Davids hoping Spurs can qualify for Champions League


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Edgar Davids is hoping that Tottenham Hotspur can hold onto fourth spot and qualify for the Champions League.

After a fantastic start to the Premier League campaign, Tottenham are the closest they’ve been to Champions League football since when Davids was part of the squad in 2006 in the famous ‘lasagne-gate’ incident.

Davids said: “We are always rooting for that and I hope for them that they finally get the fourth spot.

“I think it’s going to be a hard and long run and will be decided in the final games. I just hope that it isn’t the last game, like when I was there.

“They started very well but it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon and we’ll have to see what they do in the second half of the season.

“I was back at the training ground recently and Harry was really relaxed and very nice. He didn’t invite me back but when I am in London I go back to say hi to the boys and check up on them.”

He added: “I remember the West Ham game. I liked that whole time there and I don’t see a loss, just because we finished fifth.

“When they signed me they had one objective – European football. I delivered. They said European football and didn’t even dream of Champions League but when you get close you want to take it on. It was the first time they qualified for Europe in years.”

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  1. The word “gate” is added to any events that have suspicious nature. Thus you can have the 7minutegate for the ManU/ManC game & the Henrigate (not sure if Enrique Iglasias would like that) for the France/Ireland game.


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