Dejan Lovren of all people tries to mock Harry Kane

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

The Harry Kane ‘claim’ jokes have become more than tiresome after he was awarded a goal against Stoke City, now Liverpool defender Dejan Lovren has tried to get in on the act.

Lovren, who was substituted after just 32 minutes earlier this season in a shambolic display when Harry Kane tore him apart during the 4-1 victory against Jurgen Klopp’s side, had the audacity to refer to Kane as ‘Mr Touch’ on Instagram in response to a post by Mo Salah who thanked people for voting for him as he was awarded the Football Writers’ Player of the Year.

Salah asked Lovren whether he had voted for him, to which Lovren replied: “Mr vote went to Mr. ‘Touch’.  I am joking brate, u know already my answer.”

Lovren can keep running his mouth all he wants, but we all know he will continue to be the weak link in any defence.  He is stealing a living as a footballer.


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  1. I honestly didn’t care about the golden boot, but I have to say I would love it if Kane nicked it by 1 goal ahead of Salah now.
    The scouse meltdown would be epic.

  2. Spurs so disappointing especially against United. Forever failing at the last hurdle. Lorens been in more finals than any of those spurs bottlers. FACT.

  3. Absolutely hilarious that Lovren of all people would say something, considering he was completely pwned by Kane earlier in the season. Lovren reminds me of Szezny at Arsenal who always said anti-spurs things to try and get fans to like him, since he was too awful of a player to earn praise through his performances.
    Harry is a strong character and really doesn’t care what people say. He’s objectively a perfect role model both as a professional footballer and as a person.

  4. 3 Games left till end of season Harry Kane can be quite explosive this time of year ask Leicester/Hull Salah would be better keeping his gob shut until season finishes or this could be embarrassing for him and Liverpool I suggest they look at the league for all there crap they can be put into 4th place.

  5. We really need to finish 3rd regardless of the Kane/Salah battle because all Liverpool’s stupid tweets will mean nothing! Football is a team game and Tottenham finishing above them will mean and hurt alot more! What’s the point in Salah scoring the most goals if his team finish below Kane,s team? It will just be a personal achievement and mean nothing to Liverpool as a team


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