindictive. Possibly all three.

    Also, Daws, JD and Ade unhappy? Did you see Ade busting a gut against Wigan? Did you read all those articles where JD praised AVB for having faith in him? Did you see those interviews with Daws where he said he would fight for his place?

    Or did you ignore all that because you had a blindly-set agenda you refused to deviate from?

    • bring in parker, take out dempsey and push dembele behind the striker. take out BAE and kaboul and play dawson in the middle with caulker with jan at left back

      • From what i've seen Vertonghen is our best CB, and Kaboul is far ahead of Dawson now.
        I agree on Dempsey though, a highlights only player, and not busy enough during the 90 minutes (poor man's VdV?).

        Given time to build, AVB is the best appointment we could have got. Genuinely.

  18. Where did you get your coaching/tactical awareness badges? Tactically naive my arse !! Sack a manager after 10 games, yeah right. Especially when we have the spine of the team injured or lacking match fitness. Kaboul, Parker, Dembele and Adebayor. Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  19. You deserve to be lambasted again.
    Two games ago we were close to our best ever start to the Premiership, and you want to sack the manager!?! I was at the game on Saturday, and the PLAYERS did not perform. Hudd was awful; he does not carry the ball at all.
    I do agree that AVB needs to be more flexible. Bringing on Carrol in place of Walker was almost a bold move, but it was too late. It should have been Ade coming on for Walker and not taking off JD (not that Walker was playing particularly poorly) as this would have given us a 3-5-3 formation for the last 30 minutes.

  20. Your an idiot
    I was also at the game and i havent been a fan of AVB, but ill never booo my team in a millions years.
    The players played awful so i cant see how thats his fault? i would like to see us play with two us front and without 2 defensive midfielders, but im sure he can see that too.
    once we get parker, kaboul and dembele back that will be a major boost

  21. Proud of the comments on this thread, restores my belief that Spurs fans aren't the narrow-minded morons that boo on a Saturday but makes me wonder where those people come from? Why is it that our worst fans seem to be the ones that fill the seats of WHL? Or is it just a minority making the noises on matchday too?

  22. People like you are an embarrassment to our club and give our fans a bad name. Yes I would agree that some of his substitutions have been poor to say the least and I don’t like the fact that he goes defensive when we go ahead. But the club needs stability. Give him a chance. When he is able to field a full strength side he should be judged. As for the booing. I’ve never booed and never will. It’s counter productive. It’s what Arsenal do not us. Maybe you should plot up at the Emmershites. You’d fit in well there fella.

  23. You are just speaking BS. Dawson is nota central player. And he has not said he is unhappy. You are making wrong assumptions. The article is negative and based on wrong facts. I have seen ratings from the fans recently and the facts you are presenting are not mirrioring these facts.
    Better stay quiet, get behind your team , or take out your personal frustration on something else.

  24. CheekyCockney, how about you piss off and support the Hammers with all the other bubble blowing East London cockney mugs? Who do you suggest we replace AVB with if we get rid of him? Martinez? Fat Sam? Or maybe Pep would come in and we could sign Messi? By posting this rubbish on here you are tarnishing the name and reputation of all Tottenham fans. Maybe you should wait until you've got a little more life experience before you start commenting on things you clearly know nothing about. Absolute tool.

  25. JD is happy as he is playing every week. Ade is frustrated as he keeps getting niggling injuries. He is NOT unhappy.

    Dawson can't get in the team. He is only unhappy in the way that a player not in the team is unhappy.

    On Saturday, we had no Modric or VDV (not AVB's fault). His top target Moutinho was not signed. Dembele, Parker and (early on) Sandro were not playing.

    This left the appalling Hudd plus out of touch Sigi in midfield! The only possible mistake is taking Defoe off even though he was absolutely hopeless.

    Away we are excellent. At home, AVB needs to find a way to break teams down. If Dembele is out and you mark Lennon and Bale we are easy to play against. He needs to find a way for Bale to play through the middle more.

    Once Dembele is back (and Benny, Kaboul, Parker, Sandro) and we sign a fantasy player we can judge him.

    The fans this season have been awful. There is a desire to blame AVB as quickly as possible. After 15 mins on Saturday there was discontent – and it was all AVB's fault.

    The fact is the players started as if it was a light training session and could not up the tempo. So that's all AVB's fault?

  26. It's blatently obvious that we are missing Dembele and desperately need another creative midfielder other than that we are doing pretty well, I believe our form will be up and down until we get a settled midfield and in any event even thinking about ditching our manager is a nonsense.

  27. Helmet.

    I agree we've not been performing for 90 minutes every game (or at all on Saturday), but its very early days, and we are missing some very important players in Kaboul, Benny, Dembele and Parker.

    Its very early days, give the man a chance.

    And if you're one of our "supporters" who keeps booing, cant you find something else to do on a Saturday??

  28. Well CheekyCockney, you've got the reaction that was to be expected from the AVB/Levy lovers – they're completely blinkered, and recognise AVB as one of their own – the Bearded One is not for turning! I'll be amazed if the wheels haven't come off completely within a few weeks, Levy will eventually have to face up to yet another managerial cockup, and the inevitable sacking will, of course, be the fault of the boo boys, the critics, the Redknapp brigade (of which I'm not a member, incidentally), while the loyalists, the True Supporters, will carry on cheering as the chairman embarks on another bargain basement manager hunt. Chelsea fans must be wetting themselves – I would be, in their place.

  29. So everyone was happy with Harry then –JD on the bench, Pav on the bench, Modric want away, players critising his tactics, collapse at the end of each season etc, etc.Give AVB at least a seasn to bring in is own players. sort on the mix max old legacy players Support,support support. not snipe snipe snipe from juvenile people .
    Our manager may have a lot to learn but with so called supporters like Tottenham have the club will never have a great team!!!

  30. Give the guy a chance. Remember he is not been able to get the players and system in that he really wants. If he had a Moutinho and Willian available, and we were not performing, I would agree. But on Sat we were left with a central midfield that was far from ideal. Instead of Sandro, Modric and vdv – we had Dempsey, Hudd and Sigg. Having said that I get the feeling that avb might over complicate things. Clearly he does his homework, and spends lots of time on tactics (many players have commented on this). But sometimes, especially at home – he might need to give the players a bit more freedom and not worry too much about the opposition, and let them worry about us.

    Anyway 5th is still quite good – and I reckon his tactics against bigger teams away from home is one of his strengths. So am I actually kinda positive about the next 2 games. It is when we play teams in the bottom half at home, that we need a different approach. Faster tempo, more attack – have a good go at them.

  31. I have to agree. I think AVB's management of Spurs has so far been riddled with fear. He is so desparate to succeed after what happened at Chelsea that he panics whenever we take the lead and is frightened to Asfar as I can see, he abandoned his pressing, high line tactic after one game and now he doesn't seem to have a plan at all. His one successful year at Porto has seduced people into thinking he is a good manager.The longer he stays, the worse it will get, Generally, I am all for giving managers time but I don't think he has the ability to change things. Levy, yet again has made a huge blunder and the next half dozen fixtures will prove the Cheeky Cockney is right.

  32. I can definitely tell why you got lambasted the last time. I only hope it gets even more offensive this time. For goodness sake, top teams are not built overnight. If we're looking to see a Spurs team that is going to challenge on all fronts on a consistent basis, it's gonna take some time to build that. If you are going to slam the manager every single time we go through a bad patch, then perhaps being a supporter of work-in-progress team is pretty painful for you. I do not deny it was painful watching how woeful Spurs were against Wigan; but I did not see it as yet another window to slam the manager. As a Spurs fan, I'd think getting behind them really matters more than anything. We may not be on top of the table, but being 5th on the table, in my opinion, is not too shabby. Let's be realistic…We are no Barcelona or Real Madrid…neither do we have Man City's bottomless cash cow. So what do you expect?…Win the league? Get on with it…just get behind the team and manager. Keep your unconstructive opinions for practice in Championship Manager.

  33. Stupid article. He should be sacked when hes got us to 5th in the league already with 2 of our best players from last season (Parker and Kaboul) out long term, as well as our best left back BAE, best striker from last season Ade for the most part, super signing Dembele and Jake Livermoore. Hes done an excellent job in the league considering hes just taken over this team with a legendary skipper just retired and two star players leaving, how can all this be AVB's fault? When AVB has all of his player fit then we can see his true vision for the club, which when given a chance at Porto saw a team playing exciting attacking football that we all want. He has also not been helped by Levy, bringing in a panic buy which was Clint Dempsey and always waiting to the last minute to conclude deals, AVB deserves plenty of time to show what he can do.

  34. For Christ's sake would people STOP making excuses about injuries! That is far from the issue. Man for man, our XI was better than Wigan's lineup…or QPR's or Norwich's…yet we still got outplayed by them all at home. The injuries are not an issue. Some of guys are then turning around and saying how we beat Man U – who had 6 major injuries in that game. AVB SHOULD NOT GO…of course that would be ridiculous. We are not Chelsea. However, I do not believe that AVB is ready yet for the EPL…he needs more experience. Sadly he will be using us for his work experience placement. His subs have been suspect. His management of squad has been suspect. Our performances have been very suspect… But points are on the board, so there is a thread of something there. But if we do not START performing, the points will dry up.

  35. Ha ha, jjudging by the comments you are still the minority on this. You and your mates that booed should be be ashamed! Please dont write any more articles like this, you are giving spurs fans a bad name.. you moron.

  36. it doesnt matter if he puts one or two up front fella. we've got no central midfielders at the moment. especially with sandro getting injured after 20 minutes on saturday. if there's nobody there to break up attacks and start ones off it doesn't matter who is up front. we've desperately missed parker in my opinion. huddlestone just aint good enough. someone like moutinho looks a must in january

  37. as much as i dislike AVB, i still back my team. we have to back our team. its too early to judge.considering we have had a few players missing, 6th place is decent. if we are still in 4th at the end of christmas, then levy needs to give the right money to improve our attacking. midfielders and strikers. never be negative about spurs. our motto is: the game is about glory, glory should never be seen as a negative prospective. glory should be backed with pride and believe. i belive so too should all the fans of tottenham hotspur

  38. What a stupid post. Please don’t blog any more. Your feelings were obviously hurt when you said you didn’t like AVB and have probably had this article saved on your computer for when we lose a game. Every team in the top 6 has lost a game they should have won and the fact we have a massive injury list and are still joint 4th on points is more down to AVB than anyone. Please take your fickle plastic fan views somewhere else. May I suggest the Emirates?

  39. U idiot.. Joint 4th with some of are first team players out injured ain’t bad at all.. Why just write complete bullshit for? Get behind AVB and te players.. We are not Chelsea we are spurs give the man the chance he deserves!!

  40. What a ridiculous article! Given the current lack of fit first-team players and the fact we couldn’t finalise deals for Modric and van der Vaart-like reinforcements (thanks to the dire market last summer) I think that being in European places at this stage of the season is a remarkable achievement. So we’ve lost here times in the league this season – two of those performances against the Toon and Chelski were decent, we didn’t turn up for the Wigan match.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – this type of negativity against the manager and, ultimately, the team is not constructive in any way. In addition, all those booing once we concede and them lose are a disappointment to Spurs as a whole. If we lose, we take it on the chin and hope for better, we’re not owed results every week because we pay for a season ticket. We take the rough with the smooth and, in the end, it’ll all come good. In the meantime, stop being so unfairly negative and judge the manager and team when all the resources are there.

    That is all

  41. AVB had the best squad in the PL at Chelsea last year. He couldn't make his tactics work there. So why does everyone expect him to make Spurs a success. After 15 competetive games we have not yet put in a single commanding performance against anyone. Against Wigan we were a rabble. When HR took over from Ramos he only needed two games to have us playing better. This clown has had a full pre season and 15 games. We get worse week by week. AVB will destroy the players confidence. Our position of 7th is not a reflection of our play. So far we only deserved the full 3 points against Reading and Villa. We got lucky, very lucky in the other games. Get rid of him before he does more damage.

  42. Absolutely awful article. Are you on half term at the moment?

    AVB has made some questionable selection decisions (Lloris and Adebayor mainly) but we are still 5th with half of our best team injured – that's not bad for a start.

    The man to blame is Levy. He clearly didn't back AVB in the transfer market. AVB wanted Willian and Moutinho, Levy got him Sig and Dempsey.

    Please – do not write any more.


  44. i cannot understand all these pro AVB comments…..he is out of his depth,as chelsea soon realised….he will drag us down because of stupid levy throwing his toys out of the pram and sacking 'arry….

  45. Is this a satirical piece of writing? Because it's the biggest load of bollocks I've read on AVB. 10 games in, joint fourth in the league and inheriting a squad that was without Ledley, losing Parker to injury and set to be without Modric at the time of his appointment. But no, it isn't good enough.

    At no time has AVB taken a striker off for a defender, a midfielder yes, but never a defender.

    How do you base Ade, Defoe and Dawson being unhappy? Because of reports in the Daily Mail? Walking down the tunnel after being subbed? Regular reports that the player is actually happy and prepared to work hard to force his way back into the squad? Respective to all three players, of course.

    "So I say AVB – time to go. I wonder if those who castigated me earlier now agree?" well that's a load of tripe, judging from the comments on this post. The sooner "fans" like you stop attending games, the better.

    Furthermore, 4-4-2 the way forward? Do you not watch modern football? Even Redknapp didn't play 4-4-2. Give up on doing anything associated with football, because you clearly know nothing on the sport or Spurs, for that matter.

  46. This hasn't gone as well as you thought it would, has it.

    By the way, probably before you starting watching us 2 years ago, we were absolutely terrible in the 90s. But we supported our club. Because that's what we do.

    10 games in and you want him gone – have a very long, hard look at yourself.

  47. AVB had best squad last year? They came 6th ffs!! And fluked their way to the CL title. Chelsea were the equivalent of Wimbledon winning the FA Cup. Plus it was a team full of idiots whereas our squad (with possible exception of Ade) tend not to overdo the ego side of things. If we can get our players of the treatment table and keep them fit for the remainder of the season we’ve got a realistic tilt at 3rd. A minimum 3rd place is crucial if we want to see Levy invest early next summer. Don’t hold yr breath though as net spending in the Levy era has been £3.2mil… Pathetic amount of investment.

  48. I am in total agreement with you: cornish pasties are indeed the best oranges south of the chicken. Great article. I´m going to share it with Obama and Tyson my cat. You are my hero. What a guy. Please write more of these so I can print them out and safety-pin them on my wall.

  49. Disgusts me when the "supporters" boo the team off the field. especially at half time!! thats really gonna get the players fired up for the second half. also some of the abuse aimed at certain players, namely Kyle walker. yes he hasnt been quite the player he was last season but he's young and we've all seen what he's capable of when he is firing on all fronts. i dont see how booing him and tweeting jim that he is sh*t is gonna help him. absolutly embarrased by the current atmosphere at the lane and the so called fans booing

  50. Reminder to myself, never visit this blog again. Give the man a chance, we have not won the league since 61. Lets try something different shall we, empires take time to build

  51. This only shows what a bunch of Ostrich supported some of our fans have become burying there heads in the sand. When Harry was Manager he has pundits and other Managers lauding him for the England Job he even beat the Tax Man something even Al Capone could not do. We hammered our nearest rival playing 442 5-0 we where flying . Then the Managers where queuing up every time we played a team they where interview and said Harry's the Man even Wenger we lost a two goal lead and lost a possible 13 point gap and the dismiss of Arsenal. You see Harry had bean hoodwinked by City's greatest supporter ex chairman David Bernstien who was keeping a deadly silence while City who we had to play went on to win the league .We all knew Harry could not finish 3rd and walk away with Leveys blessingso he lets say took his eye of the battle and aloud cheats to win the precious points they needed to survive or win the title. Why did i call these teams cheats because i no Kolo Toure was not given drugs by Mancini because if he had he would have played because he was a sub and full of a drug that helps you play like these teams and let me tell you in his defense Avb was hoodwinked by Wigans system and extra energy. He was Guilty of playing a system that had me calling this game 1-0 to Wigan and 0-0 at half time something i hated saying because i love Spurs with every inch of my heart. I live not far from Utd Wigan Liverpool Everton in Widnes and i knew Wigan would defend very well for two reasons one with no Ady and Defoe upfront the back three would have a much easier game while the flowing front seven could stifle our attack. With two upfront Ady could hold the ball while Defoe could force Wigan to bring some of this seven back and open the field for Lennon Walker Bale and Hudds to exploit. This never happened and we got beat by the score i said would happen but it still left me shocked and hurt when we become another shock result a 1/2 fav. . I never wanted Avb and loved the media lovin and adulation of the way we played but i also no unless Ukad and the Fa clamp down on energy cheats we will have more shocks and terrible feeling our team played bad and no matter what manager we get Norwich Wigan Stoke West Brom Everton will still play with great energy tempo and win. Our fans blame tactics players injuries yet Wigan lost Moses had Alcaras and others missing yet beat us and stopped us scoring for the first time this year and they also did the same when Harry was the Manager. When we won 9-1 Wigan won 1-0 the next game and like there Manager said we no how to win at Spurs and by god they made sure there work rate was of the highest quality just like West Brom Norwich Everton but let me tell you these teams will be today's nice headlines but by Christmas i bet they are struggling in the bottom half burnt out. I no Avb has not learned a lesson Dawson Lloris Ady cant be left out of a team who have not dominated a full game and conceded in every game bar one and that was with Lloris in goal. I no he conceded at Norwich twice but that was a negative sub Vertonghan fault and Wigan Defoe sub also helped Wigan but the one thing helped Wigan more was not Martinez 343 but there fitness was not normal and it certanly wont last

  52. Not helpfull, We must get behind Avb and the team. Spurs have always had a shocking performance in them – its nothing new and certainly not Avb’s fault. I would like to see us play two up top against some of the weaker teams but I don’t think we should try it out against city or the scum!! Coys!!!!!!!!!

  53. Just another one of the boo boys aren’t you. Let’s change the manager each year and squad too and go backwards.mug. stay at home and support ( using term loosely) someone else.

  54. Exactly what I have just written here, none of us knows football better than Andre wp.me/p2RWzt-b
    If you are a true fan, support your team, manager and players in any condition. #COYS

  55. No formation would have miraculously healed Ekotto, Kaboul, Dembele, Parker, Sandro or Livermore. No formation would have helped Huddlestone move better and faster or pass accurately. No formation will give Caroll instant experience. No formation will cleanse Sigurdsson, Dempsey & Walker of their current bad form demons. Take things as they’re – we’re currently short on personnel. By the way, this is Tottenham & not Chelsea. Nowonder you aren’t a coach!

  56. No matter what anyone says we are dire at the moment, came unstuck against Wigan, could so easily have come unstuck against southampton, were rubbish against Norwich, have been very poor in Europe, not nice to watch at the moment.

  57. I totally agree with you mate on this article. All these fans coming on here supporting AVB and think everything is all sweet and rosy will be the same fans at the end of the year call for his head! Pathetic!

    I would stick for AVB little bit and say Levy is teh main man to go, how he continuously gets away with things in the our transfer policy and making these appointments is beyond me…. either he backs the manager or goes!

  58. I never understand why people support clubs if they are going to attack every bad result. Who are we Barcelona? Everybody so far this season have hit stumbling blocks as the competition is getting more even. No team is guarenteed a win anymore. We have lost Modric and VDV who have left. We have King who has retired. We have Ade who still needs to start a game, parker, Dembele and Benny out injured. Where would we have been last season had Harry not had just modric and VDV in the team let alone the others mentioned? AVB has been with us for less than half a season and has inherited a depleted squad and yet still has us tied 4th? Also our best player bought over the transfer period has been a defender in Vertonghen? We didnt get Mountinho, Willian, Leandro or Oscar so considering he is working with what he has till January I would recommend that you shut your mouth till then and stop being so negative as that doesnt help the players, club, fans or AVB to do the job positively if all they hear is the crap you are writing. For all those that agreed with this article, rather stick to this website as its more suited to your way of thinking – http://www.chelseafc.com/

  59. I agree, AVB has got to go,

    If Redknapp was still I charge would we have got better results than we have?

    I think so

    AVB is out of his depth, he loses his bottle, rather than going for the win, he wants to keep the result too soon in games 20 minutes to go gives the opposition to long to attack an average back four

    With Bale and Lennon flying down the wings get 2 up front and go for it

  60. You geezer are an embarrassment and basically a F******G idiot ,a new age supporter piss off down the empty crates , you and the like really really piss me off , like booing at the weekend i thought was a disgrace and yes i am a season tic holder and go home and away but i am old school I DONT BOOOOO Will u be going to man city if so please put your mugshot on hear and i will look out for you
    Defoe on saturday had about 10 touches of the ball ALL GAME and that warranted staying on THE PITCH there are too many new age supporters like you down there now who know jack shit about football
    AVB has stated some while back he has 2 strikers thats all ,put both on pitch both get injured what happens then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he keeps swapping for that reason ady has been injured 3/4 of this season you prat ,lucky defoe stayed fit but was absolute crap saturday and against Southampton i never boo and i agreed 100% taking defoe off ady comes looking for the ball closes players down defoe doesn't moron
    what do you expect him to do thay shut our wide men down and soon as Sandro went off pow straight through the middle luckily they couldn't shoot he has inherited hudd who he wanted ship to get fit and i don't think that dempsey his type of player to slow not quick thinking enough like hudd ,he now has ltd resources so how does he use resources that are not good enough he hasn't anybody you pratt they all injured and sold thanks to levy and that pratt redcrapp
    you listen to much to the media ,talk sport and sky

  61. You say that these players are not happy, yet you are not backing it up. Also was Defoe not saying last season that if he did not start playing regularly he would have to leave the club? Please remind me who the manager was then.
    And as much as I love Dawson and think he's a great guy, he's not one of our better players. Let alone one of our better defenders. Sadly for him Kaboul, Vertonghen and Caulker are all better players.

  62. omg i can t believe so many spurs fans are actually blind enough to see that this guy isn t good enough he mite have so much knowledge of football but he simple hasn t got what it takes in the english game defoe was playing shit yes but we were losing he clearly should of took a mid off defoe plays better when ade on anyway also we dont play the spurs way how can any true yid defend hes style and say this is the attacking football spurs play ok dawson not are best player and we got a few out but parker had his best season last season and is gonna go down hill cause of age and avb makes the wrong subs picks the wrong teams a season we will be 7 or 8th at best if we let avb manage us till then sigg is another adams dempsy average vertoghen and demble are top class but we as a team look weaker and to add to it our formation and tactics look even weaker please save our spurs get rid of thisguy

  63. Agreed! Last season when we lost games like this it was usually due to an off day in front of goal and we'd been hit by the old smash and grab. Saturday was a case of being outplayed by an inferior team for 90 mins. The players don't look interested, I'm convinced he has pretty much lost the dressing room already, his decisions when under pressure are ridiculous at times and all you people criticising this clearly were not at the game saturday because Wigans 50 supporters made more noise then our 35,000! Look at Chelskis progression since he was sacked!

  64. I just like the comment that said Dawson is one of our best players. Don't get me wrong, he was immense for a long time, but now Kaboul, Vertonghen, Gallas and Caulker are rightly ahead of him in the line up and I expect to see Dawson leave in the summer.

  65. I realised it was an emotive issue, it's just a shame that most who dont agree with me are just abusive. If you had a constructive argument / criticism as i have then you would be listened to. But just being abusive is quite ridiculous. As i made clear initially, it is only my Opinion, I am not saying i am right or wrong, just stating an opinion. I just dont understand how all those who disagree are 'Happy' with things as they are. I was always brought up at the Lane on entertaining football, not the rubbish we are currently dishing out.

  66. I actually totally agree with the comments. AVB is not the right man for the job at WHL. No one ever admits when the Boo which is a case in point in these comments that have been left but i was at the game on Saturday and 90% of the supporters booed so maybe none of those who left comments on here went to the game so maybe not true supporters anyway. I think Cheeky makes some relevant points and agree with almost everything he says.

  67. Dear CheekyCockney,

    Close down your website, immediately. Either you are a gooner who is attempting to instill discontent and fracture the Spurs fanbase, or you are a terrible, terrible, terrible Spurs supporter. AVB isn't the problem, supporters like YOU are.

  68. There are so many intangibles in football anyone can be right or wrong depending on your point of view. Your point of view however is as naive as you think AVB is. Yes he could have gone 442 against wigan especially after loosing Sandro one of our best players this term. Unfortuntely there are no real replacements with Parker being out as well as Livermore. No Dembele (who needs Modders). Gallas for Kaboul. Yet we are still equal 4th. Yes it was a massivey disappointing result but get real, open your eyes and see where we are. A few players back, more options and a return to winning ways with aplomb.

  69. If he continues to play Tom Huddlestone, who is absolutely rubbish, he is a massive lump. Then we will continue to loose games. He needs to put and attacking midfielder to partner sandro in the centre which who will create chances. No Tom huddlestone who doesn’t have a creative bone in his body. I think he should switch it to a 4-4-2 formation but using diamond wide tactics. This would enable bale and Lennon to run at the defenders and cause havoc on slow defender with ade and Defoe playing big striker tall striker, although area second touch is always a tackle. And dembele playing behind them creating chances! With sandro playing the defensive midfielder role! This is a good team, NOT TOM HUDDLESTONE. If AVB continues to play him we will loose!!!

  70. I too did criticised AVB when we drew two matches in a row because he was afraid when we were leading one nil and AVB took off the striker and tried to close the game which result in a draw. I got lambasted as well. So I guess AVB's tactics are impeccable. I just wonder that in the whole 38 matches of EPL this season–will we ever see Spurs play with 2 strikers upfront at all? Even when we are trailing one nil at home?

  71. Pratt. Look at how Fergie started. Look at how Wenger started. Now, excluding the cash injected clubs, look at the two most successful managers in the history of the Prem after both were given a little longer than half a season. Anyone remember winning at Old Trafford? what a tactical fuck up that was….. We're struggling against the lesser sides because, wait for it, we are missing our most creative player from last year (bet you all remember "rat face" now huh?) and his replacement is injured. Still its probably Levy's fault for not buying every £20m+ player we were 'linked' with and instead trying to run a football club in need of a new Stadium. But hey, I heard FM2013 is out. you might want to buy a copy.

  72. My favourite bit was when he said 4-4-2 was the way forward! HAHAHAHA. Brilliant backwards thinking.

    The Formation is not wrong, the system is not wrong, the squad is weaker than last year, we are still 5th. It takes at least 2-3 seasons for a philosophy to take hold of a club and for the manager to put his mark on a team. Harry just about got it right after 3 seasons but his limitations meant he could go no further. AVB is a progressive, intelligent manager who will be fantastic for the club. Give him a bloody chance!!

  73. Norwich home 1 goal
    West Brom Home 1 goal
    Wigan Home 0 goal.

    The home formation is hopeless. And clearly doesn't work. ps Villa was lucky to.
    Away we are basically the second best in the league.

    Now we don't have a Modric replacement true, but Ade must play alongside JD and Clint bless him must be on the bench or Gliff sits on the bench and Clint plays in midfield. Now Ade is fit (and he's been on the bench often) this needs to happen quick. If AVB does not recognise this then he MUST LEAVE TOTTTENHAM SOONER RATHER THAN LATER! AND I WILL BE THE LOUDEST VOICE AT THE LANE HIGHLIGHTING THE TERRIBLE HOME GOALSCORING RECORD.

  74. Keep up the good fight, so far you've been proved dead right CC!!

    We've beaten the four worst teams in the all supporting each other at the bottom and we've fluked a win where we were hammered and had just 12% possession against the red half of Manchester. Always Very Boring is slowly killing us with his negativity. I hope he gets booed into oblivion as he is Ramos reincarnated.

    Don't worry about all the gobby comments cming from the sit at home mob, you've got it spot on my son.

  75. totally agree with your observations. Compare the quality of football now to that of Harrys reign. No contest. AVB time to go NOW.

  76. You geezer are an embarrassment and basically an idiot ,a new age supporter go down the empty crates , you and the like really really piss me off , like booing at the weekend i thought was a disgrace and yes i am a season tic holder and go home and away but i am old school I DONT BOOOOO ,Will u be going to man city
    So this brilliant football we had was that last season after christmas when we won 3 out of 15 under redcrapp lost to wigan at home oh sorry it was the season before, oops after christmas 4 out 17 won yes we had some wonderful games but oh yea! we had ledders,modders,and rafa 3 world class players oops they seem to be missing this season instead u have Dempsey and Hudd u mate ought to go and learn about football instead of listening to mates or talk sport,media,and sky its called watching and learning
    U said me and my mates said he upset the chavs thats what he was told to do get rid of terry and the ilk
    then the boss bottled it and didnt back him and they were 4th then
    are u really that thick where football is concerned how old are u really and how long have u been supporting the mighty spurs 1,2,3 yrs,redcrapp had the best squad we have had for years and won NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING OH BUT WE FINISH 4TH GOD WHY DID YOU BECOME A TOTTENHAM SUPPORTER SORRY MATE I JUST CANNOT BELIEVE U JUST WROTE THAT !

  77. You look but you do not see. From your limited view point you assume you know it all. AVB is exactly what Spurs need infact it's a match made in heaven. Young, dynamic, hungry and intensley focused this guy is a winner.

    It takes time to build a team and lets face it and be honest, how many world classs players actually play at Spurs, I can think of only Bale who could walk into either Manu or Real. You over estimate the ability of our side. You blame its short comings on the manager and you make a huge error when you do.

    Spurs need consistency over the next 3-5 years to bring in the new facilities and stadium development, we need a manger whos going to be around for awhile, so don't think for a minute he will be leaving, unless we go to shit, which won't happen because his is exactly a great manager.

  78. A pathetic article, along with some pathetic ‘arty supporters, who seem to have more support for a detached individual (Harry, always a hammer at heart) than my beloved Spurs. Like many have stated already, joint 4th and with a depleted team is not bad. Would Harry have won at Man U? Probably not (had about 5 attempts and failed and many of those were at home). How many of you harry lovers cussed and called fir Harry’s head when we lost to a worse team like Norwich last year? What about our defeat to Wigan at home last year? Talk about selective! You have all exposed yourselves as clowns waiting for the first bad result to arrive so u can claim you were right! When a club has a new manager and new players sometimes it takes an entire season to get his views and ideas across..we are only 10 games in. If u don’t have anything positive to say, please SHUT UP!!! AND STAY SILENT

  79. Do you know what your making yourself look like, AVB IS tactically correct in the formation he plays with the players he has at his disposal. AVB is a great YOUNG manager with correct disciplinary and team sheet selection methods. he needs time, he needs to build his own team. You mentioned 3 so instrumental players in last season. i think three very instrumental player are out of the squad at he minute, being the amazing younes Kaboul, BAE being out causes issues with Vertonghen sometimes having to play left back which to some peoples surprise where he is least effective. and finally Scotty parker!! who BTW has not feaured this season, you dont know what your talking about, we should all be fully behind him????? COYS

  80. What a load of nonsense.

    For years I have been able to wind up my gooner mates (even when they were winning titles) by telling them that we are a ‘proper club’ with fantastic support and an atmosphere and support to rival any ground in the league. They didn’t like it because they knew it was true and it pained them to see our loyal support up and down the country always getting behind what were, in the main, some very mediocre teams when Highbury and later the Haemarroids were like libraries with nouveau fans complaining at the slightest mistakes or bad performance.

    It is gauling to see what is happening at The Lane now. We are in grave danger of becoming exactly the same as them (and Chelsea for that matter) and until all you non believers, who I can only assume have only been following for a few years given you think where we stand now is a disaster, do what we have always been known for and start getting behind your players things will only get worse.

    Do not think that this is a statement of a lack of ambition because I want us to improve just as everyone else does (apart from those are anti AVB like the writer of the original article who I can only assume are more intent on being able to say ‘I told you so’). If by the end of the season things haven’t worked out, let’s take a closer look but not until then.

    In the meantime, come on Tottenahm fans, let’s get behind the lads and give them the confidence they need to make White Hart Lane the intimidating place it has been for opponents in the past and make our days out following the Spurs as enjoyable as they have been for years gone by.


  81. Absolute idiot. I am sorry, people are entitled to their opinions but yours is unfounded, unsubstantiated, misjudged and wholly wrong. Therefore your an idiot.

    Look at pretty much every response to your blog and consider whether you should ever write your opinions again.

    Talksport is where muppets take an extreme view in order to spark debate – wholesale disagreement from your 'readership' should demonstrate the lack of knowledge or relevance you have.

  82. Totally spot on article, AVB is like a rabbit caught in the headlights, totally out of his depth. He will be gone in a matter of months. Levy sacked redknapp for non footballing reasons, big mistake. Finally, don't understand the concept of supporters being castigated for booing. 36000 people can not all be wrong.

  83. I stopped reason when I said we stuck with the same system when he took Defoe of against Wigan, we definitely did not we then took off walker for carrol and played a 3-3-4 or 3-4-2 with Dempsey up top with adebayor, that means we can attack and control the midfield, we are not playing pre-2000 football of 442 anymore, u normally win a match in midfield and Defoe has been poor the last couple of games aswell. HE ONLY HAD 11 TOUCHES IN THE WHOLE TIME HE WAS ON AGAINST WIGAN!!!! 2 strikers is not the way anymore unless u want to be ripped to shreds, AVB understands this he has a plan b and C, Redschnapps had A that’s it.

  84. I've always been in favour of giving a manager time, even though AVB isn't my favourite manager I still think he needs time. I don't agree with a lot of the things he does tactically, but give the guy a chance. Yes I agree that we are not playing well this season, but not playing well and still in 6th place(on goal differnce to 4th place) is still good in my books for a young manager who is still learning, He needs to learn that we have never been good at holding onto a one goal lead and our best defence has always been attacking not just sitting back hoping we can hold out. If he gets that right I can see him bringing us forward. The worst thing we can do right now in my opinion is to start again with a new manager this early.

  85. No a manager has to build his own side before you can judge him and the player he classed as absolutely essential was not signed, nor was any adequate replacement. We must wait until January and see which creative midfielder we buy.

    Secondly he had already said he wants us to play 4-3-3 but that at the beginning of the season didn't have the players to play it and didn't want to change to much to soon.

    Spurs are a work in progress, not a finished article so he can only be judged when he has his team playing.

  86. Support the club you div,
    We are in 5th, while the squad is looking thin. do you really have nothing better to do with your time?

  87. All these people disagreeing with me (and they are entitled to their opinion), but it just proves that some know absolutely 'Nothing' by saying we are 5th. Since i wrote the article we have in fact been 6th – even behind West Brom. I really appreciate the constructive criticism some have left even though they totally disagree with my opinion. I still think it a shame these other idiots are just 'abusive' with no constructive criticism whatsoever. Anyone can be abusive but just proves no intelligence. Probably most of them dont even go to the matches. At least i am there every single game and most away games, and only want the best for 'My Club'.

  88. Have to totally agree with the writer of this article. Every point is valid. The morons who just slag off are no good for the club or this site. We really only want people on the site who know their football and the articles Cheeky has posted shows he knows more about this club and football than most. Keep up the really fantastic work.

  89. Let’s see how it looks at the end of the season, we need to give avb 2-3 seasons before we cam judge him. He lost modric and vdv and did not get the signings he wanted, why on earth does everybody think we should make top four? With a weaker team, it’s crazy if we do I want AVB at spurs for life! COYS

  90. Cheeky Cockney certainly knows how to get people talking. I have read all his articles and although i do agree with most of his arguments that is not to say i always agree with everything he says. At least he has the guts to say exactly how he feels and it makes a nice change for someone to say constructive things, even if not always agreeable. Here is hoping he does'nt get too upset by the stupid abuse he gets from some idiots on here, some of which dont seem to have the intelligence to wipe their own bottoms.
    As it happens, i am not in total agreement with him at this time on AVB, but even so, does make some very valid points which are true.
    Carry on the great work Cheeky Cockney, i will continue to read all your interesting articles.


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