FA risk Kane fury with insulting Tweet aimed at Spurs star

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

The Football Association have taken the strange view of mocking Harry Kane following Tottenham Hotspur’s FA Cup semi-final defeat to Manchester United.

The England international was the at centre of a Tweet from the FA’s official FA Cup Twitter account where United defender Chris Smalling is being asked: “What’s that in your pocket, Chris?”

There is a video then of Smalling saying ‘Harry Kane’ from a previous interview where he mentions his England colleague’s name, after Kane failed to make an impact in the match at Wembley.

It is absolutely bizarre for the FA to allow this to happen, especially when Kane is the poster boy of English football ahead of the World Cup in Russia this summer.

Kane recently returned to action following an ankle injury sustained at Bournemouth, with some questioning whether he is actually fully fit.

The Spurs striker is five goals behind Liverpool’s Mo Salah in the race for the golden boot, with four Premier League fixtures still to play for Kane to try and catch the Egyptian.

What do you make of the Tweet? Is it just banter?

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  1. It’s ok Harry can always fein a recurrance of his injury after season finishes and leave Sothgate with a big gap to fill plus give the finger to FA for their lovely banter….

  2. This golden boot crap has got to stop. Harry’s not firing that’s for sure,so bring on a team that can .
    Lord sugars right Chelsea smell blood now ,so spurs have to find a Steven Gerrard / Roy Keene mentality and drag themselves across the line . Man up ! Starting with Watford.

  3. It seems to me that in today’s climate anybody can say anything about anyone. I was always taught that also….but it was stressed that there are possible consequences for what you say.

    The whole outpouring about Harry claiming “that” goal is a huge farce. It wasn’t too funny in the first place and certainly is far far funny in it’s entirety.

    The FA should be ashamed of themselves for encouraging and continuing this whole stupidity.

  4. if spurs beat Watford ,they can forget about Saturdays match with Man Utd and show Chelsea that’s it’s not over by a long chalk.

  5. He should say he has an Irish Passport in his pocket, have a nice rest before the pre-season tour, then prepare himself for an amazing season in the new stadium. Why put yourself in the firing line for a media onslaught for another mediocre England showing at the World Cup for an organisation that kicks you when you are down and doesn’t respect you?

  6. Last game 89 minutes go down Harry…..start fresh next season for Spurs….I personally couldnt give a flying f…k about the Russian world cup…better still Let PM have the last bit of banter with the FA

  7. I imagine that some knob-head at the FA is preparing for a tense interview tomorrow: I bet he works in the media department and has a degree in archaeology.
    He won’t, but Kane should demand an apology.


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