“I hope it will be done in the next two or three hours”


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Roman Pavlyuchenko’s agent is hopeful that a deal can still be reached with Birmingham City.

Tottenham rejected Birmingham’s offer on Friday for the forward, but his agent is hopeful of a switch.

“We are talking to Birmingham and the problem is the transfer money,” Pavlyuchenko’s agent Dr Oliver Wendt, told Soccernet. “Both clubs are talking about money right now and I hope they find a way and Roman will move to Birmingham.

“I hope it will be done in the next two or three hours. I think 70% it will be done. You never know, something in the last minute something might happen. It is 70-75%.”

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  1. Spurs NEED to keep Pavlyuchenko – he is really good. If Spurs cannot stop him going, then he must NOT be allowed to play for another Premiership club. Abroad? Fine.

  2. I hope not, Birmingham aren’t too far behind us and that’s without a goalscorer. Levy needs his head checked if he sells to another top 10 prem team.

  3. Didn’t Harry say that Pav doesn’t want to go to Birmingham? Harry must be in a different world from his players. Either that or he doesn’t give rat’s ass what they think as long as he gets his way.

  4. despite the" he's going nowhere" & the "he is a world class striker" it is clear to everyone that arry dose,t rate pav, which is a crying shame when you consider the opportunities he has given he's favored ones, even i disagree with this move but i have come to the conclusion that this maybe the best deal for all concerned,what a pity because i think he is probaly the best finisher we have at the club, i will never forget the goals he scored especially against the scoucers.

  5. We would be giving ammunition to Birmingham if we were to sell them Pavlyuchenko. Spurs should not sell him as he has a lot to offer to the team if we were to make greater use of him.

  6. Bonkers to let Keane go on loan, but they cannot affload Pav for the right price unless they give him away so he stays till the summer. I think the grand plan to offload him has seriously backfired and Harry has made a bloopper bringing in Gudjohnsen. I would have rather kept to the 4 we had even if he was unhappy. Keane for some reason has not been the same player since the Xmas party incident so perhaps there is a problem between him and Redknapp.

  7. I am NOT sure if Harry has ‘what it takes’ to further improve our squad. He has his head ‘FIRMLY’ stuck up his ass by trying to improve the English WC strike force….to the detriment of OUR club! Lanky Crouch and aimless/selfish Defoe….The way to get Europa League, Harry….which, in itself, has been shown to be a ‘bridge too far’? FORGET dreams of WC and concentrate on your JOB (if you can actually remember what it is!) COYS!

  8. Harry can’t resist playing around in the transfer market. It’s never a case of being patient and waiting for the right guy with him – if somebody’s available he has to give it a go. Kaboul and Gudjohnsen are great disappointments being distinctly lacking if measured in terms of the Top 4. The Pav situation is just a running sore which should have been sorted by him leaving, but of course by playing brinkmanship with Birmingham on the price the deal fell through. I don’t believe the smokescreen about Keane’s loan either. It was done to save money from his wages, like the other loans, all brought about by the failure to sell Pav.


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