Friday papers reporting Spurs mutiny/Rose support

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Friday’s newspapers have ‘built’ on Danny Rose’s comments by stating that he has been backed by his Tottenham team-mates and others are lining up to leave the club.

The left-back criticised the club’s transfer policy in an interview with the Sun, in which he also made clear his demand to get paid his “worth” along with his desire to play football in the ‘north’ again – despite the fact apparently he could be interested in a move to Chelsea!

Is it just a case of the media jumping all over the story?  Or is it deeper and the underlying current is actually the fact that our players are frustrated to see lesser players at other clubs earning more than what they do?

The stories contain no further proof or comment of any discontent among the ranks, but it is still painful ready for a Spurs fan.

With the new Premier League season just days away, the Tottenham hierachy and co will be furious behind the scenes to see so much negative press coming our way.

Here are a few of Friday’s back pages.

The Sun

The Times

Daily Mail

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  1. I suppose it’s to be expected in a greedy world that young men in their twenties, earning more in a year than most of their fans will in a lifetime would complain about wages. Poch’s attempt to build a team mentality was working and has now been undermined. Fans need not sympathize with Rose and his supporters. He is already a multi- millionaire for being good at playing a game. If the trend keeps up, the average fan will not be able to attend games.

  2. Rose is touting for a move.what a traitor just like that mutton head that went to city.pair of assholes will rue the day they left spurs.

  3. I think perhaps Walker leaving for City and Tottenham’s clear lack of transfer activity have provided the catalyst for Rose opening Spurs ‘pandora box’ on Levy’s backward age structure. A wind of change seems now an in-escapable inevitability if the club is to continue to strive forward with its footballing asperations and greatest assets intact.

  4. You can’t really go against him … levy will mess up this talented team … maybe it’s time for him to step aside … this is our chance to dominat for years, but we won’t because of him.

  5. This is shite media coverage. No evidence, no names, no detail, just a predictable effort to keep the story going by pathetic, drunken hacks. And Rose should be ashamed giving an interview to the Murdoch scum who slandered the good folk of Liverpool after Hisslborough…..

  6. Since the Daily Express started this over Dier as a dirt campaign, this press anti Spurs campaign has been gathering momentum. All these players were and are happy. They all signed new contracts, are serious challengers, are in arguably the best team and best young manager.
    They are a strong bonded bunch of players, and the anti Spurs press are trying their utmost to rip them up. They hate Levy and the clubs like united see Spurs as an obsticke that is getting stronger still.
    They can’t beat us on the field, so they try and do it off it.
    Not one positive spin all summer. Snd here we have it… the latest crap…Spurs mutiny. Levy should rip the press to shreds now. Seek injunctions on each journalist and the group. Cause of intention to harm is criminal. And it is exactly that. Phone tapping to set ups. This is the latest version.
    Levy Poch and all us fans unite and let’s hit this back. Make a voice and be heard. Defend our team and our club. They want headlines let’s make our own. Man united we are so comming for you. Kane Dele Eriksen you play them off the park and get that Portuguese arse sacked. If our team ever needed motivating to win, the press have given us a booster.

  7. Disappointed by the comments agree with the club’s disciplinary response but hope the relationship between Rose and Poch is not ruined. This makes it more likely that we play a 3 at the back possibly with French wingbacks and an English middle of Alli Dier Winks with Ericksen and Kane as 10 and 9


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