“I have a deal with Tottenham Hotspur”


Giovani Dos Santos

Giovani Dos Santos could be on his way out of Tottenham Hotspur before the transfer window closes on Monday.

The Mexican’s next destination looks set to be the Ukraine where he will link up with former Spurs boss Juande Ramos at FC Dnipro.

FC Dnipro chairman Andrei Stetsenko said: “Mexican international Giovani Dos Santos will join FC Dnipro soon. I have a deal with Tottenham Hotspur officials and the player”.

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  1. Hopefully this won’t be a permanent deal. I still think he has a lot to offer and is still young. Hopefully someone can get him firing on all cylinders again and Harry will give him a chance…

  2. He has nothing to offer, we have tried him on numerous occasions, and he has always failed. We have VDV in that position, Lennon, Bale, and now Pienaar, all players that offer so much more variety. Get rid of and take the money.

    • You don't know anything about how Harry Redknapp has misused (or not used) Gio. He has constantly shown growth and improved skill given a proper chance. He had been brilliant at the World Cup and was becoming his own at Tottenham during the preseason, but as usually Harry forgets his players and mismanages. Harry is nothing but mediocre. VDV can't be compared to Gio. They are very different players. Given a proper chance and playing time no doubt Gio could have shined brighter than Lennon or Bale and Pienaar combined. What a shame he was never given a chance. I hope he shines at Dnipro and finds his way back to the PL so he can show Harry what he missed out on. I used to be a Spurs fan but this situation has made me sick to my stomach… especially since Harry promised Gio a bigger role this year in order to get him to shy away offers from Genoa, Sevilla and Milan. Do your homework yas before you make such idiotic comments.

      • 'I used to be a spurs fan' haha! With that comment alone you have just lost any credibility… You have absolutely no idea what Dos Santos is like in the dressing room or at training. Granted he has natural talent, bags of it! but if he isnt willing to work for his place then why the hell should harry give him a chance? The reason Bale has succeeded is because of the outrageous amount of effort and hard work he puts in… He doesnt drink or go out clubbing – quite the opposite of Dos Santos so I hear… so I put it to you – ' Do your homework before you make such idiotic comments.

        • Maybe I waited too long to respond… but I wanted to give Gio ample time to prove everyone wrong. First, yes, "I used to be a spurs fan" because they had faith in Gio in the beginning and I don't like how Redknapp handled him. (Sometimes you can be a fan of a team when you are a fan of a certain player) 2nd, you don't know how Gio was like in the dressing room or training either unless you're part of the team, of which I doubt very much. 3rd, let me remind you that Crouch hasn't done anything for the team and don't forget that your beloved Van der Vaart was in that same photo with Gio drinking it up…. Look at what Gio has done with a mid-level team in La Primera. Racing has looked like a different team with his leadership which you say he lacks…. Do your homework before you call anyone an idiot you f%%$^ moron!

    • Yeah right! Gio has nothing to offer as he has never given decent opportunity to prove himself. He will on ly be given the chance if he is a 6 foot 7 useless cunt, have played for Liverpool and Portsmouth. The last time I heard, idiot Harry ditched Sandra for Crouchie. Can anyone confirm???

  3. Nothing to offer? U got to be kidding! One of the best players during the world cup. We just never played him in the proper positions. We never gave him 90mins. What can i say, if Harry doesn't like, u better leave for your own good. His love of his life is Crouch and thats why we r forced to put up with it!

  4. how long as he been with us ?, all this talk of potential well potential does not win games. why we did not sell him after the world cup is a mystery to me maybe there were no offers, he has never impressed me even at the world cup, it's time to get rid of the dead wood & give a chance to the kids.

  5. @ yas you obviously know nothing about the player. He hasn’t been given a chance since Harry got to Spurs. Gio is better than Pienaar, and Lennon. Signing VDV really killed his chances, but he just hasn’t even had the chance to even come on from the bench since then. I’ll be happy to see him go somewhere else and become a star so Harry can eat crow.

  6. @Spurs39, Like so many Spurs fans you are still dreaming about his youtube clips from his Barcelona days, fact is he has only really impressed for us in pre-season and that is because nobody likes to put a tackle in. He is far too lightweight, he is the type of player who gets kicked once and then disappears for the rest of the game. He turned up at Spurs with a massive ego, believing he was the next big thing and as a result his attitude towards training was shambolic. He was given far more opportunities than in my opinion the far more talented Taarabt. Good rids I say!!!!

  7. Giovanni Dos Santos will turn out to be one of the top 5 strikers in the world. Spurs have failed to utilize this amazing talent in the right position. Playing Dos Santos on the Right Midfield is not ideal as he would flourish up front with a top striker like Llorente or Eto who will both be signing.

    Loan Dos Santos to Dnipro by all means, but please Levy do not let this amazing talent go. We have seen Bent sold under 25, Defoe who we later signed back, Taarabt who will come back to bite us on the bottom, and now the amazing Dos Santos who will break our hearts I promise you.

    The Holy

  8. still a immature kid getting a mans money.according to reports has been seen leaving nightclubs well and truly pi–sed.if hes such a great talent look who may buy him.

  9. poor ol gio..he wont be the last decent lad to get shafted by the hapless harry! In the meantime Arry will laud players like dawson who are really quite shite! eeeyorrr

  10. The one thing Harry has not got the knack of doing is running a team with lads of opstions and keep them all fresh and Happy. If our squad where flowers half of them would have wilted by now with no water. We need to buy Carroll because Commoli his trying to buy him buy bidding 30 Million.

  11. I’m peev’d off with this sending Dos Santos everywhere. Why not play him up front on the left. Good luck Santos at least u will win something unlike tottenham.

    4-0 TO Fulham nonsense. Tottenham tryin to move to stratford nonsense. Have not bought no goal keeper or a striker nonsense. Just a greedy money making club with no ambition. It’s a Case of Sir ra, Sir ra, what will be will be, but don’t waste my time askin for support. The players, the manager and the club make money win or lose.

  12. I’m getting peev’d off with the sending Dos Santos everywhere. He should be play’d upfront on the left it’s not hard too tell that’s where to play him. But, good luck Santos you will probably go on to win something unlike spurs. Punished by Fulham 4-0 what nonsense, trying to move to stratford more nonsense and haven’t brought a goal keeper or striker yeah nonsense. I mean the Players, Manager and club still get paid win or lose. But don’t ask the fans to show support when clearly Tottenham are a greedy money making club with no ambition for winning nothing. Money is not everything, but when they sell Bale and look to replace him, who’s going to come to Tottenham when there’s no one there. How many players have already said no to Tottenham.

  13. Never mind Gio, get rid of that piece of shit crouch, as for Redknapp stating he offers us somethibg else well I am still waiting to see it. He obviously has something on the boss man

  14. Tottenham,you are a disgrace.defoe and Crouch havn't been hitting the net as often as expected,then you buy Pienaar,who i believe isn't good enough to fit into Broxbourne Borough football team. why the hell did we not buy a proven goalscorer ,at the moment Mr Defoe would find it hard to score in a brothel. Does anyone remember ( Ian Moores).


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