GOALS VIDEO: Bournemouth 0-4 Spurs


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If you haven’t seen any of the goals from Tottenham’s 4-0 pre-season friendly win against Bournemouth, then you’re in luck.

We’ve just come across the goals from the game and have included the video, below.  As usual, leave your comments.

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  1. Pav showed his class, a couple of our young lads are developing well. I have a feeling ‘Arry will persevere with Pav, and Keano will be the odd man out again, and I happen to agree with him.

  2. Thanks, for sticking this up. Always hard to see any of the pre-season living in Oz. C’mon super Pav. Think we’ll keep him but Keano is on his way, thoughts about Bellamy???

  3. I am hoping it is the training top they are wearing or it would be another dull shirt. The shirt that has been doing the rounds and looks nice will probably end up being the training top. We shall see.

    Good goals from Pav, he is now well rested with no world cup, he has been drinking more vodka than usual, either way it is encouraging as he looks fresh – I hope Harry keeps him

  4. It's too hard to say how Pav played. I thought Bournmouth were dreadful opposition for us. I would definitely give Rose more chances next season, this lad looks fearless, sharp, and hungry. I do believe Pav will stay, but Keane is definitely gone.

    Not much to do really. A solid CB along with Belamy and Cole should do it !!!


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