Conflicting reports suggest Alderweireld may still be a Spurs player come Tuesday

Image: SpursWeb

Manchester United are prioritising a move for Leicester City’s Harry Maguire over Toby Alderweirld, according to Sky Sports.

Earlier today, The Daily Mirror had claimed that a £60million transfer fee had been agreed between United and Tottenham, with a deal set to be confirmed by Monday.  

However, Sky believes that Jose Mourinho has earmarked Maguire as his primary transfer target and Alderweireld is only considered as a back-up option, along with Barcelona’s Yerry Mina.

The report suggests that United will lodge a bid for the England international ahead of the closure of the summer transfer window which ends at 5pm on Thursday.

Hopefully, this news has more accuracy in it than the Mirror report and by some miracle we can hold onto Alderweireld.

The thought of going into the season, playing in both the Premier League and Champions League with just Jan Vertonghen and Davinson Sanchez as established central defenders scares me.  

Yes, we have Juan Foyth, along with Eric Dier who can fill in, but the stark reality is that defenders of Alderweireld’s quality don’t come along often.  We should be moving heaven and earth to keep him at the club.

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    • I totally agree with that, otherwise we become a feeder club for United. Can see Poch going there as well if Mourihino leaves or gets the sack, couldn’t blame him neither as I`m sure he wont look forward to the same debacle again in the next transfer window

  1. MarineHo is totally unreasonable in not allowing Martial to go to Spurs as it would “help” another PL team but expecting Spurs to let Toby go to Manure. I’m not convinced that Martial is for us anyway. But, I sure hope that DL will NOT let Toby go to Manure for less money and get nobody in return. I sure as hell don’t want MarineHo to let his head get any bigger than it already is.

  2. There’s one statistic that really highlights the importance of Toby. 26 conceded goals in 16/17 vs. 36 conceded goals in 17/18. I don’t think that Levy understands how important a title this year would be for the squad. Players like Eriksen, Alli and Kane won’t wait forever and with Alderweireld the chances of winning a title are so much higher. Let him leave on a free transfer or 25 million in 19/20. Levy made a huge mistake with selling Walker last summer and now he’s about to make the same mistake again. I just don’t understand it.

  3. I agree Drew. I have long advocated keeping Toby using the option year. Give him more money. One story I read (true or not…who knows?) was that Toby’s father had agreed with the club on 130K/week then changed their mind and insisted on 180K/week. If true…talk about bad faith negotiating.

    Other clubs might not want Toby after his contract winds down (age wise) and it gives Spurs more time to get a good contract in place with Toby. I suspect that most (all?) fans would want Toby to stay.

  4. I agree we should try to keep Toby and get him to sign a new deal. If he won’t sign we should just keep him and let him go for £25m later, it would be worth the loss.

    We should ho back to playing a back 3, and Dier should move back into midfield. Let Foyth/Carter-Vickers/etc rotate one of those back-3 spots every now n then whenever we need to rest players for bigger matches, or for early cup games. We need to start using the whole squad and not in fully-changed sides but with the established players so that they get a feel of how they need to be playing when called upon.

  5. Swap Toby and rose for martial and shaw. Drop 30mill on Barca for yerry Mina and 30mill on villa for grealish. Now that would be a great window and only 60 mill net spend. Surely that’s possible- no?

  6. Maybe Christophe.

    However, with LML (Last Minute Levy) it’s probably not going to happen. I would be surprised if Mina would be let go for 30M. From reports I have read about Grealish and Villa…I suspect that they want more than that. Levy sure doesn’t like overpaying. On top of that, MarineHo has repeatedly stated (while wanting Toby) that he doesn’t want to improve another PL side. So, MarineHo can go take a long walk off a short pier IMHO.

    I would NOT be surprised if we signed nobody. If you look at the new stadium build and reason that there are 3700 workers there daily supposedly and assume 15GBP per hour average (maybe low?) then the daily wage bill for an 8 hour day is * * 15 * 3700 = 444,000 GBP per day. Supposedly, there are requests out for double shifts and 12 hour days. Maybe the stadium is running later than expected? The first game is in 22 days and the pitch is still being prepped. They are putting down what looks like some sort of plastic block over the dirt and sand now and still have about 75-80% of that still to do starting tomorrow. Then, I assume that the grass will get rolled out (it come on big rolls usually). So, cutting it a bit fine for the first game in 22 days?

  7. Given a choice between making 1 major signing or keeping Toby I would definitely vote for retaining our central defender … quite what he did wrong last season to loose his place after coming back from injury god only knows!!

  8. I agree with you Steve. The suspicion as to what Toby did wrong was with contract negotiations. I read (who knows whether it is true or not) is that an agreement between club and Toby’s father was at 130K/week. Then his father came back with a demand for $180K/week.


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