He is a mistake waiting to happen – Sherwood rips into Spurs defender

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Former Tottenham Hotspur boss Tim Sherwood has harshly criticised central defender Davinson Sanchez.

Sanchez played the full 90 minutes of the FA Cup semi final defeat against Manchester United, whole Toby Alderweireld sat on the bench and didn’t get on the pitch.

The 21-year-old was harshly labelled by our former player and manager as “a mistake waiting to happen”

The former Ajax defender has made 26 starts in the Premier League this season, mostly alongside Jan Vertonghen while Alderweireld has been sidelined through injury and due to his contract talks deadlock.

Many expect Alderweireld to leave in the summer, while Sanchez is the future of our defence and while he is still young, his potential to be a quality defender is there for all to see. Regardless of this, Sherwood would have started Toby ahead of the Colombian for the cup tie.

Sherwood said in BT Sport: He (Toby Alderweireld) is, without doubt, the best centre-half they have got. I think (Jan) Vertonghen has done brilliantly well. Davinson Sanchez is a mistake waiting to happen.”

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  1. He is a young and potentially brilliant defender, so I’m not sure in what context Sherwood says this,
    but Sanchez is certainly not a mistake waiting to happen. However, until he reaches that potential, he is best in a central back three. But we should be pleased we’ve got him, because he’s learning all the time and applies himself commendably, on and off the pitch.
    If there’s a mistake waiting to happen, I’m afraid it’s Aurier. He tries, but is not suited to us and costs the team, whether defending or going forward. I hope we can get £15m or so this summer for him, but either way, he must go! Along with Sissoko, who although he DOES possess talent, can’t apply himself mentally or physically in big games.

    • The context in which Sherwood speaks is Davinson Sanchez making high profile mistakes increasingly as the season has worn on. I entirely agree that he is a young and potentially brilliant defender, but he will only reach his potential when he improves his balance, positioning and decision making. I suspect, notwithstanding Pochettino’s recent complimentary comments about Sanchez, that if Alderweireld was not letting his contract run down, Sanchez would have been used more sparingly. I see similarities in his development to John Stones, inasmuch as both have been lauded excessively, because their potential can be seen, to their current detriment. They need discipline.
      Aurier’s deficiencies are irrelevant to the debate about Sanchez, though they are painfully apparent.
      I also disagree with your comments about Sissoko. I don’t think his problems are currently to do with a lack of mental or physical application, though that may have been true in the past. I think he lacks a good touch. It seems to me he is far better when he receives or runs onto a pass along the ground. When he has to control the ball in order to continue a move, he is lost, and it is only his physicality that occasionally gets him out of trouble of his own making.

  2. Coming from Sherwood it could be seen as a compliment. Sanchez looks a real prospect but it is his first season in the PL and only his second in Europe. Add to that he started out as part of 3 cb’s but Toby’s injury meant not just adjusting to another defender but ultimately having to adjust to being one of two CB’s as the team changed it’s shape and style of play
    He will make make a few mistakes but then far more experienced players than him have made mistakes, you only have to look at Dembele Saturday, now there was a real mistake that happened-no waiting about it and from a player with years more experience in the team and the PL
    Sanchez has rarely made the same mistake a second time so is learning and developing all the time, overall he has been amazingly good all things considered
    I imagine Sherwood just likes to have his tuppence worth but I doubt anyone at Spurs takes any notice

    • well said Norf. There is a reason Sherwood is our “ex manager”. Sanchez is only 20 and his first season at the top level has been well above average. Has he made mistakes? Of course he has. He will only get better with age and experience. Hopefully he will be a rock in defence for the next 10 years. Sherwood, like Harry Redknapp, seem to forget that they are both “former” managers and Spurs fans no longer give a toss what they think. Poch has done more than both of them put together. COYS

  3. I agree that Alderwiereld is a better player but don’t think Sanchez is all that bad. Agree with the comments about Aurier, he will make bad mistakes it’s just about when. Saturday we had a few things to contend with, a not so fit Kane and Son who has been run off his feet. Easy with hindsight but I would have started with Moura and brought Son on as an impact player later on. Oh and what’s happened with our dead ball ability?? We don’t get much out of corners these days….

  4. What a pile of crud…whether we played Toby or not.that first goal was a header from a 5’7″ player stooping backwards after a dreadful mistake from Dembele…Sanchez has been immense during a 14 game unbeaten run..not mistake free.but solid all the same…if we had a decent back up in midfield who could allow us to give Eriksen a breather then perhaps the result would’ve been different …but hey how. …August’s not too far away…COYS

  5. I believe that Sanchez would benefit and learn from playing alongside both Jan and Toby in a centre back 3. Our centre of defence certainly looked watertight when Toby and Jan were paired together previously. It is almost criminal to think that we would consider releasing Toby! He is one of the best defenders that has worn our Lilywhite shirt. Davinson will be a quality defender, but he is still learning his trade; so why not learn from the best. Get Toby signed up long term!! COYS!

    • Yes, I also believe that Sanchez works better in a back 3. I really thought that MoPo would play a back 3 against Manure last weekend. I suspect that MoPo, in hindsight, may think the same.

      WRT to Toby and the reported contract issues…seems to me that Spurs just will NOT pay the reported 150K to 180K that he is “supposedly” demanding. Even if Spurs paid that…many other players (all maybe?) would be outside the manager’s door the next day demanding pay increases…just don’t see how that benefits Spurs (understanding that I would love to see Toby stay and also play).

      I sure don’t see Sanchez as a huge problem (or a mistake waiting to happen). Has he made mistakes…sure…but which player does NOT make mistakes? Look at Dembele’s mistake last weekend against Manure.

  6. Sherwood said d best thing but daniel levy need to break d players weekly wages to keep those nice footballers what is wrong for a player of calibre of toby request for £150k per week. Is d best parner of jan not.dis sanchez which is not error free player. Please let us beg. Mr levy to break our weekly wages to make dem happy.eriksen jan tobi. Kane need to b higestpaid in our club..

    • “what is wrong for a player of calibre of toby request for £150k per week”?

      For starters Kane is only around 100K or so a week, so if Toby was paid that amount…there would be a long line of players outside the manager’s door the following day asking for huge pay raises. It is obvious from the last few years that Spurs do NOT want to pay the huge salaries that some other oil backed clubs will.

  7. Please stop reporting on anything from Tim Sherwood. It isn’t hard. Literally do not acknowledge him, and he’ll go away.

  8. Toby is gone guys accept it. WE are not breaking our wage structure it will ruin the structure we have built players like eriksen Kane etc will have to be on more it won’t happen. And Sanchez is quality. Sissoko has no talent at all he is by far are worst player, he has the touch of a 4yr old. Waste of space and money. Aurier just needs solid instructions and stick to them.

  9. I agree with Alf Conn that we should revert to a a back three. We look far too open playing with a back four. As an out and out full back Aurier looks vulnerable as does Ben Davies. But used as wingbacks with a combination of Dier, Wanyama and/or Dembele in midfield, I believe we would be difficult to break down, as we were last season. This system IMO would give us more options going forward and some much needed respite for the overworked Eriksen.

  10. Without Toby playing a back 3 would consist of moving Dier into that back 3. I think Dier plays a better role for Spurs in the MF. Toby, Jan and Davinson as a back 3 would be a really good combination though.


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