Danny Mills launches bold accusation against Mauricio Pochettino’s comments

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
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Former Premier League defender Danny Mills has claimed that Mauricio Pochettino may have been trying to cover his back with his recent outburst.

Pochettino suggested that Tottenham should look to change his job title from manager to coach after repeating his claim that he has no influence on the club’s transfer activity (Eurosport).

Mills, who now works as a football pundit believes that there could have been an underlying motive for why Pochettino decided to turn the focus away from himself and suggested that the Argentine did so to shield himself from any criticism should Spurs fail to live up to expectations this season.

Tottenham have so far recruited Jack Clarke from Leeds United, with the youngster returning to Elland Road on loan for the season and also broke the club’s transfer record with the arrival of Tanguy Ndombele.  However, there have been no other arrivals to the North London club.

Mills told Football Insider: “It just seems very odd that it’s come out now when we’ve got a week to go in the transfer window. He’s known this for quite some time. Why make a big, bold statement which effectively rocks the boat now?

“Is this to push a couple of deals over the line or is this a sort of excuse to say: ‘I wanted these players. You don’t give me what I want when I do everything possible.’ He’s come out with a very strong statement which, let’s be honest, only confirms what we all believed.

“To come out and say that against your club, your employer, is that a little bit to pave the way if things don’t go to plan – these were not my targets, this is not where I wanted to be? Is it part of a get-out clause in case things don’t go well and he needs to get away?”

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  1. Levy is leaving the club in a desperate situation with only few days to go. Potch is right to say he is not responsible… Levy is.. and will not pay the going rate but charge the going rate when selling players to other clubs. Potch asked for a new approach, to be brave, but has been ignored.why should he be responsible for Levys failings regarding recruitment.

    Here we are again.. A few days to go and we are linked with many players who we won’t pay the going rate. All too familiar..

    We also need to keep eriksen, rise and alderweld as our squad is thin..

    Effectively we sold trippier and bought in dembeles replacement.. Eventually.. Therefore we are still short of quality squad players…

    ENIC and Levy will be totally responsible for the failings of this window as the previous two and Potch will surely call it a day.

    Spurs need to be winning trophies now, top 4 is just not good enough.

  2. Any thing a habitual Tottenham hating gutter pundit says should be irrelevant to true Tottenham supporters, every true supporter and his dog knows that what Poch said was a dig at the media and not the club.

  3. Mills was a mediocre player and a poor pundit with no apparent insight……he just seems to make statements with no substance !! Has anyone ever considered that Poch’s outburst was frustration with the fact he had just been asked, and answered, that same question three times in the same press conference !!!

  4. Danny who!!!!
    Must be a cricket commentator trying get on the football pundit bandwaggon
    With crap comments like this he should not give up his day job


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