Carrick putting his love for Spurs to one side for United clash


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Michael Carrick says his affection for Tottenham will come to an end on Saturday at Old Trafford.

The midfielder left Spurs for Manchester United in an £18.6million deal in July 2006 and has kept a close eye on the fortunes of his old club.

“Your emotions change from week-to-week depending on who is playing,” said Carrick.

“It is funny how the fixtures have come together. At the start of the season you could never have predicted the scenario that has unfolded.

“You are supporting one team one week and playing against them the next. That is the nature of the game.”

“Tottenham have been around that fourth spot all season,” he added.

“The squad they have assembled over a number of years is really top class.

“We are at the business end of the season now and you have to give them credit.

“They have put in some excellent performances after the disappointment of that FA semi-final defeat by Portsmouth.”

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  1. Very good player for Spurs, never made any fuss about getting a move and has never bad mouthed the club. We made good money on the transfer too. I have never had an issue with Michael Carrick.

  2. Yes he loves THFC like he did the Hammers
    and like he would MU if Barca offered good
    money for him.

    You could see it in his face when OneEye WEBB,
    the scion of refereeing impartiality (unless you
    are playing MU and esp if its at OT)
    gave him that absolute joke he called a "penalty"
    at OT.

    Where do they find this rubbish?

    Anyone making a bet on another sterling
    example of refereeing bias or apparent
    blindness in MU's favor this weekend at OT?

    I say blindness or bias, as incompetence
    by itself cannot explain the series of
    refereeing mistakes all made in MU's favor
    at OT.
    I would even check the tossup coin to examine
    its faces so trusting am I of the officials.

  3. Who Cares Carrick, you would be very lucky to feature on the bench in our current squad. We did get nice money though, just like that other spanner Barbatov

  4. What love? He was good player for us, dont get me wrong, and we made good money but talking about love for the club is just too much for me. He could be a legend at Spurs, but decide to be noone at OldTraford. Good luck Michael!

  5. LOVE……….Huh! Loads of rubbish Carrick. You jumped at the very first breath that MU wants you. Now you and Berba can warm the bench for the rest of the season cos both of you had fallen off the pecking order. Ha ha ha ha ha.


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