“Ginger numpty” – Former Spurs defender hits back after Spurs criticism

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Former Tottenham Hotspur defender Graham Roberts has put talkSPORT radio host Adrian Durham in his place, following his comments about the club.

Durham, who presents the radio station’s Drive show is known for trying to goad supporters into calling into the show with what can only be described as ‘on-air click bait’.

He took the opportunity to criticise the club over the delay to the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium by describing the situation as “Typical Spurs, they just never get it quite right, do they?”.

Roberts has called on the club to ban Durham from the new stadium and described him as a “ginger numpty”.  Anyone who listens to his show will know exactly how annoying Durham can be.

Roberts took to Twitter to vent his frustration.

Here’s the full transcript of what Durham said on talkSPORT: “Didn’t we all just know this was going to happen? Come on, think about it.

“Didn’t you all just know this would not be ready on time? You might’ve said it about Wembley ten years ago. You might’ve said it about other stadia that were built.

“But didn’t you all just know Spurs wouldn’t have it done on time. They wouldn’t do it right.

“Typical Spurs, they just never get it quite right, do they?

“We all knew. Every Gooner listening to this will be nodding, every Chelsea fan will be saying ‘yes, we all knew.’

“And do you know what’s really telling? I can just sense every Tottenham fan listening to this is nodding their heads saying: ‘he’s right, I hate to say it, he’s right.”

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  1. Durham says he’s a posh fan, but Arsenal is his wet dream club. He use to make it sound as though he disliked Arsenal, but like most of their fans, he was aiming his anger at Wenger and their board. Practically every player they sign, he builds them up to be world class. I heard him on an Arsenal lady pod once saying how Ozil was a much better buy, than Bale was to RM. Remember when he use to say Walcott was better than Bale, or Jenkinson should replace Walker as England’s RB. How Wiltshere is world class, even though he never played enough to be even considered high class, let alone world class. Very rare you’ll hear him slag Arsenal players off, as being useless, like he does Spurs. Graham should call his bluff and challenge him to take a lie detector test to see if he’s a Arsenal lover. That would explain why he knocks all things Spurs, and has done for a long while. DURHAM IS AN ARSENAL FAN.


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