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Well the season should be upon us and we have managed to improve our squad by Brad Friedel.

On the face of it we look to be guilty of standing still, which everyone including Harry will tell you means we’ve gone backwards.  I’m not as worried as I could be by this, we can’t forget that we’ve got a crop of really talented players, many of whom are the envy of the league.

We have got two ‘problem’ areas though and boy are they big ones, centre half and forward.  I’m bored of the striker talk and so I’m going to look at the stoppers and ask, what are we going to do?

Everyone assumes we go outside of the club to solve this but let’s presume we do nothing and stick with what we’ve got.

Woodgate has been sent off to the glue factory (or Stoke as it’s more commonly known) and it’s welcome we don’t have him on the payroll anymore.  His move along with the ever less deadly Ledley does leave a gap, I’d bring in an extra body, why we haven’t is a mystery but could we make do with what we’ve got in the squad?

With the emergence of Kyle Walker, we have essentially got a new player and we have Hutton as cover, could this see Corluka move infield?  I’ve always thought he looks a more likely centre half and think he should be made to concentrate on this, he’s never going to have pace but he does read the game well and his height and build is that of a centre half.

Another option in the middle is Tom Huddlestone.  Again he isn’t blessed with speed but like Corluka he reads the game very well and he has the look of a centre half.  He would be a miss in midfield but we could cope, Modric and Sandro in the middle are not a bad first choice combination.  The ability for a centre half to step out with the ball and play it with accuracy both long and short is much sought after and rarely found, we’d have that with Tom.

Of course converting players doesn’t always work but the two mentioned have the attributes to be successful at centre half but now this has got me thinking, could the tall, quick, cool finishing Gareth Bale play centre forward?

It’s time for a lie down. COYS!

By Scott Francis

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  1. I think mate your article has 'desperation' all over it!! We are Tottenham not some small time bingo club like west ham. Levy needs to get his finger out his backside and get us a top class striker and centre back that we need and not start thinkingof changing players around to unfamiliar roles. The thought of Huddlestone or Corluka playing Centre back's bring the fear into me…. I have to say if do stand still then Levy needs to step down and get a chairman showing ambition!!!

  2. You ar right about Big Tom his record playing centre half is he had never bean on the losing side in nine or so games and hhe has only played with one proper centre half Woodgate in our first 0-0 at Everton. You say he is not fast but you would be ammazed to learn he is quick and this was confirmed by his ex manager at Derby on talk sport this week He said he looks slow because of his size but he can stride out when he wants and latly Harry has got him fitter because under Jol he was 16 stone and now he is about 14 or less. Why our fans a worried about our season is beyond me We have Walker emerging Rose a fitter full squad Defoe and all the boys at the moment are free of moths of injury except King and Gallas We have two exciting new forwards Kane and Soulemayne Townsend i still have not give up on Bostock . Liverpool hav beat Valencia 2-0 and they are after tthe league they will soon be brought down to earth. So be optamistic like iam and if we only sign a 16 yera old a 17 year old and a 41 year old i wont be worried unless we have the same long long injuries.

  3. Personally, I’d love to see Caulker come back from Swansea City and be Daws long term partner next year – if we buy now, I’d be worried another home grown prodigy won’t get the opportunity to make the cut, and I’m really looking forward to following Caulker’s progress this year. Think Gallas and Kaboul should keep us going for the season – especially if Kaboul gets a regulaar game and can improve his positioning. Questions would remain about the future of both (think Bassong’s gone in all but contract) should we buy an experienced new centre back to bump the wage bill up further.

  4. i dont think we are that bad off bassong is a terrible defender though so he needs to be sold and someone better like samba needs to come in then were ok and i dont really recall samba being injured either so that would leave us kaboul,dawson,king,gallas.samba plus corluka or hudd in emergency were still more than talented to finish 4th this season i think the difference needs to be rotation and keeping players fresh plus sometimes we need to do things differently like not play vdv for a game and play 442 last season in the 4411 in the league we was too predictable thats the main reason we did'nt finish 4th last year. vary it up keep people fresh and 4th will be no problem especially with the demise of the scum :)

  5. I agree with Paul; get Samba in to make us more solid at the back, and give Dawson a reliable partner to help him out. Gallas had some good games last season but seems to be playing to prove himself in big games, is not great team player and has too many injuries. He's also a bit weak in the air. Corluka's a good squad player to have but too slow. Kaboul doesn't have much of a football brain.
    As for strikers, I can't understand people saying we were just unlucky with injury! Crouch plays like a floppy daffodil in flip-flops and Defoe is so hot and cold. Didn't we sell him the first time round cos he wasn't quite good enough? Pav's got class, but with Harry's 'Get It Up to Crouchy' tactics he's never going to flourish. Bring in a classy big man up front, and someone who can lead from the front and batter a defence! If only we could find the next Drogba, Shearer, or Gary Doherty. Oh, wait, not the last one…

  6. I agree that tom huddlestone could be converted to a centre half with dawson sweeping up and tom spraying the ball over the pitch.but gareth bale must stay left mid,his pace and delivery is subline.bently has proved he can spray the ball about from the middle of the park,hangeland,benzema,or sturridge,for me.out crouch,palac,jenas,keane,in defoe we believe.he has the appetite back for me.good luck harry,you can do it malcolm ward of bishops stortford,hertfordshire,massive yid.we are heading in the right direction and long may it continue


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