Bale injury takes shine off Spurs win at Fulham


An injury to Gareth Bale has taken the shine off Tottenham’s 3-0 win at Fulham earlier today.

The Welsh winger picked up an hamstring injury during the display at Craven Cottage after he was forced to hobble off after taking a shot at goal.

The cold weather might have been at fault as Michael Dawson also picked up a “hammy” but his twinge is less severe than Bale’s.

Bale is likely to miss the matches against Panathinaikos, Everton, Swansea and possibly Stoke.

“Both Bale and Dawson have suffered hamstring muscle injuries,” the Spurs boss said in his post-match press conference.

“One looks more serious than the other although both are controllable.

“With muscle injuries it’s very difficult but it might keep him out for one to weeks. Dawson a little bit less.”

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  1. Is few really injured? Sure how would we know and be able to distinguish between real injury and play-acting? Kind of connotations of the boy who cried wolf here. Glad he got booked for diving again, it’s becoming embarrassing and he needs to cut it out. Gonna be a big miss if he really is injured though.

    • I agree that Bale can be a bit embarrassing, but what is the definition of diving? I don't know, but given there has been contact, certainly in the last two times, it might be a bit harsh to view what Bale does as 'black and white' cheating and crying wolf. There were wolves.

      • I hate the way on all football programmes that the first question asked when there is a contentious decision is "was there contact?".
        Yes there was. So what!? He wasn't fouled. It's a contact sport. Turning into a pathetic game. It's football he's playing, not basketball.

  2. Oh pulease lets all jump on the bandwagon why not. Take ya negativity elsewhere. Bale is word class already at 23. If he wasnt in the team we wouldnt be anywhere near 4th. At least when he's dived he has been caught which to me is the difference between cheating an not cheating. And that point is relevant becase there are playing throwing themselves around without being touched, which is highly embarrassing.


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