(Gallery) Stunning new 3D images from inside the new Spurs stadium

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham Hotspur have released a stunning new 3D view of the new stadium which allows you to envisage exactly what it will be like to sit in each seat of the stadium.

The interactive map really does give you a feeling of how the 62,000 seater stadium will look from various angles within the bowl once it has been completed.

Yesterday, the club confirmed that the roof lift had commenced on the new stadium. The inner upper and lower tension rings are the primary load-bearing roof structure, and will be connected to the compression ring.

54 flying columns will support the LED floodlights and frame the roof’s glass glazing. The roof will be continuously lifted using temporary, computer-controlled strand jacks.

Once in its final position, the cables are pinned to the upper and lower tension ring clamps, providing a strong roof support structure. The floodlights and roof finish can then be installed.

Below we have put together a quick gallery to show you exactly how the stadium will look from various viewpoints.

The view from block 516 of the north stand

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Try it for yourself, here

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