Mauricio Pochettino reveals why next season will be difficult for everyone


Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino believes that the introduction of VAR to the Premier League will make next season difficult.

Video assistant refereeing (VAR) was designed to help referees and eliminate errors ensuring less mistakes would be made that would lead to unfair score lines as a result of mistakes by officials.

The technology is not without controversy, Manchester United were awarded an injury time penalty due to a dubious handball decision following a VAR review in last night’s match against PSG which saw the English side score a late goal to knock out their opponents on away goals.

In the other Champions League tie which was played last night, Porto were awarded a crucial penalty against Roma following a push in the box.

Whilst Pochettino admitted that the PSG decision was technically a penalty, it is going to be a complicated process to judge such incidents going forward.

The technology has already been used in this season’s FA Cup and Carabao Cup.

Pochettino told Football.London: “I can understand disappointment from not only PSG against Manchester United, but the decision in the final between Croatia and France was decisive to change everything. Watching after Manchester United, Porto against Roma, the penalty given to Porto and another penalty after checked by VAR for Roma, technically similar, both penalties. But one was a penalty and the other not. You know, it’s going to be complicated. It will be difficult. For sure PSG will complain. Technically a penalty because it touched the arm of Kimpende but the intention, everything after you can perceive for the referee that is in charge to judge, it’s completely different. Afterwards only you can see the action and penalty or penalty, sometimes you can see technically yes, but the intention?

“For some actions it’s fantastic to have the VAR but for others, I’m still not sure if it is going to complicate things rather than help. Still not sure. I am pro new technology but next season is going to be tough for everyone.”

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