Big Sam moans about Spurs goal


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Blackburn Rovers manager Sam Allardyce complained that Tottenham’s first goal should not have been awarded.

Allardyce felt that Peter Crouch had fouled Ryan Nelsen before the striker headed in, but referee Peter Walton correctly let the goal stand.

Allardyce said: “It is a foul on Ryan Nelsen. He has wrestled him to the floor and thrown his arms around him. The referee is in a good position but doesn’t give it.

“We were also 90 seconds into injury-time and only one minute had been put up. So instead of being comfortable in the first half and coming in at 0-0 we have been let down by the referee once again.

“We do not like it when the referee messes up but there is little we can do about it.”

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  1. It must be those strong painkillers allardyce is taking after his op because he’s seen something no one else has. Beaten fair and square by the better team. Quit moaning.

  2. The number of times we’ve been robbed by a cheatin’ Sam A team is unbelievable. Defenders dragged down tripped up etc.. ok so it was Bolton under Sam A but hah I will have a drink tonight to celebrate the victory and it will taste all that much better knowing how bitter Sam feels.

  3. Come down to the touchline, Sam. I watched the game live and even ur players aren’t complaining. shut the gap and go cry at home. merry christmas.

  4. lol Big sam= Big lol, Nelson was backing into Crouch tryed to Get into hes Body and Prevent a Goal… But it dindt work… SAM ur A Big Joke …. Spurs fans know more than many others how to loose on a cheat….. go Home Sam..


  5. No foul. Big Sam would have castigated his forward if he hadn’t made any committment to head the ball and just allow the defender to head ball away with NO challenge! Thought Sam said this is a man’s game. Stop crying and get on with it.


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