Is billionaire Spurs owner Joe Lewis in town?

Image: SpursWeb

Billionaire Tottenham Hotspur owner Joe Lewis’ superyacht has been spotted cruising on the Thames river today.

It is unknown whether Bahama-based Lewis, who is 80, was onboard and hopefully in town to discuss giving Daniel Levy the green light to release the purse strings to allow Mauricio Pochettino to spend big this summer in order for us to try and compete on a more even level with the likes of Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, and Liverpool.

Lewis is ranked as the 12th richest person in the UK, having amassed a massive £4billion wealth. The 321-foot yacht is shrouded in secrecy but is said to feature a full-size tennis court and by Paul Cezanne and Picasso on board.

Surely at 80, and with the money he has, Joe should really back Poch and co and have the opportunity to see Tottenham win some real silverware in his lifetime.

While the yacht is impressive, I’d rather see his money spend on our beloved Spurs.

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  1. It’s not as simple as just saying yes and giving levy loads of money the days of some rich owner just handing over millions and millions are over (financial rules and all that) but it would be nice to be able to play at the top table of transfers with the so called big boys but by doing this it could have a detrimental effect to the long term financial stability of the club (wage structure and all that) and when all said and done it’s his money he can do what he wants with it
    But let’s say £300 to £400 or so million to start off the new era at the new lane would be most appreciated

  2. Not going to happen.Tottenham run a tight line and that will not change. Also remember there is a new stadium to pay for.

    • I was dreaming when i said that delboy I appreciate that it won’t happen but please let me have my dreams Don’t take them from me LOL

  3. Surely Joe could release funds to pay for the stadium which are excluded from FFP which would allow us to invest additional money into transfers. We really do need to take a risk now if we really want to step up. The other big boys have speculated to accumulate and we need to do the same. With the new stadium we should have a huge future income for NFL and other big events to help offset risk.

  4. The last time Joe was here he bought Mitchell & Butler pub & Brewer group; it’s more likely he is here to check on the new stadium. Spurs use football (and NFL money) to fund growth so don’t expect handouts.

  5. I believe that Lewis is far too busy to be playing nursemaid to Levy. Over the past few years, Levy has done well and Spurs have done well. Levy knows what he can afford to spend. Lewis’ interest will be the balance sheet at year end.

  6. We have already improved and are offering to improve our top players new deals in an attempt to hold on to them, that in its self is an investment and a good one. Plus how many additions do we really need to keep the momentum/progression going?

    For me bring in Martial, Ndombele, De-Gite (spelt wrong?) from Ajax all for around 150mill and recoup all or at least the best part of that by moving on Dembele (25m?) Toby (50m?) N’Koudon (12m?) Lamela (25m) and Sissoko (25m) 5 players/wages out 3 in to balance the books!


  7. I don’t think he will release the funds , but like you I have said to all I know , wouldn’t you at the age of 80 and being a billionaire and owning a team that could win the premier league give a manager like Pochettino the money to do it in your lifetime , the unresounding answer was YES! But we all know he wont even though you cant take it with you


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