If we lose top four, Poch is done – Spurs fans react to Chelsea win

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham Hotspur fans have been reacting to the news that Chelsea have closed the gap on the race for Champions League qualification.

Spurs fluffed the opportunity to extend their grip on a top four finish with defeat at West Bromwich Albion, whole Chelsea beat third-placed Liverpool 1-0 at Stamford Bridge.

The result means that Tottenham (71) are just two points ahead of Chelsea (69) with two matches remaining.

The more optimistic Spurs fan will point out that we are still playing for third, considering Liverpool have 72 points with one game to play.

In my opinion, Spurs must beat both Newcastle United and Leicester City in their remaining matches to be sure that we dine at Europe’s top table next season.

Here’s a selection of thoughts from your fellow Spurs fans.

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  1. > In my opinion, Spurs must beat both Newcastle United and Leicester City in their remaining matches to be sure that we dine at Europe’s top table next season.

    Come on! That is hardly an insight! The rest of your article does not relate in any way to the headline.

    Let’s look at the headline. If people think Poch might have to go if we don’t make top 4, they are suggesting the club would get rid of its most successful manager for many years. Income from the CL is a success. Who would come in? Who would be the magic messiah that would do the trick?

  2. Most succesdfull Manger, ur aving a larf, won frig all and poor team selection as well as no plan B. Good riddance as Levy will sack him if no CL in new ground! Wasted lots of dosh £m’s on below average players that added together would make a decent bchampionskio player.

    We have most of the same players that frigged up chasing Leicetser 2 seasons ago. Panic Stations. 6 changes against Brighton and anoter 3 against Baggies is absolute gross mismanagement. 4 seasons at Spurs and no trophies HE IS A POOR TACTICIAN. A goalkeeper as Captain, do me a favour.

    Might as well frig up completely and make Sissoko captain and Lamela vice cagpain.

    Team for next 2 games is as follows: Gazzaniga, Aurier, Rose, Foyth, Dier, Sissoko, Lamela, Wanyama, Llorente, Maura, (yes he starts) Griffiths: SUBS, Me, You, Arry, Tripps, Davies and Walker-Peters

  3. How can u say in your opinion we need to win both games to get CL? The fact is we need 4 points as our goal difference is better than Chelsea.

  4. Everyone at Tottenham must want to win, starting with the Chairman. Does he want Tottenham to win the league? If he does, then he must first cause a strategy and a plan to be prepared and approved. Undeniably Tottenham do not have the resources that City have, but many others with resources far smaller than Tottenham have won. Look at Leicester. Look at Athletico Madrid.

    Pochettino is a very good coach. Being a good coach, however, does not necessarily mean that he is a Ferguson. The fact that he has not led Tottenham to win in 4 years suggests that he will not even if given another 4. In this sense, he has not lost the plot. The strategy almost got Tottenham the league in the last 2 seasons. Now, Tottenham need a new one, along with the new stadium, a new plan, a new team profile, and probably a new management.

    The players recruited must match the profiles determined prior to recruitment. Player profiles must show a history of winning. Every single player (not only of the first eleven) must believe in the plan and commit himself to executing his part.

    Tottenham must learn to win on the field and off the field. We have been too philosphical, for lack of a better word. We talk too much.

    It looks like Tottenham must re-think and re-tool for the years to come. The fact that the majority of the players are below 26 years old, however, is a good starting point. What must be achieved now is for Tottenham to play in the European Champions League next season.

    Come on Spurs!

  5. Why was Lamela playing instead of Sonny. Son is a proven provider of goals , assists & urgency. It must be true he is managers mate & a world cup coming up. Who gives a toss abt that

  6. We lost Salah because mgmt were asleep. Can some of you regular fans update me on why this is so?? I watch Spurs in Texas ever week but get so mad that teams with less money have brought in good players.and they produce. Harry has gone dry and the forward players do not have clinical finishes. How about a long ball to the left or right with Harry going in that direction pulling two players with him and opening the center for another forward to get into that space it’s a common ploy. Son is a good player but dribbles too much and looses the ball.
    Lets hope they can beat the last two game .BTW I have coached high school seniors and tiger teams so 26 years. and taught players simple moves and to under stand a bit of the German Language which pissed the other teams as long as went to State championships. I feel there should be a cap on how teams contract players i.e. City, United, and Chelse have spent millions on good players and it shows on the fiels. Teams without all that mo cannot compete realisticly and year after year they go through the same problem. At Spurs who gets the players. Mgmt or the manager??? Still I am optomistic that Spurs will get to the CL.


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