“I met Tottenham chairman Levy last year”


Real Madrid president Florentino Perez says he would regard signing Gareth Bale as “an investment”.

Yet again it’s another set of disrespectful quotes from the Madrid head honcho who is trying to unsettle Gareth Bale. Perez has claimed he spoke to Levy last year and reiterated that Real would be interested in bringing Bale to Madrid.

How much longer can this go on before Tottenham at least either release a statement on Bale’s future or tie him to a new deal? Speculation has claimed that Real are willing to offer Spurs more than the £80million for Bale.

“He’s one of the big players out there in Europe and Real Madrid always likes big players,” Perez told Punto Pelota.

“I met Tottenham chairman Levy last year and he has an obligation to defend their interests.

“Regarding the figures spoken about Bale, players are neither cheap nor expensive, but an investment. Most expensive players are those that can be classified as an investment because, if they are very good, they produce a return.”

Come on Levy, sort it out. We should be worrying about signing a striker, not fearing the loss of Bale.

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  1. When I read about Perez boasting that he met with Levy last year, it made me chuckle. How is that news? We all know they met last year to agree terms on Modric. Perez is doing his usual bit of sucking up to the fans pre-election. He wants it to look to the RM fans like they've already discussed a possible Bale transfer – No chance!!

  2. Stop looking on the internet and listening to Talkshite and you will stop worrying. Perhaps a girlfriend would help?

  3. RM are making me hate them withh all this stupid approaches about bale, but I won’t blame them because levy is making matters worse by keeping mute over the issue.

  4. As an avid Tottenham fan I’m worried. Tottenham is a business an not a millionaires play thing an levy is a business man.. An Gareth Bale is a great asset at his financial prime. He could get injured next season or go off the boil, not score 20 goals and not win every award going and therefore not be worth stupid money come this time next year. For this reason levy will sell, I just hope he first wait till the last min of the window to sell when all our first choice targets have already moved and wer left watching sky sports at 11.55 deadline day praying for a vdv type deal that never happens.

  5. lets not forget guys, our beloved Tottenham have done similar things with smaller clubs. Its just a food chain. What Florentino Perez says to the press is irrelevant to Bale's decision. He know's they want him, knows he'll earn great money. If he wants to go, he wants to go regardless of Perez and any apparent underhand tactics. This is where Levy comes in and either gets us top money or tells them no way. In Levy I trust, anyway.

    • Your spot on..Tottenham will be here long afer Bale or anyother player or person.It may sound stupid but with the money we get we could improve most areas of the team and push on and think more than just top 4.

  6. third season running we've had to put up with shat from RM Levy tell them where to go and let us get on with enjoying our summer.

  7. Why is it everyone except Tottenham are trying to sell Bale? He is staying for two more seasons at least.

  8. Real madrid today is a bit of a joke. They were better back in the days when they had players like Raul and Hierro. These days they just buy like crazy and as long as they continue on this road they will stay as number 2 in spain. They seem more intrested in selling shirts then anything else. Every new season one just wonders what new team real are gonna buy.

    Bale should stay, would be a great achivment to be the big star player in spurs and be the key to get spurs into regular CL football, then to be one of the bunch in madrid.


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