Man City boss Guardiola makes sly dig at Spurs

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has taken a sly pot shot at Tottenham by suggesting that Mauricio Pochettino’s side are a one man team.

Harry Kane has been in the form of his life in September, scoring eleven goals for Spurs in just six matches. The latest being a brace in Saturday’s 4-0 demolition of Premier League newcomers Huddersfield Town and is the subject of Guardiola’s claim.

Guardiola’s comments suggest that Tottenham are over reliant on the England forward. Maybe Guardiola should concentrate on nurturing young, homegrown talent rather than getting his cheque book out at every opportunity in his desperation to buy the Premier League title.

City are currently five points ahead of Spurs in the table, with the sides set to play each other in December.

When asked about his side’s chances of winning the title compared to the other contenders, Guardiola told ‘We’re in September. Chelsea won 13 games in a row last season. They were unbeatable, they won the league. It’s not easy,’

‘Of course this season they play in Europe. It’s a little more complicated for all the teams.

‘We have United [and] the Harry Kane team who scores every game two or three goals.’

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  1. What a nobhead harry kane is homegrown been at spurs years and has got better and better! Guardiola has come to the premier league and bought it again as he does everywhere he goes most over rated manager about any fucker can manage city barca Bayern jeez.

    • Damn right fam, that twat makes a statement like that, even though he only goes to clubs where money is endless.
      He should concentrate on his own players leaving the country and getting into accidents in Holland only hours before a big game.

  2. How much has he spent compared to spurs ? I think he’s jealous he has not got kane,any manager whose got a open cheque book can think he’s side are better,look at last season erm weren’t they unbeaten in 10 games till they came to us,so let’s see what happens

    • Damn right fam, . When those turds came to the lane they got shown how to play football. would have been 3 if lamela didn't miss penalty. ..

    • Hey Patrick,

      You are a sad beast. Put a coherent argument forward without such language; otherwise you are just emphasising your lack of class. You shame all of us Spurs fans. Let our results be the answer to remarks from the likes of Pep.

  3. we Have no respect for any success he has, he can’t be taken serious! Buying your way to success doesn’t deserve credit! Last year he inherited a primer league wining team & what did he do? (£€$ Pep)

  4. I think all these so called pundits etc are envious of spurs.they don’t want spurs to succeed that’s why whenever a player plays well they all want to sell him .started with Hoddle

    Media puts him in a Utd shirt.

  5. Dear Sand Oil Team,

    Tottenham have had the best defence in the last two seasons. Is this due to Harry Kane’s strike rate?


    SP ???

  6. His comment could be taken as an insult, but it’s more likely that he was just clumsy in expression. That happens a lot with foreign managers who, understandably, struggle a bit at times with the English language.

    I think if he’s insulted anyone, it would be Chelsea, Liverpool, and Arsenal, because he was asked about his rivals for the title, and he only mentioned Man Utd and Spurs. So he probably said “the Kane team” not as a slight, but to acknowledge that with Kane’s goals, Spurs are an especially big threat.

  7. It's Chelsea, Liverpool, and Arsenal who should feel insulted, as he didn't mention them as contenders.

    I think what he probably meant was that with Kane's goals, Spurs are an especially big threat for the title.


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