Jamie O’Hara singles out Spurs player who killed his side; calls for replacement

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Former Tottenham Hotspur player Jamie O’Hara has called for Jose Mourinho to start Harry Winks.

O’Hara was in attendance to watch his old side in action at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium to see Chelsea run out comfortable 2-0 winners.

Chelsea dominated the proceedings, especially in the first half with Jose Mourinho’s side unable to retain possession and instead faced wave after wave of attack.

O’Hara has criticised the performance of Eric Dier who started in central midfield ahead of Winks who had to make do with a place on the bench.

Trailing 2-0 at half time, Mourinho decided to bring off Dier in place of Christian Eriksen to try and get his side back into the match.

O’Hara took to Twitter after the match and claimed that Dier looked lost in the middle of the field and his performance was a significant factor in why the team played so poorly in the opening forty five minutes.

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  1. Has anyone seen my tottenham? , i have watched every single spurs game for the last like 9 years, yes i was sad to see Poch get sacked but i thought that he took us as far as he could to be honest, playing great football but not winning a trophy got annoying after a while, in comes Mourinho, i dont like Mourinho and never did but i tried to be positive and thought ” we played great football for 5 years with poch but won nothing, it wont hurt to play bad and win a trophy under Jose” but thats just kidding myself, yes we have got the points lately to move us up the league, but i think anyone could have come in as manager, and gave us a lift, i see no style under jose, no passion, no desire, i see absolutely no game plan or anything, i have never seen us hoof the ball as we do, i have never seen us play so bad, i dont argue that jose loves Dier and wants to get him back to the 2016 Dier that we loved, but if you are going to play and holding midfielder/3rd centreback like him, you should have attacking fullbacks flying up them wings, which we dont, its shocking to watch, playing so deep, no creativity, we have a player who moves the ball from left to right quicker than anyone in the premier league on our bench not getting a sniff (winks) when you are at home, you take risks, you attack, you try and win the damn game, but no, not mourinho, he insists on making the same mistake every game by playing Dier in the wrong games, away to Wolves, yes play him, at home againest a poor Chelsea side? Wise up jose how many times are you going to make a half time sub knowing you started with the wrong player you stubborn little man. Even tho we have got out of that relegation form i feel like this man will ruin us, fair enough we havent won a trophy in years, but i didnt mind paying to watch my Spurs play lovely football, keep possession and attack, you would have to pay me to go watch them now, absolutely disgusting with no philosphy or no style or no passion under Jose, im heart broken i love Spurs more than anything, someone save my club lol


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