Huddlestone clarifies his earlier Tweet


It looks as if Tom Huddlestone got a bit confused earlier and there was no superstar at Spurs Lodge, thanks for that Tom.

He Tweeted: “Day in front of the tv for me today! Earlier turned out to be a new cleaner, sorry for confusion hahaha.”

Oh well, back to the drawing board…

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  1. Well cuddles that was very witty and here is a funny retort, Ive heard you are to be loaned out to West Ham, !!!!!!! LETS SEE WHO'S LAUGHING BY 11pm tonight.

  2. Get Milner and get rid of the thudd and get johnston while we are there.Sell tom , Modric the ratboy ,bassong ,hutton,dos santos,jenas,bentley ,pava and crouch.Of course we will have to extend the transfer window a little for this to happen but oh boy would it be worth it.Guess we should also get two strikers.Rossi and berbatov would do the job.Looks like its just parker.Oh well we can dream.

    • I couldn't have put that better myself! Berbatov with VDV playing off him, would be fantastic – but it won't happen…

  3. ‘Day in front of the tv for me today’. Judging by the unfit, overweight state of him on Sunday, he should be training not lazing about. He hadn’t been on the field very long before he started limping. He always seems to come back from the holidays unfit. Pity ‘cos he’s a great talent but needs to be more mobile.

  4. Reckon he got a bollocking for tweeting instead of training….and maybe letting the cat out of the bag? Although he’d have probably eaten it if he had!!

    • Get a fking life mate. Hes taking the pods out if the kind of saddoes who have nothing better to do than pick up crumbs from twitter while obsessing all day long about whether their club eill sugn someone. Sound familar buddy?

      How about getting some work done then reading sbout confirmed new signings tomorrow am?

  5. Fat cnut thinks its funny. Instead of being ashamed of himself for his pitiful performance against man shltty and the fact we got smashed he instead is all giggles. This cnut needs to be shipped on elsewhere. He has no will to win and plays for his pocket. Instead of extra training he is relaxing at home eating pizza, watching TV and playing with our minds

    His tweet has sparked many spurs fans to place bets on say a Rossi etc being that "big signing" he referred too and WOW factor etc demonstrated in was a world class player. Does he not think of the consequences to this childish joke and the money that has been lost?

    The sooner this waste of space leaves the club the better. If we cannot sell him I hope he breaks his ankle and is out for the fcuking season. Then hopefuly the management will get fed up with him and flog the fcuker to west ham

    Just a shit Glenn Hoddle. An Athlete my ar5e, the guys moves like an aircraft carrier

    A complete and utter [email protected]

    • Agree 100% mate. You don’t fuck about with fans like that getting peoples hopes up. If he would concentrate more on his performances on the pitch instead of trying to be a comedian, useless bastard. No time for him anymore, he can fuck right off

    • That makes no sense! It's Huddlestone's fault that people went out and betted? Did he hold their hand and say you should go here and spend your hard earned money gambling? It's Twitter! Get a life!

  6. I find it hilarious that you're blaming him for spurs fans losing money on bets they made due to this tweet. They weren't just gambling that there was going to be a big signing they would have bet on the signing and the "wow" player if he did exist could have been anyone so betting on Rossi to Spurs was no sure thing anyway with the tweet or not! Even the most hardened gambler would not have put money down because of that tweet and anyone who did well I feel sorry for them because if they bet like this regularly they must lose alot of the time! As for slating Huddlestone come on guys he's a footballer not Michael Mcyintyre so I feel it was a reasonable effort at a joke and well it's certainly got him lots of press (kinda clever) and ruffled the feathers of the people on this forum!

  7. Sorry, but all this tweeting equals too much time on these football players hands. They aren't the brightest are they? Maybe he'd run out of ketchup and got bored!! What a plonker…

  8. It was a joke you sad FCUKS get a life.. and get off Twitter.

    He is a footballer, FFS if he had no personality you would be moaning that he was a miserable cunt, problem with us yids is, as supporters , very fickle very quick to start a hate campaign, We do it all the time, yeah he is abit lazy, but quality on his day, pretty sure you sad FCUKS dont mind when he is scoring. KNOBHEADS


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