Frustration for Pochettino as his transfer requests fall on deaf ears


Turning the clock back to December of last year, Mauricio Pochettino explicitly told the English press pack that the club paid a price for the late completion of their summer transfer business and made it clear that the club would have to be quicker and smarter next time.

Fast forward to July and Pochettino is yet to bring in any new players to his squad and the transfer deadline looms large on August 9 rather than August 31 as before.

Last summer, Davinson Sánchez, Paulo Gazzaniga, Juan Foyth, Serge Aurier and Fernando Llorente were all signed in the final two weeks of August.  Of which, Foyth, Aurier and Llorente arrived in the last 48 hours in typical late Daniel Levy fashion.

Pochettino said at the time: “This summer was a very good example because we signed good players but it was so late and with no pre-season [for them], you pay,” Pochettino added. “You then need six or seven months for the player to be fit, adapt himself in everything and that is always against us.

“The most important thing that we have been talking about is to identify our targets and, on 3 July, when we start our pre-season, they are here. If we don’t, it’s so difficult for them to help the team and then, during the season, you are going to pay. It’s so important today to identify your targets for the summer. If not and we wait until May and, before we sign, we sell, it’s so difficult to bring in players that can help.”

Pochettino’s deadline of 3rd July has been and gone, yet he is still without any of his potential transfer targets.  Granted, this summer is particularly difficult with the World Cup and the early conclusion of the window but his requests have fallen on deaf ears within the Tottenham hierarchy.

Surely, Pochettino was granted assurances about his transfer wishes before he put pen-to-paper on a new five-year contract at the tail end of May.  

In just eleven days time, Tottenham will take to the field for their first pre-season match as part of their International Champions Cup involvement in the USA and the plane looks like it will be filled with a mix of current squad members who did not head to Russia, those who were knocked out early on in the competition and a smattering of youth players to bolster the numbers.

Pochettino added: “We tried to make early signings last summer but we could not, for different reasons. Now, we are going to try again to do things early. If we cannot again, I am going to say: ‘Come on, we could not again!’”

Sadly, Poch, it’s a case of groundhog day for both you and the supporters.  Sort it out, Levy.

What are your thoughts on the current transfer situation at Spurs?  Have your say below.

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  1. So are we saying / finding out that Levy has lied to Poch in order for him to sign a contract ext????? I understand it’s difficult with a lot of players stil; at the world or only having just returned and now on rest leave but things should have been started long before the World Cup started. Initial contact even. It’s a joke I know the new stadium may cause issues on some financial level but this is vey worrying for fans and formPoch. Other clubs are strengthening and we won’t have a full first XI for a good few weeks into the start of the season where we cagoule be seriously playing catch up

    • You said it there, other clubs are strengthening but we are the only club to not be doing so, we can’t even get rid of who we want out cause Levy is asking too much for them.

  2. If,by the 1st August we have not signed the striker we need our manager should resign.As things stand our season could be as good as over by the end of September.

  3. This is typical Levy. Until he sells up this will always be the case as leopards don’t change their spots.
    Profit is the only motivator as gas as Levy is concerned and determines his every move.

  4. Wouldnt blame poch for walking out , i love this club but we make mockery of managers during transfer windows and risk going back to where we were unless we change

  5. The owners only ever have 1 thing in mind making money and maximising profit.

    They’ve never been interested in Winning Trophies hence the pitiful Trophy return.

    Every Season is the same (whoever the manager is) continuously hampered by Levy and his antics.

    Buildings don’t win Trophies, Top Players do.

  6. poch needs to have serious word’s with levy tell him back me what ever it cost or I’ll walk away before the season kicks off, I love my football club but i agree with an earlier comment levy must go and i thought joe Lewis was the owner my be poch should speak to Mr Lewis instead

  7. poch needs to have serious word’s with levy tell him, back me what ever it cost or I’ll walk away before the season kicks off, I love my football club but i agree with an earlier comment levy must go and i thought joe Lewis was the owner my be poch should speak to Mr Lewis instead.


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