Bitter Liverpool fans pinpoint linesman for ‘celebrating’ Tottenham penalty decision

Image: SpursWeb

In typical anti-Tottenham fashion, football fans have taken to social media to claim that the linesman who awarded Tottenham’s second penalty ‘celebrated’ the decision.

Trailing 2-1, Harry Kane was given the chance to atone when the linesman spotted Virgil van Dijk’s kick on Erik Lamela in the fourth minute of injury-time and the forward this time made no mistake, slotting low to Reds goalkeeper Loris Karius’ left as he joined the Premier League ‘100 club’ in dramatic fashion.

Some fans have claimed that the linesman fist-pumped the decision when the referee pointed to the spot after some consultation with the linesman who had flagged for the foul in the penalty area.

It’s ridiculous to think that he’s celebrating the decision. He’s had the balls to make a huge and correct call in a massively important game. He should be commended for his decision when he could have easily shirked his responsibility. What do you think?

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  1. Bit confused.

    In regard to the first penalty, the ref awarded it. The linesman appeared to be pointing out a previous foul. The ref still awarded the penalty. Since the linesman was pointing out something that could have prevented the penalty, if it was this same person, why would he then celebrate the 2nd one? In any event, such behaviour would mean the end of his career in this sphere. I doubt it happened.

  2. The linesman was pleased that his opinion and decision about the validity of the award for the penalty was correct and therefore he acknowledged it as such. A celebration for being vindicated.


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