The case for Charlie Austin

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The usual supposed ITK sources have been busy again recently telling us that Spurs have either already made a bid or are likely to bid for Christian Benteke or Danny Ings. Of course this may amount to little more than speculation, but if we are to speculate I cannot understand why Charlie Austin would not be in the list, not least because I believe the fee would represent much better value than for the others. By the way, I am not knocking the abilities of Benteke or Ings, but I think there is a very strong case for Austin.

As we know, stats do not tell the whole the story, but I thought it might start a discussion if I kick-off (sorry) with the stats and maybe the other attributes could come out in comments.

To help the consideration, I have also put in our own Harry Kane as a benchmark. On another note, I really hope Harry and Hugo are going nowhere other than WHL!

OK, so here we go. The stats are for 2013-14 EPL, and I accept that could also be an issue, being a single season. If I use Harry Kane as a benchmark I cannot go back further than that because of the constraints I popped in. Again, if there are comments on earlier seasons these may help flesh this out further. Also, there may be off-field factors, some being as simple as where players prefer to live. I do not have any ITK stuff on this. The figure in brackets after appearances indicates the number of full games played. I have included no defensive statistics at all. None of them are sparkling in that area and that is not what I would want a striker to be doing.

  Kane Austin Benteke Ings
Age 21 25 24 23
Appearances 34 (22) 35 (32) 29 (23) 35 (24)
Goals 21 18 13 11
Goals to appearances 1 in 1.6 1 in 1.9 1 in 2.2 1 in 3
Shot accuracy 58% 67% 45% 43%
Chances created 27 23 33 35
Pass accuracy 75% 66% 67% 71%
Duel wins 40% 36% 49% 45%
Yellows / Reds 4 / 0 5 / 1 1 / 1 6 / 0

The figures for Austin are extremely good. We need a striker to add to Harry who scores a minimum of 1 in 2 games. Austin fits the bill. We need a striker who scores when he shoots (as much as that is possible). At a shot accuracy of 67% Austin is far superior in that regard to Benteke and Ings. If all a striker gives is in 1 in 2 and shot accuracy I can live with it. Fulfilling those two and being further down on pass accuracy and chance creation is fine by me. I think we had too many seasons where we suffered in the opposite direction and would say things like ‘Yes, X is not scoring, but is creating chances’. Let’s get someone to join Harry who also knows where the goal is!


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Brian has been a Spurs supporter from around 1960, so was there for the double, the FA Cup in 1962 and the European Cup Winners Cup in 1963. He admits to having cried when Spurs lost to Benfica in the 1962 European Cup Semi-final and to times when he could weep when watching Spurs for the past few years (but for very different reasons). Brian has been lucky enough to see greats such as Jimmy Greaves, Pat Jennings, Glenn Hoddle and Paul Gascoigne. During the 60s, 70s and 80s Spurs won at least one domestic trophy and one European trophy each decade (with those wonderful all white strip floodlit games). It has taken Brian more than 20 years to realise that may take a while to come back, but hope lives on.


  1. I agree that he would be the best choice to go for. The reason we don't seem to hear anything is that I am told that he will struggle to pass a medical – although I still think that is something we could take a risk on unless he is massively flawed.

    • He dislocated his shoulder a few years ago. I know he was happy living in Lancashire when playing for Burnley and that he is a Liverpool fan. A guy at works partner is Charlie’s Mrs best friend. He’d be a really good signing. Scored at every club and level he’s played at. Too often we go for foreign signings.

    • He failed the Hull medical in 2013 but seems to have been playing fine. Recently he was called up for England and was training with the squad, so presumably ok. Fingers crossed. Any idea why he failed the Hull medical?

  2. yeah and benteke came bk in oct from 7 months out ( takes time)- sorry but benteke blows all those . and will go to the very top!!

  3. must agree but maybe we don't want to aggravate harry with another star performer better I think with another front manwho can play wide and still get 15 goals a season this leaves ing but of course it seems he is on his way to Liverpool I think

    • I think Arry is enough of a competitor that if the team asked he would play with a broom handle up his arse so he could sweep up the field during games. You saw what happened when the league figured out the way to.slow him down was to quintuple cover him any time he crossed the center line. Put another threat next to him and let Eriksen do what he does best, whicb is set the table for others.

  4. Saido Berahino appears to be the subject of the latest transfer rumour. He has shot accuracy of 54%, which compares well with the others. His goals to games ratio is just less than 1 in 3, which is not as good as we would want. Howevere, he has played in a good partnership with Harry Kane in England Under 21 games. Berahino has scored 10 goals in 13 games at that level and was the England Under 21 player of the year in 2014. For me Austin remains the top player I would choose, but Berahino seems to be reasonable. £15 million is the asking price, the same as for Austin.


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