Liverpool player posts harsh Tweet aimed at Kane


Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane continues to be the brunt of smartarse comments and ‘jokes’ from his fellow professionals.

After Liverpool forward Mo Salah was named as the PFA Player’s Player of the Year, an award which Harry Kane was also nominated for, Salah’s team-mate Simon Mignolet took to Twitter with a Tweet aimed at Kane.

Kane, of course, was the subject of a successful goal appeal at Stoke City when the goal was first awarded to Christian Eriksen.  However, Kane was adamant that the ball had touched him on the way into the net and was credited with the goal by the Premier League, which Salah found frustrating in the race for the golden boot.

Mignolet congratulated Salah by making fun of Kane, and tweeted: “Take care Mo, someone else might claim it! #PFAawards.”

The goalkeeper should maybe focus on not trying to make himself look a joke in the Liverpool goal with mistake after mistake, which has cost him his place and now sees him with splinters in his arse on the bench instead. Who is the joke on really, Simon?

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  1. Nothing wrong with a bit of banter, until guys like Mignolet flog a dead horse with a joke that is so passed its sell by date it’s not funny. Simon, if you have nothing witty of your own to say, shut up and say nothing.


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