Liverpool’s Dejan Lovren caught saying disgusting obscenities to Dele Alli

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Dejan Lovren just keeps getting worse and worse.  Not content with trying to troll Harry Kane once again on social media, he was caught on camera saying something to Dele Alli which perfectly sums up what sort of man the Croatian is.

During England’s semi-final defeat to Croatia, the Liverpool central defender tells Dele to: “Jebat ću ti mater u picku,” which roughly translates as, “f*ck your mother right in the p*ssy”!”.  The clip can be found here.

Not exactly the sort of class you would expect from someone playing on the world stage in front of tens of millions of people, but then again this is Dejan Lovren, the self-proclaimed one of the best defenders in the world.

I absolutely cannot wait to see the likes of Harry Kane and Dele Alli tear him to shreds during our first game at the new Spurs stadium on September 15th.

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  1. He is just another undignified Balkan filth what else did you expect? It’s a very common practice in Balkan culture since it’s also something they really take pride of if the other player reacts and receives a Red card which will help to win a game. The balkan fans love players like this Balkan prick for being very clever. They usually sell their mothers for money anyway.

  2. Was this audible or lip read?
    How do you know for certain, that IS, what was said?
    Sledging is a part of the game, unpleasant but unfortunately tolerated.
    Much like Alli and Kane diving.

  3. This man Lovren is a nasty, arrogant, idiot! He claims to be world class, yet in my 60 years following Liverpool, I can not remember a player being brought off before half time for being a total liability in a Liverpool shirt! He has much to say online as he can’t do his talking on the pitch, and his loud mouthed crowing only serves to give purpose to our opposition. I hate that this man plays for my club, and I hope that eventually Jurgen will see the light and get rid!

    • Well said Eric, couldn’t have put it better, nasty piece of work! Heads the ball well from set plays that’s about it for me.

  4. The writer of this article can’t be half the brave and strong man Lovren has been with all the insults, humiliations and jibes coming his way from English pundits and media alike. If he was rude to any English player, that was his own revenge, well timed for all the humiliations he has been receiving until now. Dele is not a saint himself. He does worst. Please Leave Lovren Alone!!!

  5. Wasn’t a huge fan of Lovren but love him now for trolling Kane and Spurs fans lol Harry Kane and Dele Alli will do nothing at your new Spurs stadium. Both are overrated.

  6. Lovren is a beast and one of the best defender right now. Look to his statistics.

    It is a shame what Delle Alli has played on the Mundial.

    Now it’s a standard practice between the players to insult among each other.


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