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It’s not the first time here on the Spurs Web that I have labelled AVB ‘tactically inept’ and doubt if it will be the last.

Why does the guy never learn his lessons?

In the Capital Cup against Norwich, he put out a team with No Recognised Striker. We lost the match and out of the cup we went.

Yesterday against Leeds in the FA Cup, he again put out a team with No Recognised Striker. Again, out of the cup we went.

Furthermore, what he said in the press conference after is nothing short of the utmost disrespect for THFC.

He said, regarding buying a striker that he would’nt, and that with the possibility of injuries and players at the African Nations Cup, his exact words were it was a ‘Risk we are willing to take’. This guy should NOT be taking ‘Risks’ with our Club, he should be strengthening it to make us into the club we need to be. His saying it is a ‘Risk we are willing to take’ is one of the most disgraceful things i have heard a manager of THFC ever make.

We are a great club with a proud history, yet this manager seems to have no idea of our history and passion of cup competition.

I said some time back that it was time AVB should go, this only makes my feelings even stronger.

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  1. You sir, are a class A idiot. It's a sad state of affairs that the internet, and this website in particular, provides a stage for opinions of clueless individuals such as yourself.

  2. I disagree. Fickle fans and impatient chairman are everything that is wrong with football these days. The board made the appointment of AVB with a view to the future and now need to back this decision and not panic at the first sight of trouble. We have a great new training ground to develop our own players and have shown some good signs of developing under AVB. There are bound to be some backward steps on the way to progress but constantly chopping and changing managers is the biggest mistake clubs make these days. It can take 3-4 transfer windows for a new manager to dispense with the last manager's players and shape his own squad – which is also extremely costly. In the good old days, managers would quite rightly get 2-3 seasons at least to cultivate their squad and impose their ideas, and this was before the limitations of the transfer windows. I agree that we desperately need another striker, but if AVB were to openly state that – it would drive the price up. This is basic economics.

  3. AVB has no idea. 1st, Dawson should have played in such an important match especially as our capt'.
    2nd, He must have been wrong to put Naughton at Rt Back because he changed it back to Walker far to late because Walcot needed his back up. 3rd, Huddlestone is either not fit or his injury has made him even slower than before, or he 's not bothered due to Holtby coming in soon. Parker is also still not quite fit and is getting older. 4th, The money we got for Modric and VanD V has not really been used. 5th How can you play without a Centre forward, the reserve who came on if any good, why have not seen him before etc etc.

  4. Tottally agree he has no sence of our history he is an incapable moron we clearly need a striker everyone can see it apart from this twat well when we lose out on cl football and he gets sacked he will realise the error of his ways

    • Sorry but are u sure you support spurs you tit? Avb is doing a great job so back him and the team or piss off and support somebody else!!

  5. I would like to forget yesterday and keep marching on in the league.I say this was a blessing in disguise. If we would have gone through or worse still drew, that means extra games and injuries are often in this game. One thing I know, we need a decent striker urgently. Maybee this is mad thinking, but just try Caulker up front. He is tall strong and has all the qualities of a striker exept maybee the quickness but that will come in time. Before Bale was used on the left I suggested in one of my mails to try him up on the left flank. About Caulker I just have a feeling. Good luck to all. All the best from Malta. Joe Mifsud.

  6. Levy may hold the purse strings but i dont see avb pushing for a striker listen to his comments after the LEEDS match ive been a season ticket holder for 10 years and this is another prat that needs to go ive seen many come and many go its part of the game im tottenham yesterday im tottenham today and ill be tottenham tommorow yidarmy

  7. AVB has probably given DL a list , DL will probably have his own list. AVB tactically inept lol ,this man delivered our first win at OT in 20 something years with spot on tactics and we are sat in a good position in the league .His interview after the game can not be taken seriously , instead of our previous manager spouting off that we wanted to sign everyone we now have a manager that says literally noting in fact says we will sign no one , why ?well maybe so we dont all get our hopes up then get out of our prams when we dont get messi or ronaldo .opinion on AVB will be divided for sure , but to spout the kind of poison you are is actually a disgrace to our club

  8. I would suggest that shouting off that you need a striker will just add 50% to the value and make clubs think they demand a higher fee.
    As for the Leeds game lets be honest we only have 1 x striker available who looks like he is injured. So what does he do ? He tries to play Dempsey up there who has been scoring more than the main striker recently.

    It was a poor performance all round. We should still have been good enough to be them with Defoe or Ade. And the players should take that responsibility

    I agree that we need a decent striker and a midfielder who can unlock defences. Unfortuately they are the most expensive players. Doesn't mean AVB doesn't want them though !

    I challenge you to convince Levy !

  9. I haven't read such a pile of uneducated b*ll*cks for while. Much as it pains, cup upsets happen under ALL managers. SAF, Cloughie, Paisley and our beloved Nicholson have all suffered a giant killing. Hate it when its Spurs, but love it as a football fan. Rather that than Barca Vs Real copa del rey, smashing everyone on route to final.

  10. ha twat

    he can only work with the tools hes been given. if he fielded defoe and he got injured what then? we play norwich on wednesday thats way more important

  11. Your a fucking mug. Help if the board backed him with more than 1 out and out striker, who is now injured. One bad result and you turn into the fickle sort of fan that gives the rest of us a bad name

  12. The players we had out should have beaten leeds – It was the playes who thoght this old be too easy and played accordingly – DL holds the purse not AVB – seriously as a Tottenham fan this is something you should know – his comments reflect the fact that he has to work with what he is provided Yes we need a WClass striker – yes we need a WClass centre half Yes we need a ball player in midfield as cover (But the attitde yesterday was slow and painful to watch- ouch) – Yesterday only highlighted that we have around 7 players ion our squad that are not good enough for the next level – I am hoping we start to sell fast then the issue to pchasewill be foremost.

  13. i despair. can't you go and 'support' someone else and make their fans looks like tits insread of attaching yourselves to Spurs? Pointless trolling article.

  14. We can not sack AVB if he does not make cl because that was never expected this season we already over achieving. And there is no point buying a striker we don’t want just for half a season unless it is a loan anyway. We need to take our time to ensure we get the players we want very smart from AVB. Also all you spurs fans need to relise we need our manager to be with us for many many years if we are to become a sucssesful club not chopping and changing all the time.

  15. clear you have no idea about the situation at Spurs and you have no idea about football in general. To say that his comment about not being worried about bringing in a striker is "one of the most disgraceful things i have heard a manager of THFC ever make" smacks of stupidity to the highest degree. If AVB were to openly say that he is desperate to bring in a striker (which we clearly are) then it would drive up the price.

  16. Absolutely right Cheeky. Maybe not on that AVB should go just yet, but you are 100% RIGHT that he should not say he is willing to take risks with our club.

  17. Without doubt the most refreshing article for a long time. The idots that have a go at CheekyCockney are in fact the idiots themselves. It's great that someone like Cheeky stands up for what most of the true supporters really think but are too scared to say it. You are Right of course in everything you say. Keep up the good work. Dan

  18. Well done Cheeky for bringing this matter to a head. How can a manager say they are willing to take Risks with our beloved club. We are Tottenham Hotspur, not a Sunday morning pub team. Yes you can take risks with a pub team or Saturday afternnon amateur team, but it is disgusting that a manager of a great club like Tottenham is prepared to take such huge risks. We could end up not winning anything and not finishing in the top 4 with such risks. Then we will be back to square one, no-one will want to join us and then what for next season. AVB has been very lucky so far, but maybe his luck might run out. Keep up the great work Cheeky for the sake of all the Genuine Supporters.

  19. What an idiot you must be, you know nothing about being a fan of Spurs, your just one of the fickle mob which start throwing there toys out the pram when we lose, start acting like a fan and get behind us not acting like a true dick head!

  20. I am absolutely disgusted with some of the remarks made towards CheekyCockney. To all the prats who are having a go at him, you are not true supporters. What he says about AVB is all true. To all you idiots having a go, if you want our club going downhill, then shame on you all. Those having a go are basically saying you are happy we are out of both cups, happy we dont want to sign a striker, happy that our manager is taking huge risks with our club. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. We need people like Cheeky to speak for the majority of supporters who agree with him. The rest of you should go and support another club. You are not true Tottenham supporters. It is people like Cheeky who are the bred and butter of our clubs fantastic and genuine support. I am sure like me all he wants is the best for our club (unlike most of the prats leaving messages on this subject) and he believes the best will be without AVB. Cheeky is entitled to his opinion. Mark his words at the end of the season, and then make a judgement.

  21. Great article Cheeky. Take no notice of the tossers who rant at you, most of them have'nt got a brain cell between them, as proved by their lack constructive argument. You are fantastic for this site, you speak as you find and say it as it is. Opinion will always be divided, but you will always have my support for having the guts to tell it as it is. Continue with all your great work on the site. Cant wait for your next blog.

  22. I bet most of the supporters that support Cheeky are Armchair supporters……..when you have spent your hard earned money on a season ticket then maybe you have the right to be a fickle prick and start shouting for AVB's head when he has taken us to fourth in the league!!!

  23. Really superb article and one hundred per cent right. The manager should not take 'huge risks' and it needs to be said, so well done to Cheeky for having the guts to say what most of us think. I agree with a couple of the others when they say dont worry about the tossers leaving bad comments, they should be supporting Arsenal – in fact they probably do. Just make sure Cheeky that you keep telling it as it is.


    I realised this would be an emotive issue and as i have pointed out in all my blogs – everything I write is only my own PERSONAL view. I am not saying i am right or wrong, but it is a shame that people who disagree cant give Constructive Criticism rather than just total rudeness.

    As people who read all my articles know, i was never in favour of AVB taking over and so far he has still yet to convince me. However, i would like to make it perfectly clear that all i want is what is best for our Club and i really do hope that AVB proves me 'Wrong'. If he does and we finish 4th (or higher) or win the UEFA League i will be the 1st to stand up and be counted and admit as a man that i am wrong. However, if we win nothing and don’t finish in the ‘Top 4’, then perhaps those who have castigated me should take a good long look at themselves.

    Lets all hope i am totally wrong – I am sure we all want Spurs to win things.

    By CheekyCockney

  25. Firstly we didn't lose the Norwich game because we had no striker, we lost because we tried to defend a lead inside our own box.

    Secondly you don't understand business do you. What would you like him to say "yes we are desperate for a striker, add £10 million to his price and we'll happily be held to ransom."

    Grow up or shut up.


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