“I’m not aware of any agreement with David”


David Beckham - Tottenham Hotspur Football News

Harry Redknapp has insisted that there is no agreement between Tottenham Hotspur and David Beckham.

Speculation suggests Beckham could return to the Premier League for a loan stint at Spurs during the MLS off-season.

The veteran midfielder recently revealed staying in California would be the better option for his family but he is yet to sign an extension in Los Angeles.

He said: “I’m not aware of any agreement with David. I’ve always had the utmost admiration for him as a player and he’s a fantastic role model.

“I wouldn’t rule anything in or out. The biggest problem is accommodating him in the side because I have an abundance of riches in midfield.”

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  1. If Beckham was as good as his publicist, he would have won the World Cup for us. Twice.
    All the speculation is coming from team Beckham. We have no interest in him but when asked, Harry just gives an honest answer and that perpetuates the story. Deny the story or agree with it, it keeps Becks in the news which is all he wants.
    I just wish he would fudge off and stick to myth-making (world-class, right…) in LA.

  2. It's a win-win situation if Becks puts on a Spurs jersey on the cheap. It's not home coming nostalgia. No way. An England inclusion will give him his final hurray for his marketing push. That Arry is favoured to succeed Cappello will enhance that chance for Becks.

    Tottenham will gain for sure. If he's good enough, then start him for 60-70 minutes. We have problem at the right midfield with Lennon regressing and VDV certainly not a fit for that position. Becks would never have let Song waltz into the box last week. If not, use him as sub. He will be willing to come in for chicken feed money.

    The thing is, David Beckham still sells around the world. I had lived in Sydney, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, San Francisco and New York. MU, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool are still the big 4 outside UK. It pissed me off when Tottenham was the Big 4 last season, they still showed the Liverpool TV in Asia. Money from overseas, merchandise & TV revenue will more than cover several more big signings. To reach the global market, Spurs will be wise to grab Becks.

  3. Terrific Role model=you must be joking Aitch!!!!!! Hes gotta fuckin moron for a wife silly names for his kids and WASN'T A great player. Glenn Hoddle was ten times fuckin Beckham=wanker


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