Dier has cost Spurs the game’ – Premier League legend slams player


Match of the Day pundit Alan Shearer launched a scathing attack on Tottenham’s defending in the build up to Manchester United’s goal in the 1-0 defeat at Old Trafford.

The former Newcastle United and England striker signed out Eric Dier for criticism and claimed that the Spurs player cost his side the game.

Is Shearer being too harsh with his view on Dier? Minutes earlier Dele Alli had the perfect opportunity to put Tottenham ahead but failed to make a good connection with the ball and saw his attempt go wide of David De Gea’s post.

Shearer also questioned Mauricio Pochettino’s decision to rest some of his players during the League Cup defeat to West Ham United – a trophy which he felt was Tottenham’s best chance of silverware this season.

“Spurs were all over the place,” Shearer told the BBC. “They’re all out of position. They needed to be five yards inside to mark their men.

“They didn’t smell the danger. Eric Dier has got to cover. He has got to expect the danger.

“He’s too weak [during the move]. He’s cost them the game.

“I thought they missed a trick in the week [by resting players in the 3-2 home defeat by West Ham] as the League Cup was their best chance of a trophy.”

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  1. For once I agree with ALAN Shearer, Dier is too weak, he is running shoulder to shoulder with Martial, but he’s easily shrugged off, doesn’t use his strength to force him wide ! I keep saying it, & I’ll say it again Dier is only a very everage player, Spurs should sell him in January, & buy a decent holding replacement.

  2. Sanchez should have played instead of Dier at central defence…why poch left out Sanchez in both west ham and man u games ?

    This is not the first time Dier has cost us the match when fielded as central defender.

  3. I’m more disappointed at the fact our team/management seems more concerned about the following game than the present game,

    Take West Ham game, team selection had Man Utd in mind; Man Utd team selection had Real Madrid in mind, so what,

    Play your strongest at all times, now after West Ham now Man U defeat we will lose to real m so 3 defeats in a row, is that what you spurs management had in mind?????!!!!!

    Should of smashed West Ham then focus on parking the bus at old Trafford, I’m sick and fed up losing at these same top sides home grounds, never get a point from Chelsea or Man Utd, always stuffed v Liverpool, gooners some joy, Man City seem to be invincible at moment

    Change the attitude away from home v top sides, mourino got slammed for the nil nil at Liverpool, I’d love that performance to get a point,

  4. Dele Alli and Dier should both be sold.

    Neither of them are good enough.

    Alli is way over hyped, but in reality is quite limited in what he can do. He constantly dawdles on the ball and slows down the play, often losing possession in the process.

  5. We went for the winner and lost with poor cover as we did against Chelsea.

    What has Sangez done to deserve being dropped.

    He is young and been solid with Aldeverald and Vertoghen

    Easy to say after the game but Dembele made a big difference would love to see him get in the box and score a few

  6. Totally agreed with Shearer. Dier was crap and cannot understand how he is ahead of Davinson who had been playing well in a back 3. Dier was poor in his positioning and decision making and too slow in making and keeping out danger. A liability in the defense!

  7. Pochetino lost spurs the game, because when Kane had scored 2 goals against Liverpool & Spurs were winning

    4-1 he should have taken Kane off instead of risking him getting injured as happened.

    Bad management. Who knows how many more games this will cost us.

  8. Mistakes do happen Dele and Dier just need to mature a bit in football and selling them is not a good idea because we will never find another alli HE IS JUST GREAT

  9. What a bunch of miserable wankers…..West Ham league cup…who fuckin cares…and Man Utd have spent half a billion on players…we are number 3 in the worlds hardest league…su piss u plastic cunts.


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