Lawro had predicted Spurs to draw with Everton


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BBC football pundit Mark Lawrenson had predicted that Spurs would draw with Everton on Saturday – before it was postponed.

He told BBC Sport Online: “It looks as if Tottenham might be busy in the transfer market in the next couple of weeks but we don’t know at the moment whether they are going to go for it by spending a lot money, or if they will try to balance the books.

“If I were Spurs, I would consider selling Luka Modric because with £30m and maybe a player heading the other way from Chelsea that looks a good deal, especially if Modric doesn’t want to play for them anymore.

“Everton have not bought or sold anyone this summer which has been a bit disappointing for their supporters but there are no new faces to bed in and we can expect more of the same from them this season, which is for their manager David Moyes to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

“Prediction: 1-1.”

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      • Why? because we will… end of we have a better reserve team then you lot do 1st team.

        When Moyes comes to his senses and leaves you your be in a relegation battle season after season again.

        Sorry truth hurts, that was us 5-8 years ago but we have invested and moved on, yeah ideally we would like to be top 4 every season but nobody will complete when Man U, Chelscum and Shitty are throwing money around like its going out of fashion.

        • Behave yourself superspurs last years results we drew 1-1 at White hart lane and demolished you at goodison 2-1.Spurs haven’t improved this season and neither have we.Harry redknapp would be a s…e manager without money everywhere he’s went he’s had money the one club he never had money was west ham and he took them down.

          • i'll think you find without rednapp at west ham we may never have seen the likes of lampard,ferdinand,joe cole,carrick,defoe and i dont think they got relegated while he was in charge and he was wise enough to take di canio who has scored the greatest technical epl goal ever seen so he cant be that bad can he.He took portsmouth who were lingering at the bottom of championship to fa cup glory and europe and then he took us from bottom of the league with 2 points from 8 games to 4th spot then champions league qf and a creditable 5th in a very hard league in what was a very hard season for us.And just to remind you the scum didnt even get out of the group stage in their 1st attempt at champions league all in all since the 2 and a half years harry has been in charge you can count the number of games we have lost at home on 1 hand NUFF SAID

  1. It’s a mystery why BBC persists with this dim wit . Who predicts Liverpool to win every week & their closest rivals to lose every game . if you believe his prediction last year , Spurs will be relegated . Anyway , the stats show clearly his ‘expert’ views thoughout a season is worse than a non footballer . Btw, is it a not a surprise that a ex footballer to have sub100 IQ. What a bloody joker . Who cares WTF he has to say . It just a testimony to the ‘professionalism’ of a esteem organization like BBC to persist with him .

    • Totally agree. The post was started about the incompetence of ”Lawro” as an expert.

      Whether his prediction is right or wrong was not the point (there are only 3 outcomes after all).

      Spurs may or may not draw but they do have a far superior record against the blues over the last ten years – home & away

  2. Why do you think a draw would have been out of the question supersurs? Did Tottenham blow Everton away last season?

    Check the corresponding results for the 2 games.

  3. Paul if redknapp was in charge at everton he would take us down because he would have no money.Not to mention he is a dodgy dealer.And he was in charge of west ham when they were relegated.And as for Ferdinand lampard Carrick Defoe etc they still would of come through the youth system at west ham regardless if he was there or not.He still took them down even with all those players.And he’s the reason Portsmouth are in the mess they are in.I can’t stand the pastey faced twat and his son for that matter.

    • so hang on what exactly has david moyes achieved i would hardly expect a squad that contained cahill pienaar arteta saha baines neville osman fellaini to be happy with doing just ok in the league harry would have that team in europe no problem because he is a motivator west ham was a long time ago you forget you spent over 12 million on fellaini 11 on yakubu im sure you paid a minimum of 9 for baines so thats 32 plus 4 million for jagielka 2 million for cahill plus say 4 on howard how much on saha and you have'nt made europe for a few years now harry would of had that team in europe more often than moyes

  4. everton are shite, long ball team with negative tactics, cant play good football for toffee……..,may fluke the occasional result against spurs, but finish dozens of points behind us, small club going backwards

    • Yeah rich you are spot on we are a long ball team with no tactics I totally agree with you.Have we flukes results against you I don’t think so we have deserved to take points off you.Are we a club going backwards yes we probably are seen as how we don’t spend a penny.Are we a small club well if we are a small club god knows what that makes tottenham because you are a far smaller club than we are.FACT

  5. Just because Everton drew and beat us last season doesn't mean to say the same will happen this season. Everton are bad starters so I'd have Spurs to win it.


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