Corluka’s £36,000 giveaway to waiter


Vedran Corluka

 Vedran Corluka surprised a nightclub waiter by swapping his £36,000 watch for one worth £150 Seiko.

The Totteham right-back was at Whisky Mist along with his diamond-encrusted Hublot watch on his wrist when the waiter complimented the Croatian on his choice of timepiece.

A source at the club said: “Charlie took it off and handed it to him. Then he spotted the waiter’s watch and said he liked it. He said, ‘Let’s swap’. The waiter thought he was joking.Charlie’s a lovely bloke and always polite.”

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  1. This means one thing, they have got no fucking sense about money, like you wanna give 36 grand away then give it to some poor family with holes in their còlothes. Or the starving.

  2. Or……….Big G………It means..more likely in this case…as Corluka is clearly in the modric mould and a humble man.. thought he would give the waiter a pressie!!.. i think ure just jealous!!.. fair play to ya vedran!

  3. Get bent big g, how on earth an act like this can be criticised is beyond me. He changed that waiter's life, I doubt he was poor or starving, but I bet £36,000 would be a deposit on his house. It's still an act of generosity, but just because he doesn't cure world hunger he's slammed for it. You ever left a tip in a restaurant? It's the same principle, only diluted 10,000 times. Say you leave a £5 tip for a waitress, how would you feel if someone came up to you and said "why the f**k did you do that? You know people are starving in Africa and you've just given someone with a steady wage an extra £5, you idiot, you have no clue about money."

  4. That 36k could change his life but he would probably keep it to show off and tell the story. Charlie is a top man!


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