Modric throws his toys out of his pram


Tottenham’s Luka Modric went missing yesterday in a desperate attempt to force through his move to Real Madrid according to one of today’s papers.

According to the report Spurs will take disciplinary action against the player if the Croatian fails to make the Saturday flight taking the Tottenham squad to their US pre-season tour.

We all know that Modric wants to leave Spurs and AVB has already said that the Croatian will only be allowed an exit if our valuation of around £35m-£40m is met.

Madrid are said to be willing to only stump up £27m for Modric which falls way below Daniel Levy’s valuation of the player. Casting our minds back to when Harry was in charge he always used to call Modric a “triffic lad”. If he has indeed missed the flight for our trip to the US then that statement could not be further from the truth.

I’m sure Levy will stick to his guns and not balk at this pathetic attempt to force a move.

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    • he was promised last year by Levy that his out was going to be made easy by the club if he is willing to stay one more year. I would think Modric behaviour ugly and childish if not Levy had been the one breaking his own gentleman agreement. Anyway if we want to punish him and send him to the youth team then we will lose 30 million and we are not in the position to waste that sum of money. Luka"s last year. He was fine, it wasnt his fault that we have no a real forward and we need 10 chances to score one. And bale's selfish egocentric style also isnt his fault. We should take the high road instead of being this pathetic fish mongers again.

  1. Modric is a silly child, it is time he put his dummy back and goes back to his cot. He is the main reason Spurs are not in the Champaign s League,he was pleased to get a contact till 2016. Plus, Harry's In. Revenue problems took his mind away from Spurs. I trust Levy is charging Inland Revenue for missing out on 3rd place in the league.

  2. He clearly won't be hurt by a monetary fine but I think the P.F.A should come down like a ton of bricks at this sort of behaviour. The thing is he signed a contract. If he didn't like the contract he shouldn't have signed in the first place.
    I hope Mr Levy compromises and gets rid of this asshole

  3. Van Hypnol is still training even though he's not on the Scum's preseason trip. Same with Adebayor at Man City. Get your boots on Modric even if you no longer like chicken badge you spoilt little brat!

  4. There's always players that think they're bigger than the club, and start moaning when the going gets tough.
    If only they had the commitment and loyalty that Ledders has shown.

  5. Dummy spitting little Croat. I sincerely hope the whole deal falls through and you sit your arse in the bleachers. You are disrespectful to the team that has made you. I’m sick of reading about these little egotists who think they are better than they really are. Do I say to you goodluck? Nah suffer you pratt

  6. Look at RVP he hasn't missed training. Come on Modric you signed a 5 yr deal and if we don't receive 40m you need to respect the club. You need to act your age mate.

  7. Modric.. One question little boy.. Who the fcuk were you before Spurs put you on the map, on the big stage little man.. Disloyal, scumbag. Turf out on the scrapheap Danny Boy, get our moneys worth. I shall enjoy watching you warm the benches of Madrid cause no way you gonna displace Alonso, Khediera, Ozil, Ronaldo and co.. Ideas a little above your station fella.

  8. Unlike the situation of RVP who is betting on the gooners not squandering 20m, Modric has no chip to play games with Levy. He has 4 years left in his contract. He should fire his agent. Real needs to get serious also. 27m when Andy Carroll cost 35m?

  9. said it before sonner wer rid off modric the better but nobody seems to rate him that much,if he does nt turn up ,then i think its breach of contract, kick him out not a penny.

  10. who knew the name modric before he came to tottenham ? we made him who he is and i have now had enough about speculation. all madrid need to do is offer us 27 million plus add ons such as higuin or kaka

    • and could we pay 10 million euro to Kaka per a year????
      Modric isnt worth more than Higuain. We're never gonna get that much for him. We can block his way out, but he made it clear that he (after that last year promis of getting green light if he dont hit the CL this year) wisnt willing to play well in the Spurs any longer if Levy plays his usual dirty little games. And in this way we gonna wind up with 30 million pounds minus. Is this that 'Well done Levy" support here?
      No room for calling a croatian born player on loyality in an english club. He is predestinated for more than being a sporty loser.

  11. Is this rat face being serious!! his really starting to piss me off… I remember
    tevez was acting like this and he was sent to the reserve team asap… they should do that to modric for a year and make hum beg to come back to the first team… I've jus lost alot of respect for this guy

  12. Did he sign his current contract (until 2015? 2016?) after his failure to secure a move from WHL 12 months ago? Not that it matters if he didnt, but if he did, even less credibility to you Mr Modric.

  13. these people like the croatian weasal are just taking the piss out of all of us who have to work to exist. Read about the coatians in ww2 and you won't be astonished by the weasals action, was he any good? Yeh but not a superstar in the mould of Diego Maradona because if he had been we wouldnt have finished behind the scum.

  14. If it's true then he should be put on the bleachers until his contract runs out and his career is ruined. That's a shitty way of disrespecting the club that made him into the player he is today.


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