What Lamela said to Wilshere to cause brawl

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

I’m sure everyone noticed the altercation between Erik Lamela and Jack Wilshere at the final whistle of the North London Derby.

But what exactly caused the clash?  According to some eagle eyed social media users, the Tottenham Hotspur midfielder allegedly said “F*ck you, p*ssy.” to the injury prone England international.

It’s about time Wilshere has had a taste of his own medicine.  He’s been spouting off about us for years with his “what do you think about Tottenham?” chants.

The power shift in North London has changed, Jack.  Get over it and be more concerned about keeping yourself out of the physio room.

Harry Kane’s header ensured that Tottenham have opened up a seven point advantage over their rivals in the Premier League.  As for the Spurs striker, he has scored seven goals in seven appearances against the Woolwich.

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    • At eight??? How is ANYONE supposed to recognise a future world class player at eight? Why would
      Arsenal be sick about that? Spurs had the chance to sign Beckham as a kid. Spurs let Graham Souness go, before he became an amazing player at Liverpool!!
      And even if Arsenal HAD envisioned the future in this one-in-10,000 kids, who’s to say they wouldn’t
      have given up on him when he was 18 or 19? Just another young English player consigned to the dustbin of
      football backwaters (permanently) because of the big club greed/mentality of ‘success now ..not tomorrow’!
      Like Liverpool with Dele Alli …it’s all coulda, woulda, shoulda. What both Liverpool and Arsenal don’t
      recognise, in both these cases, is that TOTTENHAM have now learned this fact, have gone beyond just recognising potential, and allowed players like them to flourish. We nurtured them, and brought out their best, and much of that is down to Poch and the philosophy at Spurs. Who’s to say if Arsenal had Kane on their books as a teenager, or if Alli had gone to Liverpool, they’d both be playing in the nether regions of lower leagues right now!? Either on loan still, or simply let go!

    • Delusions of grandeur, will make you spit your vitriol. Woolwich were dreadful again today not many teams can live with Spurs when they are on song and certainly not that sorry bunch from south of the water.

  1. I am not interested in all this stuff other than Lamela needs to learn to shut up. He could be a really valuable player but he has yest to prove that. On Saturday he looked very good at times, but also missed two chances and picked up another card -needlessly – as he so frequently does.

    Score some goals, create some assists and keep out of trouble. Till then he is as useiul as Sissoko and Llorente and should not be playing unless against the likes of Newport.

    Who cares what Wilshere or anyone else says? I certainly don’t. What matters is winning games and winning the big trophies – the PL and the CL. I would not want Lamela in the starting line up for either of those competitions and I would only bring him on if the game were sealed and only if desperate. Might be better with 10 playing.


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