A Mug’s Game Review: Blackburn 1-2 Spurs


Rafael van der Vaart - Tottenham Hotspur news

Sweaty faced murder of football, Steve Kean and his merry chicken eating cloggers played host to the mighty Spurs today, and of course we trounced them. Typical Spurs though, we tried our best to screw up an easy three pointer to the team languishing bottom of the table, seemingly desperate to smash Derby County’s relegation record.

NANA NANA NANANANA NA NA NA Rafa Van Der Vaart was the difference, scoring a brace. He can spit his dummy out all he likes; if he’s fit he’s playing. He’s like, way better than Tevez, yeah!? We smashed ‘em in the first 20 minutes, Kyle Walker set VDV up and he stroked it in. You beauty!

Redknapp’s totally back to the bare bones in defence. Blackburn went all route one on our arses. Jason Roberts was throwing his considerable weight about, the ref was blowin’ up all over the place. The Samba man was getting up as Blackburn’s main goal threat. They got their leveller via Formica, which sounds more like something I’d get installed in my kitchen rather than a footballer.

That was the first half. Man City just hammered Utd 6-1, so that makes us one goal better than Utd. Considering, we beat Rubin Kazan, who beat Barcalona, I think it’s safe to say that we are now the best team in the world, and we can prove it!

Second half, and ‘Arry’s obvs. gone nuts, and hidden the Oranges. We came out and went right for that second goal. Everyone’s gone forward and we’re just knocking it around the box. Blackburn we’re all like “what!?” VDV hanging just outside the box gets a lay off from Disco Benny, and then it’s all like, YEAH!!! Football two, Blackburn nil.

Blackburn kept on kicking lumps out of our boys. We’ve got to get nastier out there. When playing these cloggers we’ve got to just smash’em in the nuts, rather than getting moral about the situation. It winds me up! Steve Kean got me worried with his substitutions. The Yak came on and he looked hungry, or fat, It was hard to tell. Either way he was shit, and didn’t score, unlike versus the goons (twice!). You can make your own jokes about David Goodwillie.

Danny Rose came on for Lennon, so he got a chance to run about in attack. That was good, he didn’t do anything, but he didn’t mess up. With the exception of Utd, Spurs have the best young players in this league. Walker, Bale, Livermore, Sandro and Friedel they’re all leading us to the future.

We didn’t score again, but we didn’t really look like conceding in the last 10 minutes, so we won the game! 10 games unbeaten!!!! Scott Parker was our captain, and he held it down. MOTD for me was VDV because he scored, and no one else did.

Next game is QPR at home. We’ll smash’em. They nearly lost versus 9 man Chelsea, and their best player’s Adel Taarabt.

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  1. Couldnt sum it all up better..3 points all we want from each game and that’s what really matters..Hopefully soon noochassle will start playing difficult opposition and starting to slip down the table too..by the way we only let in 5 against man city and man utd let in 6 ,does that make us better than.man.utd too??

  2. Wake up, Iver! He's already done the "We're 1 goal better than Man U" line! And some!!
    Loved the report almost as much as the result. I live in Portugal, where football and humour don't exactly meet. In fact, anything and humour. So obrigado for the laughs & COYS!!!!!!!!!

  3. I thought we were shit today, although we defended well at times, some good blocks the but the equliser was looking likely whilst we sat back.

    Either we turned up half arsed or Blackburn are improving, I think the former personally.

    A win a win tho.

    job done.

  4. Good ariticle. Humerous, enjoyable read. Next Fixtures QPR (H), Fulham (A), Villa (H), West Brom (A), Bolton (H), Stoke (A), Sunderland (H). Possible 21 points in total. Dare I dream for 19 out of 21 points before the Chelski game on the 22nd Dec??????? That would take us to 35 points STILL with a game in hand !!!! You may say I am dreaming, but I wouldn't be Spurs fan if I dream occasionally!!!! Actually I do think this is a possibility. COYS…

  5. Its funny how no matter how good the striker is that plays with VDV they always end up looking like they can't score?
    That said 10 without losing… Rafa scoring two at a time …I like it.
    However I would like to see the same team that went against Liverpool … just once more to find out if it was a fluke … we played so well and so positively that one time.


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