Jack Wilshere at it again with his anti-Spurs borefest

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

After winning the FA Cup, you would think the poisonous Jack Wilshere would have better things to do than sing his boring anti-Spurs song during their ‘parade’ of the trophy.

Well it appears not, the vertically-challenged “injury” prone twerp could not shake off his obsession with us as per the video below.

Is there a more hated player? Have your say below and please play it safe with any reference to a certain white stuff.

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  1. His a fan and that’s what fans do. The fact you took time to write about it suggests the little brat really pushed your buttons.

  2. And there’s me thinking it’s Spurs that are obsessed with Arsenal. The stumpy legged little smoker would be better advised to concentrate on playing football rather than beating up women, cab drivers, smoking, singing shit songs and most importantly not wearing sunglasses when it’s raining…..The complete and utter penis

  3. Truth be told, if one of your players who’s a fan of Tottenham through and through does this you won’t slate him.

    Wilshere is a fan; and it’s expected. Take a chill pill, it’s obvious he really wind y’all up… And that was the intention.


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