Photo: Arsenal striker ‘likes’ derogatory Tweet about Harry Kane

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Arsenal striker Alexandre Lacazette has ‘liked’ a post on Twitter from an Arsenal fan which includes the hashtag #Kaneisafraud.

The fan has screenshotted a post from the official Premier League account on Instagram which shows Harry Kane scoring his penalty against Arsenal with the caption ‘On target’, along with a series of replies from supporters saying that the Spurs star was offside.

It is a staggering act of disrespect from Lacazette towards a fellow professional, despite the rivalry from both clubs.

Many fans will agree that Lacazette is not even in the same standard of class as Kane, his scuffed shot in the opening moments of the North London derby is evidence enough.

Stay classy, Arsenal.

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  1. Alexandre Lacazette, you are a disgrace to the sport to be calling out other players on cowardly tweets.
    You need to soul search yourself. You will never be the person, player with the character of Harry Kane.
    With comments like that tells me one thing, envy will get you nowhere! Being disrespectful degrades you.
    Wake up young man. If you weren’t playing around other seasoned players, you would be a nobody.
    I have yet to see you perform with Arsenal when the chips are down. In fact, when the chips are down
    the real person/player comes out in you. You are substituted. What I am saying, is you are an unreliable
    candidate to turn the teams performance around. Go home and look in the mirror and take a good look at the real you. Dummy!

  2. Arsenal players always do this, they are deluded and arrogant
    They think they are fire proof
    It shows how little respect they have for football and others in the game!

    There will always be rivalry but this is beyond that

    Spurs are the bigger club when it comes to this and will always be so



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