AVB on Spurs win and Bale’s future


Andre Villas-Boas claimed Gareth Bale quitting Tottenham would have equal consequences to Lionel Messi leaving Barcelona after the Welshman earned his side a 2-1 win over Newcastle.

“Obviously, we have spoken about that at length and are not going to go through it again,” AVB told the press after the game.

“Most teams have to hang on to their best players, Barcelona losing Messi would be a disaster, Real Madrid losing Ronaldo would be a disaster so this is exactly the same.

“Teams are dependent on great organisation and also great individuals when they are able to express their football to the maximum.”

It is often said that every player has his price but, in a league where buyout clauses do not exist, Villas-Boas does not expect his club to feel the need to cash in.

“There isn’t a release clause in English football, it’s very difficult to negotiate with Tottenham as you know and we are not willing to let our best assets go. We can’t turn this into a debate every time a player does well,” he said.

“It was a great individual performance and it was outstanding to see a player enjoying his football. Gareth is, whatever position he plays,” he said.

“Great teams are made of great individuals too and Gareth is decisive. I am happy for him and this is a win we want to dedicate to Tony Parkes and Joe his son, as Joe tries to hang on to his life.”

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  1. The media can t bear the thought that a player of Bales talent is nt playing for theire beloved Manchester clubs or the neo nazis of Chelsea and won t rest till he s playing on some foreign field once he s gone and event fuly sadly he will then flavour of the month Wiltshire from the mob down the road will be the new target


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