Benitez: Liverpool relying on Spurs to make mistakes


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Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez admits that they are relying on the likes of Tottenham to make mistakes.

Liverpool have played a game more than Spurs and are currently four points behind fourth-placed Tottenham in the race for the final Champions League place.

“We knew the game against United would be very tough. The question is now about the other teams,” said Benitez.

“Tottenham won at the weekend but we have to keep going. We know they have to make mistakes and we have to keep winning games to reduce the gap and be there.

“There are still a lot of points to be played for so we have to keep going. If we can win our games we will be there at the end.

“As a manager you have to believe. It will be more difficult but we have to keep pushing and I think we can do it.

“This year is a difficult year with too many things against but still we have to keep fighting and I am confident the team will be ready for the next game against Sunderland (on Sunday).”

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  1. better look after your own team, Rafa. your team cant even mark Park the whole game, what makes u think you wont lose a few more games?

  2. Rafa is a BUFFOON and Liverpool dont deserve to finish in the top 4 because too many other clubs have had a better season!

  3. This latest message from Benitez reads like a post -1944 communique from the Hitler bunker when all the divisions
    only exist on paper… He really is getting desperate, if it wasn't so insulting to Spurs it would be amusing. The man
    needs help and we can provide it- Robbie Keane is available now and we don't want him.

  4. Rafa has been a great manager no doubt, however, the man's lost it, and the rest of the footballing world is laughing at him. If i didnt know better i'd say he's angling for a move away and has been all season. So who's gonna be in charge at the beginning of next season?!?

  5. As a Spurs fan i hope after many years we finally get our chance, the concern with Liverpool is that if Spurs or Man city get there then it could be many years before Liverpool gat another chance the reason being MONEY !

    Spurs or City will spend a fortune to stay there and the players will come because they are in the Champions League, Liverpool are in massive dept and will not be able to compete and there top players like torres could leave anyway next season so then where will they be. The problem to liverpool is not just this season but on going, not that i am that bothered !

    Paul A


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