Kranjcar’s Spurs future in doubt


Niko Kranjcar

Niko Kranjcar has revealed that he is due to meet the Tottenham Hotspur management in the next week to decide his future.

The Croatian midfielder has only started two Premier League games for Spurs this season and is interested in a move to Italy.

“Is there a point of beginning next season as a bit-part player? None whatsoever,” Kranjcar said in quotes reported by The Sun.

“I have an agreed meeting with the chairman (Daniel Levy) and the manager (Harry Redknapp), it should happen within a week.

“After the meeting I want to have a clear picture about my status.

“I would definitely be interested in moving to Italy. I think I would adapt quickly to Italian football.”

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  1. I do hope he stays at Tottenham. A great player and a great professional. Darren Bent seems to have confounded his critics, having been in a similar situation.

  2. It’s a disgrace the way Harry has treated Nico. He is often reported as saying how highly he rates him and then never uses him. To cap it all he wants to bring the so so Cole to W.H.L. It baffles me, it really does.

  3. All down to favouritism! Its always been like that for Harry. Bring Pinear must have realy pissed Kranjcar off even more. We will lose lots of fringe players end of the season. Unfortunately some of them weren't given enough chances to prove their talent. What happened to the much talked abt defender frm S.Africa. So much said but never seen him once!

  4. Nico Krancjar, good player and why hasn’t he featured more for us is just purely down to who we already have in the midfield positions, I kinda feel for him because when he has featured for us he’s generally been good and scored a couple goals for us at the death of games we didn’t look like winning. Why oh why do we ruin some good players and then sell them only to see others benefitting from it? Still pissed we sold Darren Bent to be honest equally as I am about Jol but maybe that’s just me living in the past but what we don’t want to do is sell this player to anyone in the prem. I think it’s already a given that he will be sold in the summer but please for heavens sake not to one of our rivals it would be too much to bear to see him come back and hurt us as is usually the way when ex players go back to their old clubs. Speaking of comings and goings we really should pushing to that Romelu Lakakau lad think that’s how you spell his name anyway him we should pay the money and nab him because that lad has got bags of talent and if you pair him up with Torres oh shit. Twenty million might seem excessive at this time for a 17 year old but in the bigger scheme of things it’s not a huge price to pay and when you convert what his goals will mean for this club then you could say money well spent. Make no mistake this lad will have no trouble doing it in the EPL he’s six foot one or two uses his physical presence can head the ball know where the goal is and is scary quick. Pay the money get it done. Get Pav sold and Keane and Crouch keep Defoe get hulk and Odemwinge and we won’t be worrying about goals that’s for sure. Oh yeah while you’re at it get Gary Cahill as well anyway what do I know I’m just a humble fan. Lillywhitetilidie


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