Bale: I am loyal to Tottenham


Gareth Bale has pledged his future to Tottenham Hotspur after winning the PFA’s Player of the Year award.

The 21-year-old is contracted at White Hart Lane until 2015 and is focused on getting the club into the Champions League once more.

Bale said last night: “I am happy at Tottenham. I only recently signed a contract extension. Does that suggest I’m looking to leave the club?

“The thought has never crossed my mind, not at this stage of my career. I owe a great deal to the club and I firmly believe in loyalty.”

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  1. I hoped that Bale would stay and am relieved to see that he intends to. He is Welsh like Giggs who has been at Manchester United all of his career. Giggs helped United to achieve many trophies and has become a United legend. Hopefully Bale will stay with Spurs and help them achieve big things as well. Off course we need a bigger stadium and I believe Levy will then make the neccesary investements that will strengthen our squad to help win many trophies.

  2. You see this is why you gotta love this young man not only is he a fantastic talent he’s also honest and grounded. Baloteli are you watching? In fact there’s more than a few players in the prem who could learn a thing or two from this clean cut decent young man about loyalty. Well done Gareth Bale you cut much dash in my estimation sir. Lillywhitetilidie

  3. Isn’t it strange how none of the paper reports include this bit, would ruin their ‘Bale to leave Spurs!’ transfer rubbish.

  4. As a Spurs fan, I am proud of Gareth Bale for his character and loyalty. We shall see more of his skills in the years ahead. The ‘best of him’ is still to come. This is why Spurs need him so badly in the building process of the team.

  5. I have stopped looking at Transfer Tavern and Lancashire post on newsnow as they “print” rubbish, I shall now treat sites that put up rubbish about a “Bale Auction” the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I believe he is loyal and will stay if we keep improving and investment goes into bringing in top talent. However, you can never be sure if Levy and the Board will be tempted with an offer of £50/£60m – money talks after all.

  7. Lazy journalism again. The idea here is to keep questioning him about his future aspirations int the hope he’ll slip up and say he’d like to play abroad one day at which point they’ll report that he’s looking for a move in the summer. He’s saying all the right things for now at least. I remener when this happened with Bervbatov his stock answer was ‘For now I am a Tottenham player’ and every one knew that meant he was pissing off.

  8. Andy, pi** off mate and mind you’re own business. On another note it’s good to hear Bale wants to stay and now we have to match his ambitions which is the ambition of every Spurs fan – Champs League every year and pushing for the title in the not too distant future.

  9. good to hear hope he means it, he has to stay if were going to move forward and u know what with these big games coming up city chelski liverpool all our players will be fighting it out to get in the champions league where we belong maybe a few more additions namely centre half top draw forward and we should be better with our experience already…..

  10. he can fuck off with van der fart if he wants, fuck prima donnas. but if the geezer signed a new contract that must mean hes staying. better to have eleven paul millers than eleven van der farts


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