Levy gets more stick


Croatia national head coach Igor Stimac launched a verbal attack on Daniel Levy yesterday, accusing
the Chairman of breaking a promise he made to Luka Modric about a potential transfer.

Modric has been the subject of intense transfer speculation since the beginning of summer and
reports yesterday evening suggested that, after weeks of negotiating and stalemate, a fee had finally
been agreed between Spurs and Real Madrid for the transfer of the midfielder.

Stimac’s comments, made before these most recent developments, claimed that Levy had agreed to
let Modric leave for Madrid this summer if the Spanish giants came knocking and that the Chairman
had broken his promise by refusing to budge on his asking price.

Stimac told Spanish newspaper AS “Daniel Levy promised a year ago that if an offer from Madrid
arrived he would let him (Modric) go. And when the offer arrived he changed his opinion”.

“I think that this guy tries to make himself famous in the world of football, but this isn’t the way to
do it”.

“When you promise something you always need to fulfil it. It was the same with Berbatov before he
signed for Manchester United. He went there on August 31… I only hope that this promise ends up
being fulfilled”.

So far there has been no response from Levy, but it is safe to say they will be met with similar venom
after the Croatia coach personally involved himself in matters that don’t concern him.

By @TottenhamMan777

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  1. The croat coach has had ratboy whining to him probably. Anyway croatia are crap, the coach should resign. Levy has had the last laugh; he got £35 mil with add ons rising to £38 mil, so not far off his valuation of the poison dwarf.

  2. Where do these Croatian worms come from, did any of them ever go to school. If Levy had made such a promise to Modric, do you think that he would let him got for tuppence ha-penny? What bullshit.
    I can fully understand Stimac sticking up for his compatriot but does he really believe that Daniel Levy will drop his pants, grab his ankles and take it up the rectum because the all powerful Real Madrid came calling for one of his players. He should just shake Modric's hand, pat him on the back and accept what ever Real Madrid offers and send him on his way? The little Croatian rat still has 4 years remaining on his contract, tell me, where is his honour. I suppose a contract means nothing to Croatians, just some words written on some paper you can wipe your arse with and flush down the toilet as and when. The only thing I can say about Berbatov, is that ManU paid up for him. If I was Levy, I would not trust any player from those countries as they are childlike and back stabbing and the sooner Spurs get shot of Modric the better and good riddance.

    • Heres a good idea,why not put your brain into gear before the words come out of your mouth or are typed out.Seems that you have a bit of a racist xenaphobic attitude there .Dont ya? I suppose when Rooney kicked off about leaving United that was OK becasue he 's English.Whats the matter,can't think of any names to call your own? Your a bit of a dim wit intcha.?

  3. Racisam is alive and well in England. You have many english ratboys playing football and do you call them ratboys – or is this title reserved for "croats" and "blacks" in GB?

    • I don't know why you've put inverted commas around Croats. Are you trying to suggest Modric isn't Croatian?

      Besides, 'ratboy' is a term most commonly used to describe scrawny or 'chavvy' white people. Why not Google Image search "ratboy premiership football"? G Neville, Modric, Mascherano. Mmmmm all so black, and so Croatian. What they do have in common, mind you, whispy facial hair and dodgy teeth… not like… wait what's that little hairy rodent with the big teeth called?

    • No George, Just reserved for cry babies without honour which Modric clearly is. It's as simple as that. Oh and George, even you would agree that Modric does resemble a rat without whiskers.

    • George he's ratboy because he looks like a rat, simple. They are other rat looking players David Silva, Luis Suarez he has nothing to do with race or colour. I think you need to settle down!

    • This is the "Moron Breed" of supporters.They have to revert to their xenaphobic name calling becasue they really can't think of anything else to say.They make me sick and I'm glad that some other people feel that way too.Modric is no different than all the other spoiled footballers today.I don't blame the geezer for wanting to win things and makle more money.Two things that won't happen in the near future at Spurs.For the first 2 games,we have JD upfront and are really lacking there.What favours has Levy done us?? None. The points I feel we could easily drop for the first 2 games until they sign somebody ,could easily come backi to bite us at the end of the season.

  4. im happy that these want-aways go. Berbatov is hardly the best example. For Spurs maybe. Man U got rid and spent the money on him initially. Hope Modric appreciates he has to step up for Real and wont get a regular game. Hes one of many like him. He might well win a CL. But might not be playing in the first 11 that does it. Never mind. Youth and ambition. Us older folk would say look to the Ryan Giggs example for what to do. The grass isnt greener.

  5. Funny how with regard to a Madrid offer then either the press or Stimac have left out one very important word in their statement and that is "acceptable" i'm sure Spurs were never going to let him go at any price and he and Madrid would know that, also he is their player to say what that price is!, why do the ress hate Spurs s much that they insist on trying to sell their best players for them????

  6. I seem to remember that DL said that if an offer comes in which is "good for the club and the player". Stimac needs to stop twisting situations to suit himself

  7. Sup yido’s im glad finally this mess is done just waitin for sure ive never really liked modric if im honest so let him go to madrid berbatov done it coz he thought he was better than the rest went to man u n ruin his career he was a somebody at spurs same as modric he will soon realise this just remember luka one man doesnt make a team niether do cry babies so im happy your goin. Coys let sign moutinho and loris n i got a feel adebayor will av a change of heart sorted easy so go get’em levy coys coys coys yido yido yido

  8. Modric was awful last year. When it came to the big matches he did not perform. On top of that how many goals has he scored. Yep that few. What Spurs need is two good strikers and allowing DeFoe a decent run in the side. If he is given that he will score over 20 goals with the probability he could score 30. Spurs need to get on and build their new stadium. Arsenal are looking weak. Chelsea have not improved so it is realistic that Spurs could finish at least 3rd as they should have last season. Personnaly I hope we exit the Europa league as soon as we can as this competion is a joke. If they gave a Champions League place to the winner then it would have some value. Also to any Spurs fan reading this 'Yido' term is racialist and we should not use it. I find it offensive and you should do so as well. Any Jewish fan would be uncomfortable about its use. The fact that other clubs use this term to describe Spurs does not make it OK to use even if you think it defuses the abuse. We are North London rather than that other bunch from Woolwich and our fan base is multi-cultural. our real problem as always has been Levy. This guy has no affinity with Spurs fans. Try writing to him and see if he will respond. No he does not. Levy has comtempt for Spurs fans. AVB will probably prove a failure as he was at Chelsea and he will be long gone before the end of the season. If you understand what I am saying it means I have no belief that we will be in the running for a top 4 place.

  9. Arsenal and Chelsea slightly weaker but hey look who has gone and who has been brought in . Combine this with AVB arrival !! Mid table beckons


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