Levy’s ‘shrewdness’ ends up biting Tottenham on the arse

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Daniel Levy’s habit of trying to save every penny out of a transfer deal appears to be bitten him on the arse, following Aston Villa’s takeover.

Tottenham have been heavily linked with a move for their star midfielder Jack Grealish, who is valued at £40 million by the Championship outfit, while Tottenham were said to be preparing a cut-price offer in the region of £20 million, with Villa practically over a barrel at the time in dire financial need.

However, Tottenham’s opening offer will now likely need to be higher following the investment at Villa. While they still need to sell players in order to comply with Financial Fair Play rules, Tottenham seem to have lost the upper hand in the bargaining stakes.

This has even led to Villa boss Steve Bruce making public hints to Tottenham that they need to come to the table with an offer which suits his club.

“If we have to sell them then at least we get the right price for them and can move forward,” Bruce told the Birmingham Mail.

“When you’re up against it and hanging your dirty washing out in public then the vultures are circling and ready to nick your assets.

“At least that’s not going to be the case – well I know that’s not going to be the case – because I’ve had that conversation already.

“So if anybody is going to buy one of our players now they are going to have to pay a premium.”

Bruce added: “It’s only what somebody else is prepared to pay – what he’s worth. I know for a fact from the owners – new investors – anybody wanting to buy Jack Grealish will not buy him on the cheap.

“Until I have the conversation I can’t really answer the question. What is he worth? Who knows?”


Tottenham’s frustrating transfer window continues. While I appreciate that the club is a business, Levy has certainly for once tried to push his shrewdness too far and will either end up costing us more, or will mean that Grealish will not be on his way to the club.

The club have today travelled to the USA for their pre-season matches against AS Roma, Barcelona and AC Milan and there isn’t one new player within the confirmed squad list.

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  1. We don’t need to change much, particularly if Toby stays, one or two winners and perhaps one or two young prospects will be adequate. Two many changes take time to settle and lead to a slow start.

    Waiting until everyone has spent their money reduces competition, hence the price. I would have liked to see the business done earlier but if we are to target anyone involved in the World Cup it makes little difference.

    If one remembers the Scholar days when we nearly went out of business, one has to respect Levy. Those who are calling for his head are either too young to remember or plain stupid. The club is moving in the right direction, nobody can deny that. An old adage from card schools says ‘a happy school always wins’. With nearly all of the important players signing new long term contracts together with Poch, it sounds like we have a happy dressing room, long may it continue.

  2. For every transfer that ‘fails’ because DL did not manage to get the price he wanted (or was pointed at the wrong players – see the tragic Bale money splurge) there are the Kanes/Trippiers/Deles/Bales that reap staggering rewards.

    That’s just how it all works. Some transfers are spectacular successes on and off the field. Some really don’t work out. Others are in the middle.

    It’s called Life.

    DL is patiently building a global super-club. Let’s be pleased at the steady if not strong moves in that direction

  3. Its the frustration knowing you are only 2 players, good players, away from challenging for honours. This squad lacks depth and with the other top 5 players investing in change and strength I feel this season will be one to far and we will stuggle even to keep in top 6. Levy may be excellent with his cheque book and accountancy but totally lacks vision of tomorrow on the pitch and will once again leave Spurs as challengers for minor positions.

    As I opened with, THE FRUSTRATION!!

    • I agree with your frustration, especially from the standpoint that the Spurs have always come out of the starting gate slowly. I’m certain that getting your transfers “in” at the last minute is a huge factor in why.

      Based on the results of the last 4 Augusts under Poch, any new transfer will struggle to keep up with the intense training Poch supposedly conducts. He will also struggle to make the kind of impact Poch desires and may even be “benched.” Then we want him sold, and on we go…… into next August to repeat the same failed policy. How this could happen year and after is staggering for a team that’s come in 3rd, 2nd and 3rd again.

      Yes, Spurs do have a better policy than most of the “Big 6” in terms of keeping team on the same page with many stars being English born and bred. Yes, they MAY end up Top 4 again. Yes, they may look good come mid-October. The big questions will come in April, when we see another team too far ahead to catch, or in May when team another team is hoisting a cup.

  4. There are always going to be differeing views to the way Dan Levy operates Tottenham Hotspur FC and given Spurs rise up the premiership ladder within the last decade or so, many would argue his management style has been a success – at least to a point that is – but as a footballing club who have come close without actually winning anything in these last years, there is a tendancy to wonder if things might be a little better. Yes Tottenham are on the verge of moving into a whole new era with replete with a stadium of notable magnificence, but ask any true fan what they really want to see and I’d bet you the consistent response is going to be trophies and the bigger the better. Personally I’m not a fan of the way Levy conducts transfer business, I think he err’s so far on the side of caution as to neglect what Spurs often really need or desire in terms of players, and for me to often it ends in compromise, buying certain players because we have failed to achieve the goal of landing prime targets. For one reason or another this happens season after season, and spurs reputation for being a penny pinching club, that won’t pay the going rate for quality players I fear will eventually backfire and all the hard work to bring Tottenham to the brink of success could well be lost as other clubs simply surpass us with wages and transfer fees. Just as last year Tottenham have been found themselves in the position of being the only premiership club yet to strengthen their ranks with the start of the season looming ever closer and a now significantly shortened window to contemplate any additions. I’m a little perplexed as to why the bulk of Spurs energy seems to now revolve around the attempt to accquire young Jack Grealish, who for me is still relatively unproven and as yet another midfielder, which does not exactly seem like a position in which we are currently found lacking. As always seems to be the case with Tottenham, there are so many longstanding but flailing rumours about players we desire such as Malcolm, Martial, De Ligt, Sessegnon, and even more waywardly Modric and Bale. Yet as always these rumours simply linger before eventually evaporating aimlessly into the winds, whilst close rivals make concrete their ambitions with far more deliberation, and landing signings that actually signify the appropriate level and intent from which to mount their approaching and fresh campaigns. I find this all a little worrying, I think we got found out a little last year, and I wonder if this failure to freshen and strengthen may finally result in the dreaded backward steps that pundits have been hinting at for the last couple of years now. New stadium or not our beggest concern should always be about the football!


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